Monday, 28 April 2014

Jonathan art manips: Black Tie Balling

So once males have finally finished with school and all its inherent beating, bullying and buggery, where do they go next? Why college of course!
College is a great place to meet new people, try new things, and most of all…get your cute teen butt well and truly roasted (and more!) by a group of muscular, sadistic, bullying jocks, who know you have to do everything they say if you want to stay in the fraternity and get all the best jobs and connections.

I wanted to do a spanking orgy type scene and it seemed to fit with the college/frat/hazing scenario. I like the idea of frats being just perverted clubs that provide their older members with a lifetime supply of 19-20 year old tail for their frequent black tie balls. And the best part is that they get a fresh intake each October!
Of course, everyone in the frat would have been one of those 19-20 year olds when they first joined. Well you know what they say – submissives go on to make the best dominants!

Friday, 25 April 2014

Jonathan art manips: Miscarriage of Justice

Here's a series of manips that really bring my whole bi-curious story full circle. As I've mentioned before it was Jonathan's Birching Prisoner and Fresh Meat drawings that really turned me on to MM spanking, and I spent years looking for a fourth picture before realising they weren't part of the same series. So this is my attempt to show what happens after the unfortunate guy in Fresh Meat gets his sore ass booted into a cell with four ravenous criminals...

Originally I wasn't going to do much to the three drawings but I couldn't resist giving them more of a British vibe to show it's not just American prisoners who get to have fun (though I've heard that the Birching Prisoner pics were inspired by judicial birchings on the Isle of Man).
Also can I just say that the guy holding the birch in the original Birching Prisoner is an absolute hunk - no wonder that series set off my gay feelings! I'm sure he's spent his whole life dominating sissy beta males like me. It probably started in finishing school where he was a muscular jock who got all the hot girls and still found time to beat and bugger swotty types in the changing rooms. Then at college he probably put his dick into every kind of hole he could at frat orgies, before becoming a cop where he could help plenty of cute confused white-collar workers explore their 'gay feelings' when he pulled them over for minor traffic violations. And I bet while they're in the cells getting 'explored' he looks up their wives and gives them a good fucking while their husband's in jail!

Monday, 21 April 2014

Jonathan art manips: Fresh Meat Switcheroo

As I've said before, prisons are just about my favorite MM scenario. I suppose they are similar to other MM heavy scenarios like finishing schools or fraternities that have a clear hierarchy and plenty of scope for bigger guys to assert their dominance, but the sexual side of prison scenarios is so much more obvious.
The thought of being stripped naked and thrown in with one or more sadistic muscular cellmates for them to do whatever they want with me is something I regularly fantasize about, so I guess it’s no surprise that I’ve done a manip series about it:

That the guards are fully aware and complicit in what's going on makes it seem even more delicious for me. I find it so much hotter when the guys who are being spanked and fucked in prison are actually innocent, so it occured to me that the justice system in my manips must be incredibly corrupt to produce enough miscarriages of justice to keep the real criminals satisfied.
I know it's wrong but I love the idea that these police officers and prison guards are nothing but sadistic bullying jocks who would rather pick up the first middle-class guy they see, spank a confession out of him and throw him in jail than do any real policework. They know full well that the students and office workers they are fitting up are innocent, but as long as they get to go home early and collect a fat bribe from the real criminals they don't care. In fact they prefer innocent guys as it is much easier for them to have some fun with them in the cells when they feel like busting a nut, and it makes it much hotter when they visit the prison to watch innocent middle-class dweebs getting whipped and fucked by their burly cellmates.
In the third pic I tried to show Dre receiving a blumpkin from Sandy. I'm not in to toilet stuff normally but I've always been fascinated by this particular act. It fits my prison fantasies so well and seems a perfect way for a big guy to assert dominance over his weedy cellmate - after all what could put you in your place more than sucking on your prison Daddy's sweaty man cock while he drops an eye stingingly smelly shit!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Jonathan art manips: Gallipoli 6

