Friday, 4 September 2020

Cruel Cuckolding 3 (Jonathan art manips)

For some greedy gals, it's not enough to keep a stable of studs in addition to their husband and fuck as many alpha males as they want...they have to make their cuckolds suffer as well!

The first pic shows one of my favourite cuckold fantasies, of a wife and husband being abused and used by the rough tough men they've hired to work on their nice suburban home.
On this theme, I must once again recommend the account on the Husband in Check blog of a Female Led Relationship going full-on cuckold as the dominant wife decides to involve the handyman. What's particularly kinky is that experienced blogmistress Strict Julie could be said to have planted the seeds that led to the cuckolding, in the comments section...

The second pic is an ode to the traditional uniform of the British policewoman, which is definitely one of my favourite uniforms for dominant ladies. I originally intended to create a much longer series featuring an additional policewoman (larger, older and much more matriarchal). The Wicked WPCs would visit schools, where they would soundly spank the boys and young male teachers in front of the giggling girls as a demonstration of what happens to lawbreakers. They would visit suburban homes and reassure middle-class mothers concerned about their sons' behaviour - by soundly thrashing the innocent boys and perhaps even suggesting they experience a night in the cells...
Back at the station the wicked ladies would have fun fucking their studly male colleagues. And if their husbands complain they'll soon find themselves being arrested and flogged, and even thrown in the cells to be mercilessly buggered, as is happening in the last pic (although if you aren't wedded to the cuckold angle, I suppose he could be an obstructive paper-pusher. Or a motorist who got too mouthy at a traffic stop...)
Particularly cruel is that the wife is letting hubby's cellmate finish fucking him before bailing him out. This is a niche and especially cruel subset of cuckolding porn: a wife who visits her husband in prison, knowing he'll be getting pounded, no doubt while cuckolding him rotten on the outside. And given how the bail system works, with halfway houses and corrupt parole officers and the like, the husband might be back inside soon enough - but seeing how his wife treats him, maybe it won't seem so bad!

The last pic also explores one of my naughtiest fantasies: being fucked in the ass until I ejaculate. This is a reworking of a previous manip, as I wanted to show these cute subby guys butt-naked rather than sissified. But after finishing it I realised it could even be a sequel to the original... with the unfortunate sissy stepson going on to become an even more unfortunate faggot cuckold!
No doubt when the bull finds out about what happened in the past, he will start introducing sissification into their cuckolding sessions (perhaps even inviting the stepdad to show him the ropes?) Though maybe he prefers the purity of having his blonde bitchboy buck naked?
So what do you think, is Blondie cuter when he's dressed like a girl? Or just when he's cumming like one?!


  1. A lot of us have our straps, paddles, strapons etc', in a place that we are guaranteed to see every day. They are an excellent reminder. Ours hang on the inside of my closet door.

    Remodeling can be time consuming, the workmen were around for weeks, that first time. I don't know if I left my closet door open or my wife did, but we could hear them talking and laughing about what they had found. I blushed a deep red, Julie laughed and decided to join them in their conversation. They didn't get any more work done that afternoon, but I sure got it, and Julie had a glorious time.

    1. Oooh that's such a hot idea... the workers spending the afternoon practising on you with the paddles and straps, and your wife no doubt strapping on her strapon and demonstrating how she uses it on you!

  2. I've always thought that the way to introduce a husband to cuckolding is to prove to him that size does matter. So he would understand why she wanted sex with a "bull". The best way is to find a well hung guy and have him give the husband a long hard butt fucking. It won't be something that he would soon forget, if ever. It would definitely get the point across that size really does matter. And finally it sets the right tone, that SHE is in charge and that if he didn't behave like a good cuck, it would be repeated.

    1. Such a good idea, but surely the best way to prove to him that size does matter would be to have him buttfucked by two different men with different cock sizes. Perhaps a coworker/neighbour/family friend with an above average-to-large cock, followed by a musclebound black man with a REALLY big member!

    2. That is an excellent idea. Or maybe 3, one the size that i am, then the two you mentioned. That would definitely get her point across. The biggest one first would really cement it.

    3. Yes but if it was biggest first then there wouldn't be much point in the other two :D


  3. Thinking of your fantaisie : being fucked in the ass until you ejaculate, made me remembering a post on Julie's blog, a collaboration between a certain billie and Julie, « Billie's hard day »

    I am attaching an excerpt because, in my opinion, it is one of the best texts on this subject :
    the feeling of the most abject shame to feel your male body betraying you and your penis hardening as another male fucks you hard in front of your wife and daughter and there is nothing you can do to stop yourself from getting off and cumming.

