Friday, 21 August 2020

Loving Domestic Discipline (erotic ebook)

Two shy, lonely coworkers, brought together by an irresistible desire for discipline... him to give it, and her to take it!
Needless to say they are soon engaged in a red-hot relationship... and eventually it's fun for all the family as they realize their grownup son and daughter have inherited their craving for stinging corporal punishment!

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This book is based on a reader's letter in a fetish magazine that has always stayed with me, even around 20 years after reading it. The magazine is long gone, but the letter went something like this:

I had consigned myself to never finding someone who shared my love of spanking, until one day a lady in my office made a minor error. Throwing caution to the wind, I told her that 'I should give you a good spanking'. I expected to be reported and thrown out of the company in disgrace. Instead she responded 'Maybe you should!'
Eventually we were married, and discovered that our mutual love of corporal punishment was apparently the result of the severe discipline we had received in our younger years. As such, we were very keen to shield our children from the same influence. We didn't even mention corporal punishment in the house, let alone strike them.
However, our efforts appear to have been in vain. At a recent fancy dress party, my now-adult son attended in full school uniform, while his fiancee came as a strict headmistress - complete with cane! My daughter also wore school uniform to the same party. Before we left, my future daughter-in-law struck my son across the backside with her cane, saying it was punishment for looking at other women!

At the time I read this, I was a spank-obsessed teenager very much hoping that in future I would find someone who shared my fetish, so the rather romantic tale certainly struck a chord...

I also loved the very public events of the fancy dress party, with the uniforms and the son's very public chastisement!


I have expanded on the original text to create the book. As well as charting the mother and father's bottom-sizzling courtship, there are many additional scenes featuring the various family members.
For a start, the mother and father attend the fancy dress party dressed as James Bond and Pussy Galore, and Mr Bond's interest in spanking is well-documented...

Then after the party, the mother accidentally stumbles upon her future daughter-in-law giving her son far more than a single stroke across the seat of his shorts... still in full school uniform of course!

The father is extremely jealous of his wife's little show... but then he himself catches his daughter being spanked and seen-to by her rough working-class boyfriend...

Daddy gets a thorough schooling in the sexual ways of modern youth from his naughty adult schoolgirl daughter and her lover... including the use of anal sex as the favoured method of contraception!

Of course the dirty dog watches the whole thing!

Friday, 7 August 2020

Betty's Diary Illustrated (new Ian Hamilton art)

You may not be aware of the story 'Betty's Diary' by Nialos Leaning, but it has become clear to me that, after I read it as a teenager in the early noughties, it had a huge impact on my sexual psyche. Getting stripped and spanked by big strong Daddies and merciless Matriarchs, being made to play with other guys' dicks, all-male sixty-nines, belt-whippings, public humiliation... needless to say I love it all, and I'm not sure I would do if I hadn't read this Femdom Classic!

The only thing the story is missing is illustrations... so I asked Ian Hamilton to create some!  I rewrote the story slightly to better fit his style, and needless to say, the pictures he produced satisfied a longing I've had for nearly 20 years... and here they are, with my rewritten sections to set the scene...

The story begins at Betty's 21st birthday party...

'I know exactly how you can start showing Betty and her guests some respect,' said Mom. 'You will give her the honor of appearing at the rest of her birthday party in your birthday suits.  Now!"

"No way!" shouted Teddy, my 22-year-old husband.

"Do it, now!" hollered dad, snapping one of his belts against the sofa.  In all the excitement, no one had noticed him bringing it into the room.  We all knew what that belt meant.  Obey, or get a spanking.  Even though we didn't spank in our house.  But boy, oh boy, the boys were about to find out that wasn't any longer true, for them anyway.  But, Dear Diary, I'm getting ahead of myself...

Quickly, the three brats began stripping down, to our giggles. They weren't about to defy dad.

Soon, the moment of truth had arrived.  The brats were down to just their briefs.  All seven of us girls were holding our breath, waiting to see if mom and dad would make the boys show us everything they had.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" demanded mom.  "Get those underpants off, now!"

"Now!" echoed dad, snapping his belt once more against the couch.

Very, very fast, the brats had their briefs off, which they held in front of themselves, trying to hide their privates from us.

"We'll have none of that disrespect," shouted mom, "drop those to the ground, now!"

"Now!" echoed dad again, once more snapping his belt.

As their underwear went to the ground, the boys' hands went to cover up.

"Hands away and at your sides," mom ordered.

"You heard your mother," said dad as he again snapped the belt.  "You don't play with yourselves like that in public."

"Unless told to," mom added, to my complete surprise and bewilderment.

Right away their hands were at their sides.  I couldn't believe how red the brats' faces were.

"Teddy, get over here," dad commanded my husband. "You need a taste of this belt."