While school uniforms is my favorite fantasy scenario, for guy-on-guy fantasies it definitely ties with prison scenarios. After all, the thought of my skinny white ass getting thrown into a jail cell and being spanked and fucked by a big hunky cellmate was what set off all my gay fantasizing in the first place!
This manip is really a single piece that I created to slot into an existing series Jonathan drew, which showed British/Australian soldiers being spanked and toyed with by Turk captors after the Battle of Gallipoli. The 'Turkish prison' is certainly an evocative setting for gay fantasies (see Midnight Express, and I believe Lawrence of Arabia also developed a penchant for beatings and buggery during his imprisonment by Turkish troops). 'Thick Turk dick' is certainly a wonderful phrase that conjures up images of dusky, musclebound studs having their fun with lily-white asses!
This pic is also the first of my 'proper' manips. A few years back I got into captioning and/or manipulating art and photos to make it fit my fantasies. It always was a bit rough and seemed disrespectful to the original artists, so I stopped. Jonathan’s spanking artwork was always very satisfying to manipulate into new scenarios, so when I found out he’d retired I decided to sate my desire for new Jonathan artwork by creating more manips from his work, only this time putting more effort in and making them at least look passable as standalone pieces. I got his permission and approval of the first couple and then set to work.
I got talking to the guy who commissioned the original Gallipoli series, and he was kind enough to provide me with the original briefs for the drawings, which provide nice captions that I will post here. He also described two other drawings that tragically had been lost in the mail on their way from Jonathan to him. One of them was so good that I decided to create it as my first manip.
The description of the first 'lost' pic suggests it would have made an excellent intro, to the series, but I don’t think I could do it justice with a manip of existing art:

Image # 1 Stripping of the Prisoners - scene shows two of the captives being stripped, one in the background and a young, blond Limie lieutenant standing buck naked in front of the Turk Captain who captured his patrol. The Turk is examining the young stud's sex organs - pulling the pink scrotum out and skinning back the cock head.

Here’s the full series, with original descriptions:

Image #2 Interrogating the Prisoners - the Brit lieutenant is tied to a table and having the soles of his feet and firm ass cheeks caned hard - a Turk soldier is offering his erect cock to the prisoner.

Image #3  Bare Ass Beating - two captives on a table with their butts hanging over the edge - a happy Turk is pounding the four cheeks with a heavy wooden paddle - other Turks are letting the crying soldiers know they WILL suck cock.

Image #4 Strung Up and Paddled - two Brits or Aussies hung by their wrists from a turning wheel and having five Turks sending them around and around with solid paddle ass blows.

Image #5 Anal Probing - a young Limie tied down to a table. One Turk works his feet with a feather but another is experimenting with all sorts of dildos on the tight virgin anus. The Limies and Aussies are not only getting bare ass discipline but are put to good use each night by horny Turkish troopers.

Image #6 Breaking in the Lieutenant - the young, blond Limie is being fucked by the Turk Captain who captured him and his men - the large Turk dick has just popped his cherry -  it is being done in front of leering, horny Turk privates who are getting off looking at photos of the young captive's girlfriend and also because they know that when their Captain finishes then it will be a gang bang.

And here’s the manip I did (description incorporated). Obviously it won’t be able to replace the lost pic, but it was such a hot scenario that I had to give it a go:

Monday, 14 April 2014

Jonathan art manips: Last Caning

Here is the last (for now) of my 'Birchwood' manips. Hope you've enjoyed them, especially if like me you have a taste for proper old British boys' school uniforms (shirt, tie, tight grey shorts, shiny black shoes and, of course, grey knee socks). This series is actually the first full series of manipulations I did of Jonathan's work. It was inspired by my memory from the late 1990s of British private schools being banned from caning, long after their government-run counterparts:

Because of this it doesn't quite match up with the Birchwood Finishing School system I've devised to keep males in school uniforms past the age of 18. Suffice to say we can take it that the unfortunate Oliver is just about to move up from the 'normal' Birchwood School for Boys to the bottom-form of the Finishing School, where corporal punishment most certainly isn't forbidden!
If my last set of manips explored my bullying fantasies, this explores my love for 'undeserved' spankings. There's a certain sadistic pleasure to be gotten from seeing someone received a punishment they don't deserve, especially when it's corporal punishment. I suppose it plays into the power-games side of things - you didn't do anything wrong, and the authority figure may even know this, but they still have the power to fit you up and punish you. Poor Oliver is just a victim of Mr Henderson's desire to give a great British tradition a proper send-off - his original offence barely even merited a caning!
As I've said before, I really love whenever Jonathan includes gay sex in his work. He didn't do it that often, so I suppose I thought one good reason to do manips of his work was to provide a sexual conclusion to some of his drawings, especially where it's been hinted at but not shown. However, looking back I think I went a bit overboard with it in this series. It probably should have ended after part D or E. Oh well, live and learn...

