Friday, 21 May 2021

Romantic Tales of Domestic Discipline (erotic ebook)

Sometimes a woman needs the man she loves to treat her rough...

Three modern married ladies experience the agony and ecstasy of traditional corporal punishment... and it only leaves them wanting more!

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In the first story, a high-flying executive spends her Sundays as her husband's sex slave, forbidden even to climax without her master's permission...

And it isn't just spanking and cocksucking that she is subjected to...

First her husband makes her keep a pair of silver jiggle balls inside her pussy for the ENTIRE day, driving her crazy. Then he makes her wear a leather bondage choker that is just discreet enough to pass as a fashion statement, but that doesn't stop her blushing badly... especially when her snooty, overbearing mother comes for tea!

With those balls inside her, it isn't long before the proud young businesswoman is climbing the walls with frustration... and when her husband catches her trying to bring herself some unauthorised relief, he thrashes her soundly and then forces her to join him on a long bike ride with her jiggle balls still in place... the poor wife can't decide what's worse: the spanking or the cycling!

Once her ordeal is over, and she's done all her housewifely duties (and her husband has finished watching his football game of course), then if she's a very good girl then perhaps she will be finally permitted an orgasm on the end of her master's thrusting dick...

She will certainly be sitting on a very sore bottom on her smart executive office chair on Monday morning!

This story was partly inspired by a comment I read online a long time again, referring to an overheard hint of spanking outside a church on a Sunday...

Exasperated by the smug suspected corruption in some posh Church of England circles, I recall one Sunday about 15 years ago walking along a Church driveway on the way to a posh service at The Brompton Oratory.On the way I passed 2 attractive Kensington women about mid 30s dressed-well like slightly suggestive tarts-in flowery floaty dresses white sexy stockings high heels hats etc but quite posh.
I distinctly hear them say in audible voices to a man who greeted them words to the effect: "We’re sorry were late it's SMACKED BOTTOMS for us as we didnt get out of bed in time"!!!!
Hurummph I thought this jest was very inappropriate for a Church surrounds....

I understand that the 'Hand of God' has connected with many a pert and well powdered bottom on a Sunday morning!!

If you knew Christians like I know Christians, this wouldn't be at all surprising. What goes on within a marriage can be quite wild.

Needless to say, I found the image of all those prim, powdered church ladies getting their pert bottoms soundly spanked to be rather inspirational. And as the husband and wife in the story are a respectable, churchgoing middle-class couple, a similar scene is very much included...

In the next story, a mature married couple on a walking holiday stumble across a young pair of lovebirds engaging in some rather kinky antics on top of a lonely hill – with the girl having been stripped naked apart from her watch and walking boots, and bent over a suitably mossy rock while her boyfriend whips her soundly with a switch cut from a birch tree. It isn't long before the boyfriend is giving her a taste of his other kind of rod, both of them blissfully unaware that they are being watched...

Of course the salacious show soon has the older couple racing back to their cottage to engage in their own afternoon delights of spanking and shafting!

In the final story, a headmaster in the 'good old days' entertains his wife with lurid tails of the bottom-warmings he’s doled out, and at her urging brings his strap and cane home...

It must have been rather a thrill to be married to a teacher in the olden days, especially if you had an interest in spanking and discipline, and your spouse was willing to regale you with authentic stories of the canings and strappings and slipperings that went on.

This story is inspired by a dimly remembered tale that I think I read on the the British Spanking Mags blog, but can't find now. It featured a headmaster visiting the cinema with his wife, where one of his pupils obliviously misbehaves quite badly in front of him. He reveals himself to the horrified girl, and informs her in front of everyone that she will pay dearly for her behaviour at school the next day...

This gets his wife rather excited, and I vividly remember the description of him entering their bedroom later that evening to be greeted by her big, naked, juicy bottom, as she kneels on the bed and invites her husband to give her a taste of what he will be giving the recalcitrant schoolgirl the following day!


  1. Hello. After looking at all of this wonderful M/F artwork I was curious if you were familiar with the amazing artwork of Altcor? I think it might be worth you taking a look at. Link to his work can be found on deviantart here:

    1. I have indeed! His work is excellent and I was actually planning on mentioning it in a post in the near future...

    2. Excellent :)

      He has done a few pieces for my and my gf's spanking series 'Saint Margarets' and we have always been happy with his work.

      You can check it out here if your interested:

      There should be a couple new pieces coming out by MitchAfterMidnight and Gesperax.

    3. I love the Saint Margaret's stuff, especially Part 2.
      Those other two are good too, especially Gesperax.

    4. Indeed, part 2 seems to have been the best received amongst the series so far. I wonder why...

      Indeed, both of them will be including their own OCs for their pieces. I'm hoping Saint Margarets will eventually become a world where numerous spankings artists can engage and collaborate with each other. Might just be a far fetch dream but got a few notable spanking artists on board. Here's to hoping.

      Anyway you've got yourself a very engaging and interesting blog here. Even if my tastes are relatively a bit narrow (only really interested in M/F or F/F pairings) there is so much variety here I can always find something to tickle my fancy :) .

    5. Thanks, I enjoy all the combinations so you should be catered for even if you aren't a fan of F/M or M/M :)