Which he promptly got.  In a flash, dad had the naked Teddy bending over the end of the couch while he repeatedly wailed at my husband's bare bottom.  In no time at all my brat husband was crying.  Soon he was shouting, no make that shrieking.  He kept begging dad to stop.  But dad didn't listen, he just kept on swinging that belt, warning him not to move out of position or they would start all over.
After a while, Teddy didn't plead anymore, he was too busy howling.  His butt turned redder and redder.  He kept dancing in place, having a lot of trouble keeping his feet on the floor.  Finally dad stopped, making Teddy stand facing the wall, his beaten red ass on display for us all.

Then it was my 19-year-old brother Dickie's turn. He got the same medicine: a red bottom belonging to a howling dancing little boy.  His dancing, kicking, jiggling reaction to the belt was even more impressive and eardrum shattering than Teddy's. Dad sent him to stand next to Teddy.  Now we had two shining bare boy behinds to stare at.

But that wasn't the end of it, oh no!  I saw mom whisper something to dad.  He tried to whisper back, but was a little louder than I think he wanted to be.  I heard him tell her, "you and that Fem Internet site. Okay, go ahead, you're the boss in this."  He didn't sound too happy about it.

The third boy was Charlie. He is 23 and married to my cousin Kathy.
While Charlie was getting his belt-whipping from dad, mom addressed Teddy and Dickie.

"All right boys," mom said, "turn around and face the girls. Which they did, hands again immediately covering their most interesting parts.

"Get those hands away," ordered mom.

"What did I tell you about playing with yourselves?" asked dad, snapping his belt across Charlie's ass.  Maybe he should take up lion training, the way he likes whipping that thing around!

Before they could answer, as if they would have anyhow, mom said, "well, since they want to play with themselves, they can do exactly that for the rest of the day.  Get your dicks hard, now!"

"No way!" Teddy said for not the first time.

"Do it!" shouted dad, snapping his belt once again.

The brats began rubbing their dicks.  Soon both had boners pointing right at us.  Of course, all seven of us girls were giggling again and smirking.

"Now," mom instructed, "I want those dicks of yours to stay hard the rest of the day.  A boy with a hard on in front of a lady is telling her that he likes and respects her. I know you both like and respect Betty and her friends, do you not?"

No answer from the crying, red faced brats.

"Answer," shouted dad with yet another belt snapping.

"Yes, mom," they both answered.  I don't think they meant it, but they weren't about to take any chances with dad still swinging that belt around!

"Good," continued mom. 'Now for the rules of this little party game we're going to play. Those dicks must stay hard for the rest of the day. Neither of you can touch your own dick.  It's up to your brother-in-law to keep you hard.  Anytime you lose your boner, your brother-in-law gets a spanking for letting it happen.  Do you understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am," they answered.

"And no cumming. If you cum you get spanked, and your brother-in-law gets spanked for making you cum.  Understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am," they answered for the umpteenth time.

Soon, the brats had hold of each other's dicks and were rubbing furiously.  Before long, both had boners! All seven of us wives and sisters were giggling and laughing hysterically.

"One more thing," mom finished, "anytime you cum you have to shout out for us all to hear that you're cumming.  If you don't, your spanking is doubled.

Before long it happened.  Teddy screamed, "I'm cumming!" Spurt after spurt of white jism shot out the end of his prick...

And the fun doesn't stop there, with Betty's Mom seemingly determined to train her to be dominant, culminating in this rather delicious scene:

After an additional dose of the brush for the brats, I sprung my surprise on them.

"Okay boys, for your continued arguing and complaining, I have a cure that will keep you quiet the rest of the evening."

"Oh goodie," mom jested, "I can't wait to hear what it is, and I'm sure neither can your slaves."

"For the rest of the evening," I told them, "you are to lay on the floor and suck on each other's dicks."
Quickly I glanced at mom, expecting her to prohibit this.

But, she didn't, she supported me.  As soon as the boys started their inevitable protesting, she intervened.  "You heard Betty, so get going."

"Now!" I commanded.

Fortunately for me, mom took charge.  I had no experience in how boys perform a "sixty-nine" as my friend Jeanie calls it.  But, apparently mom did.

She had the boys lay down facing each other with their heads in opposite directions.
"Get those mouths on those dicks," she commanded.
Reluctantly, the brats did so.
"Now," mom instructed, "start sucking."

Which they did, cheeks puffing.  "At all times," mom continued, "you must be doing at least one of three things to that dick in your mouth. Sucking on it, licking it with your tongue, or moving your head up and down on it."

"And, if either of you cum," I said, "you'll both get a spanking for it. With the hairbrush."

"But," added mom, "since we're tired of hearing you speak, and it isn't polite to talk with your mouth full, you don't have to announce you're cumming."

Thinking of something, I said, "And no stopping except when I tell you after a cum."

