Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Endart manips: Cocksucking Camp

Last month we looked at a summer camp where 18-year-old boys are sent to suck cock and learn submissiveness. But in the interests of gender equality, shouldn't there be an equivalent for their female counterparts? Well now there is!

The inspiration for this ladies' cocksucking camp is a bit different from the male version. I read recently that most American wives never suck their husband's cock. In the old days when men rarely went down on their partners this would have been fair enough, but now that modern men are so forthcoming with cunnilingus, surely their wives should be forthcoming with fellatio? And if they aren't, there should be somewhere they can be sent to be trained until they are! And as there are times when a woman needs oral skills outside her marriage, female interns and secretaries should also be able to attend.
There is the question of whether husbands would be willing to send their wives off to suck other men's cocks for an entire summer, but I'd be willing to bet they would be if their little lady came back a commited cocksucker! Though of course there's always the chance that she might become accustomed to servicing multiple (and bigger) cocks, and start cuckolding her hubby the second she gets home. Perhaps a monthly trip to a swingers club will be in order to help keep her cravings in check!
Like last month's manips, this idea of a Cocksucking Camp was also inspired by the classic British Spanking Magazine story 'In the Land of Utopia' (illustrated by Paula Meadows) where 18-year-olds have to perform an interesting form of 'National Service':

Daughters of Lower Class families, once they had reached the age of 18, being first given a period of preliminary training in the Ministry and then assigned to Middle Class homes to fulfil their State-required one year of domestic service...Middle Class girls, while not required to do Maid Service, had to attend special educational establishments between the age of 18 and 20. The regime at these places was notably strict so they, like the Lower Class girls, would get a frequent taste of the cane or strap. All young males of the same age had to do State Service on farms or in factories.

This is all rather unfair, as while the boys and the middle-class girls no doubt suffered extensively from the cane and strap in their institutions, it is of course much worse for the poor working-class girls sent to serve lecherous older middle-class males with no oversight on their behaviour:

In Utopia a maid could be required to have sex with her employer, and many employers did insist on this...Jack Easterby, aroused by the spanking, would have liked to do something else to Susan but he knew that would be overstepping the mark. He was aware that Henry Greenaway didn't have sex with his maids himself and would certainly not sanction anyone else doing it. Still, there was Jack's own maid, Anne, at home...

So again I've made my system much worse for the middle classes - after all, it's those stuck-up middle-class ladies who are more likely to be sent to learn a bit of humility and cocksucking skills by their neglected husbands, and they are also more likely to work as interns or secretaries who are compelled to attend cocksucking camp anyway!