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Jonathan art manips: Parents Evening

Time for another tale from the Birchwood Finishing School for Boys, an institution that certainly believes in corporal punishment for its students. And their parents too!

The whole 'unfair British school/faithless wife theme' was inspired by the story Evacuee from an old British spanking magazine. You can see it at the British Spanking Magazines blog.There isn’t much link between the two now, although this is supposed to be a kind of sequel (James is Sheila’s grandson/Janet’s nephew - I had the idea that the Newman men were always drawn to flighty women).
As well as being my first exploration of cuckolding in manips, this series also draws one of my darkest fantasies: a bully returning to haunt his victim. I know bullying is a terrible thing that ruins lives and must be stamped out - I was bullied often by one particular guy and it was a terrible time, but it seems to have affected my sexuality more than anything else. My bully was a big, rough, muscular sportsman and I was a skinny, dorky little runt - hmm I wonder why I have sexual fantasies the way I do!? He delighted in beating me up and making me do humilating things in front of as big an audience as possible. I remember the burning shame as everyone laughed at my pain and degradation, and I suppose today a part of me is still scared that he'll come back and do it again just like Mr Griffiths did it to Mr Newman, and the thought of that, well, turns me on!
It is shameful how often I wank to the thought of coming home to find my bully waiting for me, eager to reassert his dominance by taking his big manly belt to my naked buttocks. He held a power over me like no-one else in my life, and now we're all grown up he still does, so if he told me to suck his cock I'm sure I'd do it, and if he decided to stick it in my ass I wouldn't resist. Sometimes, in my guiltiest fantasies, I even image him cuckolding me.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Jonathan art manips: New Boy At Birchwood

I'm sure everyone remembers the fear of starting college. Now imagine you're from a liberal family who've never so much as given you a clip round the ear, and you're being sent to a traditional British finishingschool...

I've started to think of finishing school fantasies as prison fantasies with kinkier uniforms. Instead of musclebound thugs looking to assert their dominance with a bit of beating and buttfucking, you have thick jocks and corrupt prefects who take great pleasure in thrashing and fucking. Instead of sadistic guards turning a blind eye you have masters who have turned caning into an art form and love the thought of all the illicit rogering that goes on after lights out, and occasionally even participate themselves! And of course instead of tight, middle-class whiteboys getting their asses fucked you've got all the swotty, skinny, unsporty nerds who offer up their assholes for the bigger boys.
Like in prison, its much worse to be a 'fresh fish' in boarding school like Richard. All the masters want to see how hard they can beat the new boy and all the top-formers want a taste of his firm little butt. And back at his dorm, even if he isn't accosted by a top-former in the dark, there's no doubt all sorts of mutual masturbation sessions, biscuit games and arse play that the horny guys engage in. If Richard's lucky he'll be in a compassionate dorm where everyone gets a turn at playing daddy. If not he'll be bottom of the bottom bitches and spend his night biting his pillow as his dormmates take out their sexual frustrations on his sore little behind. I'm sure he'll enjoy himself either way - after all, everyone knows that middle class males love taking it up the arse!
And I did definitely mean to imply that Mr Griffiths was expecting empty showers because he wanted to show his new assistant that 'what goes on at Birchwood' goes on between the masters as much as the students. I'd love to watch those 2 muscular studs going at it, though not as much as I'd like to be Richard when he inevitably ends up with one at either end!

Friday, 4 April 2014

Jonathan art manips: Three Bs

Here's what happens at a classic British finishing school when the three Rs (reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic) meet rum, sodomy and the lash!