"Or," mom elaborated, "we tell you to stop so that we can check and make sure you still have those boners you're supposed to be keeping."

I hadn't thought of that.  Mom was being so helpful that I could just hug her!

Dear Diary, the next two hours were just unbelievable.  My two slaves, my two naked brat cocksucking slaves made a spectacle of themselves, giving mom, dad and me the greatest show I've ever seen.

It was great for me, but not for the boys. Teddy came three times, and Dickie's little dickie five times. So that was eight more spankings I got to give their bare behinds.  I don't know how they ever managed to stay seated at work today!

All throughout this, mom was busily taking digital pictures, "for my collection."

Poor Dickie, he almost gagged on all the spunk the first time Teddy came. He quickly had his mouth off Teddy's dick, spitting out the cum. Teddy kept shooting all over Dickie's face.

I scolded Dickie for letting his brother-in-law's dick out of his mouth without my permission and announced that his spanking would be doubled.

"Since they're inexperienced in the cum-swallowing department," mom declared, " you'd better find a way for them to let each other know when they're about to shoot off."

I had a mean idea. "Teddy," I told him once he was standing in front of me for his spanking for cumming, "whenever you're about to cum, you're to signal Dickie by giving his bottom two hard spanks. Do you understand?"

"Yes, ma'am," he replied, his face going a deep red.

"And same for you Dickie," I told my littlest slave, "And as soon as your brother-in-law spanks you, you are to stop sucking on his dick. Just hold it in your mouth.  Understand?"

"Yes, ma'am," they answered.

Later, mom told me privately that my solution was brilliant. She said that the boys cumming without anything moving on their dicks would be much less satisfying and enjoyable, and in fact, somewhat frustrating for them. Good, let them be frustrated, for all the frustration I had suffered earlier this week waiting to be able to again see the brats naked, boners and all!

Needless to say, I have spent many a night over the last two decades fantasising about being in the place of one of these (un)fortunate boys (usually Teddy)...

Since the original story was published, what is acceptable on the internet has changed A LOT. So a few years ago I rewrote it to feature grown-up young men being dominated by their wives and in-laws. It's a lengthy tome, so I broke the original four parts down into many more separate posts. If you're interested, there are links to all of it below, though I freely admit that in hindsight I maybe added a bit too much (I've also added Ian Hamilton's new art to the relevant sections).

As a framing device, I thought it might be nice if Betty's mother introduced each section. After all, since the story is told from Betty's perspective, you don't really learn the parents' motivation for subjecting their male offspring to such severe discipline. After reading a few 'real-life' forums relating to corporal punishment at home, I was shocked (and rather aroused) to realise that Betty's world might not be as much of a far-fetched fantasy as I thought.
Considering some of the spankings and humiliations that all-American families supposedly already visit on their wayward sons, making them wank each other off and suck on each others dicks when they are naughty doesn't seem that much of a leap... I would have loved/hated to be raised in those families just as much as I'd have loved/hated to be Betty's brother!
Bear in mind also that this is the early 2000s, when the internet was much more of a Wild West, so a respectable website advocating the Melicks' disciplinary methods would be quite feasible...

Betty's Diary, introduced by Betty's mother, Denise
Myself, my husband and many other parents of my acquaintance had become increasingly exasperated at the behaviour of the young males in our families. At every family gathering, our sons and sons-in-law seemed to spend all their time sitting in front of the TV with their hands down their pants, burping and farting and generally expecting to be waited on hand and foot. They certainly didn't pull their weight, either within their relationships or as sons, and seemed to be stuck in adolescence rather than developing into the well-bred young gentlemen we parents had hoped for.

The one exception to this seemed to be the Melick family, whose son Ray was rather more polite and respectful than the other boys. When we pressed Ray's parents, they revealed they had been using the methods detailed on the 'Fem Internet' site. When we other parents looked into this, it was clear that our sons had so far received a VERY lenient upbringing!
All that changed, starting at my daughter Betty's birthday party. Betty's husband and my son were present, and when they started acting like spoilt brats, we decided it was time they got a taste of what all naughty boys need to keep them in line, whether they're supposedly grown-up or not: their Daddy's belt! Afterwards we played a fun 'party game' where the naked boys had to keep each other hard – and if they cum they get spanked, and the other boy gets spanked for making them cum!

From then on, Betty and her friends were allowed to use their husbands and brothers as naked brat sex slaves, with full support from us parents. The Thursday after Betty's birthday we had a VERY fun evening, culminating in a delightful climax where the boys had to lie on the floor and suck each others' dicks in the sixty-nine position – and the same rules about not cumming certainly applied!

That weekend we hired a bus and set off with the Melicks for a 'Family Retreat', picking up other families on the way so that there were plenty of naked young men for our daughters to "train" on...

By the end of the weekend I don't know what hurt more: our sons' bottoms, their dicks, their balls or their assholes!