    Jim, his wife's lover spanks bill until he screams out : "Please... Daddy! I promise I'll be a good little girl! Then he fucks him in front of his wife ans daughter.

    « After about 10 minutes of solid fucking, I started to panic.
    It was happening! My ass was in agony from the pounding it was undergoing, but I was also starting to simultaneously feel a tingling in my cock. Oh no! No! This couldn't be happening. I couldn't be cumming from an ass fucking from a man!!! No!

    I tried to hold it in. It would be too embarrassing to have my wife and my DAUGHTER even see me cum from my punishment ass fucking from a guy! I continue to try to hold it, but the waves started hitting me.

    I collapsed onto the bed. Jim followed me down and lay on top of me as he continued ramming his cock into my ass.

    "NO!" I scream out. "No! Please! Not that! PLEASE! NO!"

    The women were confused, but Jim knew exactly what was going on.

    "Yeah, Baby," he said, addressing me as he would a girl, "It's 'gonna happen whether you want it to or not."

    "No! Please! STOP! Please! Before it happens! Please!"

    "It's 'gonna happen. Take it. Take every last inch, slut boy."

    "Mom, what's happening?" asked Vickie, wondering what was going on.

    "I'm not sure, darling," said my wife.

    "He's about to cum," said Jim as he kept fucking me. "Cum like a little bitch in heat from my cock."

    "Can you believe that Mom?" said my daughter. "I mean, I thought we were just teasing him calling him faggot like that, but I think he really is one!"

    "If he cums from just cock up his ass, he for sure is one," said my wife.

    Jim kept pounding me and it started happening! I desperately tried to hold it in, and begged Jim not to.

    "Please Jim!" I cried, "Don't do that to me, please! I don't want it! PLEASE! Not in front of my wife. Not in front of my daughter!"

    "Oh, you want it, bitch," said Jim. "I'm gonna make you cum like a girl with my cock up your ass."

    I kept trying to hold it back but it was too much, and so when finally I orgasmed violently my cum shot out of my cock, warmly soaking the sheets, and I let out a cry of distress, "NOOOOOOOO!" I said as I twitched and shook in full orgasm with Jim's massive cock sunk full into me.

    "Oh My God, he's actually cumming Mom! Cumming from the cock! Look at him twitching and writhing, like it's a female orgasm!" »

    1. Wow that is a HARD day... I love it! It's the women's commentary that really makes it!
      Do you have a link to the original post for anyone who didn't see it first time round?

    2. Ah ah !

      Julie's post

      Billie's hard day

      But those who didn't still read it deserve to face the same fate!

    3. Wow, excellent story! It's funny, all the sissies i know go through this, except we do it voluntarily. To achieve our first orgasm that way, we abstain from all other forms of stimulation. I used a lifelike looking suction cup penis about 18" up a wall. Once, sometimes twice a day, i set a timer for 20 minutes and practiced until i could cum that way.

    4. That story wasn't so long ago! I really should remember it more. Perhaps I also deserve to face the same fate...
      Mmmm a realistic suction cup penis can really 'hit the spot', as it were...

    5. Always up for taking it up the ass ! :)

  4. Hi Q. It's your old friend Lisa again, thanking you. You may remember you "illustrated" some of my stories a while back. Once again, I say it: You're the only one who gets how sexy it is for some women (read "Me") to imagine our husbands spanked and dominated by a strong man -- or men. And even tho this particular entry is a bit rough for my hubby and me (we don't enjoy fantasies of him getting ass-fucked, just spanked and dominated), I appreciate your posting about this theme of naughty hot wives getting turned on watching their men get spanked and later, fucking or sucking our "heroes" Keep on finding these "M/M while wife watches" drawings. And just a suggestion: If you can find another artist besides Jonathan, I'd be eager to see something. Jonathan's women look a bit to manly. I liked the drawings you used to illustrate my stories. Cheers, Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa, glad you're still enjoying my work. I do have some more Bulls Spank Cuckolds posts in mind, but I'm afraid I've pretty much used up the alternative artists I've used in the past like Endart, so it will be Jonathan-based for the foreseeable future.

    2. It's fine, Q. Whatever drawings you use will be fine with us. so much of it is your narrative. YOU'RE the artist. If you can find another "alternative" illustrator, great. If not, we'll enjoy whatever you give us. There's only one Stanton and he's left us.

    3. Funnily enough I've been thinking of trying something with Stanton's work. Will have an experiment...