It occurred to me that their are very few drawings of schoolboys being caned on the stage in front of an audience, despite this apparently being a regular occurence in real life judging by the amount of times it appears in accounts of school corporal punishment, so I thought I'd try and rectify that with this first manip. 
Unless you're a master or a muscular sporty type these finishing schools are really just a place to wear a smart uniform while being subject to endless punishment and humiliation. Kissing contests for the amusement of elders would be a common occurence! In the original spanking picture I used for B two of the spankers had a striking resemblance to their spankees. I suppose they were meant to be their dads, but in this school-based manip we can take them as older brothers, which is kind of a hot scenario that I haven't explored before. I also snuck in a couple of twins - they've no doubt had to share a lot of things in life so why should an older boy's cane, cock and balls be any different!
The twins also appear in C, and things have got a lot worse for them and their dorm-mates. Because of the 'Three Bs' thing I didn't tell the story of this one so much but I saw it as a top-form sports team returning home from a hard days sport all revved up on adrenaline and horny as hell, and with no girls or alcohol about their fags offer themselves up for a big sweaty gay orgy.
Obviously the bottom-form boys like it rough but I must admit I was a little taken aback (although also hugely turned on!) by how dominant I was making top-formers in this one, even beyond all the blowjobs and buggery. Like the Asian-looking top-former (who I see as a polo scholar whose millionaire father no doubt paid a small fortune so he could go to a British school and dip his big Asian beak in blonde boys' backsides) moving the pillow so his pyjama-clad bottom has to bite down on the bed frame instead. Or the captain and his friend giving one of the twins a seeing to at both ends in an excruciatingly uncomfortable position with his bed frame wedged right in his jacksy. And that's before we get started on the bigger boys' use of ties as leashes and chokers for when the bottom-formers need a bit more encouragement in their sucking and writhing! Also, the housemaster has obviously decided that one of the twins is well overdue both a taste of the cane (note the chart) and a taste of something else before his buggering...

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Jonathan art manips: The British System

I'm going to start posting my manips of Jonathan's art, beginning with all the series that feature a fantasy very close to my heart - cute men in classic British school uniforms getting their arses well and truly beaten and buggered!
School uniforms are probably the most popular outfit for spankees to wear, but if you're creating spanking art or stories then this creates a conundrum, as why would adult ladies and gents don knee socks, ties and shorts or pleated skirts? You can't set every school uniform scenario as being roleplay between a married couple in the bedroom.
My solution is simple - I set my works in an alternative universe where not only is corporal punishment still in fashion, but the government and elders have decided 18-year-olds aren't mature enough to be given all the privileges of grownups yet and so they are packed off to what are effectively finishing schools, run along the traditions of great British boarding schools. Really though, it's just an excuse for a load of spankable bottoms to gather together for an orgy of beatings, buggery and of course, classic school uniforms. This first manip series explains how it would work, for the men at least:

One thing I notice about my three favorite fantasies is that they all have very specific roles for the male: spanker or spankee, bull or cuckold, and top or bottom. In my alternative universe, all the men secretly crave spanking, cuckolding and gay experiences, the only question is whether they're on the top or on the bottom! So while the job of the finishing school is ostensibly to teach its students how to behave as adults, really it's to give them a taste of all the roles so they can decide which they prefer and in the case of the subs and cuckolds accept their place in society. Hence the top-form and the bottom-form! And no doubt the swotty types in the bottom-form will relish the scorching canings and dominant dickings they receive, ready for a lifetime of cuckolding and humiliation at the hands of their future wives. Whereas the macho jocks will find the top form more to their taste, allowing them to ride roughshod over the swotty boys and bugger them in the showers, setting them up for a cushy management life of bossing other men around and fucking their wives!
To the pictures themselves. I have to say creating the long line of pert bottoms in tight shorts for Picture A reminded me of the best Sting spanking vids with Jonathan (the model not the artist) in grey school shorts - mmmm! And I thought it important to show that not all the top-formers are meatheads. Yes it's true that the speccy four-eyes toward the right of the line (who I can definitely relate to!) has looked up nervously to see he's been assigned to the biggest, meanest jock in the finishing school. But further along the black-haired guy in the gold watch doesn't look particularly scary. I like to think that he and the redhead he's stripping have been friends for a long time and, like all curious male friends, have fooled around together - but now a quirk of fate means one of them gets to spank and screw the other at will!
Moving on to Picture B and my first attempt at crossdressing in my manips, with the classic sissy maid and sissy schoolgirl looks. The four-eyed fag may have offered to play the part of his master's girlfriend, but at least his pigtailed wig gives him something to bite down on. No matter how good it feels it's always nice to have something to bite down on when you're being done up the arse - if only to add to the feeling of submission.
And in Picture C there's plenty more submission, as our two sissy schoolgirls get to experience one of my biggest fantasies - being beaten and used by rough, working-class types. Here we have leather-clad bikers unleashing thick belts and sweaty, smelly cocks on well-bred mouths, butts and boners. Heaven for a closet middle-class sissy!