Friday, 6 November 2020

Bulls Spank Cuckolds II (Jonathan art manips)

It's been almost five years, but I've finally got round to creating a sequel to one of my most popular posts, showing bulls spanking cuckolds in front of (and with the enthusiastic encouragement of...) their wives...

Of course many of my other manip series feature bulls spanking cuckolds, whether it's a husband being spanked by his old Headmaster before he's cuckolded and fucked by the sports coach (along with his son), school bullies returning as adults to beat and cuckold their unfortunate victims, a husband's buddies spanking him before fucking his wife, festive spankings of cuckolds by bulls at Christmas, bosses spanking their employees and other subordinates before fucking their wives, stepfathers spanking their stepsons before fucking their stepdaughters-in-law, bulls using and abusing cuckolds while the wife is on vacation, burglars beating middle-class males before fucking their loved ones, corrupt foreign officials flogging innocent Western males while having their way with their wives, workmen teaching middle-class couples some manners, mothers looking on as their sons are spanked and cuckolded, and grooms being spanked (and more) while their brides are deflowered!

Not to mention my attempts to bring M/M cuckold spanking to the work of Endart, Jay Em and Paula Meadows (and Nate, albeit indirectly).

In the first manip of this long-awaited sequel series, I've made use of the classic spanking threat to 'Paint Your Back Porch Bright Red!' I only came across this turn of phrase relatively recently but I rather like it. Sorenutz certainly made good use of it (for both back porches and back doors!)

The whole 'generation war' between Millennials and Generation Xers (or whatever the respective generations are called) is certainly ripe for kinky interpretations, particularly as I have always enjoyed intergenerational cuckolding in its various forms. Though I have to admit I don't have that many ideas about it, so maybe I need to find some inspiration. I also enjoy the idea of Bull-Dads (dominant older men who act as both bulls and father-figures to young couples) and would like to do more on that.

Despite my love for uniforms, there is something especially alluring about naked cuckolds and other submissive males, especially in CFNM scenes like the third manip (or CNMN like the original of the 'Back Porch' pic, and I guess the third manip is CMNM as well, though scenes where both bull and cuckold are naked are also hot in a whole different way!)
The face of the submissive guy Jonathan has drawn and that I have used in this third manip really is the picture of humiliation - one wonders if this if the first time he has heard his sexual inadequacy laid out in such stark terms! I love the idea of a cuckold being punished for having a small cock or being unable to satisfy his wife. Aside from the obvious humiliation, these are things which he can never realistically rectify, so his wife's lovers will always have a reason to spank him no matter how well behaved he is!

I also have to wonder at the motivations of the wife in the fourth manip. Is she asking a genuine question? Is she sympathetic to her husband's plight? Or is she just impatient to get her lover into bed?!

And as an extra treat, here is a remake of a manip from the original Bulls Spank Cuckolds post. It's basically the same as the second manip from that series, but I just really liked the new caption and the image of all those twitching holes ready to be used by those big dominant cocks!