Friday, 4 October 2019

Headmaster for Housewives 3, 4 & 5: Lessons for Submissive Ladies (erotic ebooks)

The next three ebooks in my Headmaster for Housewives series form a trilogy, which sees four married ladies experience the agony and ecstasy of hand, cane and tawse as the Headmaster trains them in the ways of wifely submission...

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The Headmaster knows all-too well that modern ladies still crave 'traditional' discipline... and that many of their husbands and boyfriends are incapable of satisfying their needs, due to lack of knowledge, concerns about 'feminism' and other airy-fairy issues.
So, responsible educator that he is, he starts a class in which he shows his grown-up students just how satisfying a good hard spanking can be...

The first is Alison. A curvy, bespectacled brunette, she is intended to be something of an 'everywoman' character, representing the many modern ladies who want to try spanking but don't know where to start.
Well she starts across the Headmaster's lap, having her nice round bottom firmly smacked, first across the seat of her tight jeans and then on the bare in front of the class!


The second student is Lisa, who is well-versed in the arts of spanking and domination... but from the other side. This BBW beauty has been dominating her husband and visiting swingers' clubs with him for years, but now she longs to feel the thrill of submission – and the Headmaster is happy to help her!


Next up is Janelle, a gorgeous ebony goddess, whose strict Christian upbringing gave her a craving for severe erotic discipline – and a conservative husband who is completely unable to give her what she needs, either sexually or disciplinarily!


Finally, the engaged blonde Stacey is the youngest of the four...


But how did she get interested in spanking you ask, given that she is too young for it even to have been a possibility at school? Well, as a girl she stumbled across a sensational tabloid story about an Australian soap star who liked to dress up in school uniform and get caned by her lover. Stacey became obsessed by the story, and longs to experience it for herself – which her overly sensitive fiance is quite unwilling to do!

This tabloid story is very much a real news item. It was entitled 'Spendies Lead to Bendies', and after discovering it as a teen I hid the newspapaper in my room and had many good wanks to the lurid descriptions and sexy photos!

The Headmaster's 'Etiquette Class' involves the four ladies being introduced to the delights of spanking, strapping and caning...

And of course, they soon discover that a bottom-warming from the handsome Headmaster makes them rather horny...

Alison is the first to offer herself up for the Headmaster's cock, after her naughty married arse gets its first taste of the cane...


Lisa too is soon visiting the Headmaster's study for some filthy extracurricular action...

Good Christian Janelle takes a little longer, but eventually the Headmaster visits her at home to give her some of what her husband hasn't been – and since she has builders in, who hear everything that is going on, it isn't long before this sophisticated housewife is getting spanked and fucked by them as well!


Stacey would very much like to get in on the action, but the Headmaster decrees that, as she is engaged to be married, it would be prudent for her to remain COMPLETELY ABSTINENT until her wedding night.
As a modern girl who loves a good seeing-to, Stacey is none-too happy with this arrangement – especially as it makes the many, many spankings she receives in lessons even more frustrating!

And the lessons get even steamier in the next part...

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The lovely ladies squeeze into their old school uniforms for long hard lessons on cocksucking, discipline, obedience and many other skills that are absolutely essential for the modern submissive wife!


Including Janelle, whose ebony calves look rather splendid in her white school socks!

And of course Stacey's enforced abstinence doesn't preclude her from sucking the Headmaster's cock!

Once the ladies have been well-and-truly schooled, the Headmaster decides that it's time their husbands are clued in to their wants and needs (or at least Alison's and Lisa's husbands... Janelle's is a hopeless case – thank goodness she has the builders – and Stacey's fiance probably has enough to worry about in the run-up to his wedding day)...

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In the fifth book, Alison and Lisa bring their husbands along to a lesson. And with the ladies being freshly spanked and dressed in full bondage gear, it is quite apparent to the two young men what the dominant Headmaster has been doing with their wives!


However, the temptation of spanking and whipping their ladies manages to overcome any feelings of jealousy, and they set about the task with gusto...


While the Headmaster can still have plenty of fun with Janelle and Stacey...

Stacey doesn't get much fun in return of course... until the Headmaster has her back for one final lesson, right before her wedding day. In full bridal regalia (with the other ladies dressed as her bridesmaids), Stacey is spanked and (finally!) fucked by the Headmaster, who treats her to a wedding gift of several spectactular orgasms that her new husband is sure to have a hard time topping!


  1. As always, thanks for fleshing out your story with some really nice visuals! Makes me want to read the story all the more! Can't imagine any man having so much power over so many ladies, without lots of money of course! Thanks, again!

    1. That's the power of the cane for you Father :D
      I find this is a good opportunity to share some of my favourite M/F works, which don't get much of an airing otherwise.