Thursday, 14 February 2019

Watching My Husband Go Gay... new erotic ebook

If you're still searching for gifts this Valentines' Day, why not purchase my new ebook for your loved one?

Husbands, your wife is probably one of the many, many women who secretly (or not so secretly) love to read about hot steamy sex between two cute guys.
And wives, sending your husband this as a gift would be the perfect way to reveal to him that you'd love to watch him engage in some steamy guy-on-guy action for your amusement (and arousal)!

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'Watching My Husband Go Gay' is about a dominant wife who loves to spank her cute blonde husband, fuck him with her strapon, and cheat on him with the studs at her office when she feels the need for a 'real man'.
But she wants something more...


After watching her gay friends preying on shy straight boys in high school, Tiffany has always had a thing for hot gay sex, and her ultimate fantasy is to watch her husband Joshua suck another man's cock. But her (supposedly) straight husband isn't so keen, so (with the help of her friend Rachel) Tiffany puts him on a strict no-pussy regime: denying him any kind of orgasm until he agrees to fulfil her fantasy...


It isn't long before poor Joshua gives in... and Tiffany's gay friend Trey is all-too-happy to be the guy who gets his dick sucked!
So Tiffany gets to enjoy the show as her hunky friend puts her husband across his lap and spanks him hard...

...and as a truly sadistic lady, she happily hands over her mother-in-law's old clothes brush to add extra impact as she watches Joshua hollering and thrashing over the bigger man's knee!

Then, with her husband spanked into submission, it's time for the main event...

And once Joshua has sucked a cock, she and Trey might just decide that her hubby should take a nice big dick in his ass as well...

The story continues in 'My Husband and the Bully' and 'Playdate with the Bully', which are also available on Kindle and which I will blog about soon...


  1. I really like the progression in this posting. My guess is that it is in many cases more the guy than the gal that encourages it, feeling that it is basically his role. Some gals seem to get into it, but for many it is the beginning of the end of the relationship.

    1. I suppose in real-life, bi-curious men might be more likely to ask their partners if they can play with another man than the other way round. But if you google 'I Want To Watch My Man Suck a Dick' you find many hot stories/posts by women who are turned on by the idea... some of them provided inspiration for this book, particularly the idea of holding out on sex until he agrees to suck a cock :D

  2. Last picture reminds me of the wife and I. She's been very supportive and assuring that I need to accept I'm a submissive in bed. It's helped us both find more dominant lovers and let to a better relationship