Thursday, 25 December 2014

Jonathan art manips: Spanka Claus

Merry Christmas one and all! Here's a nice festive carol that you might not want to sing around the family piano:

Santa is kind of bull-like when you think about it – if any other man entered your house in the middle of the night to bring delight to your wife then you'd say it was a cuckolding scenario. So it wasn't too much of a stretch for me to reimagine Santa as a bearded bull with a fetish for spanking the bare bottoms of boys whether they've been naughty or good, and then using his sack full of presents to ensure their wives lay out more than just milk and cookies!
Yes, your wife may have put out the stockings for Santa Claus, but she'll be putting on the stockings for Spanka Claus! And then promising to be a good little reindeer and let him ride her in return for that diamond necklace and/or expensive watch she wants so so much!
All three of you know exactly what's going to happen when Spanka comes down the chimney and puts you over his knee. It didn't really come out great in the manip, but in the 'imagine bubble' I definitely meant to show Spanka tugging at the wife's leash 'reins' while he rides. No doubt chanting 'On Donna On Blitzen etc.' in time with each thrust!

Friday, 19 December 2014

Garters for socks and belts for leashes

Struggling for stocking fillers to get your man this Christmas? Socks are the classic last-minute gift that no man wants, but what about something to hold them up? Every submissive male should own a pair of sock garters. As well as getting rather aroused over wristwatches, I think a well-dressed husband stripped naked from the waist down except for his smart shoes and gartered socks is an extremely erotic image. Especially when there are well-dressed ladies around to mete out severe punishment to his bare behind.



Sock garters accentuate a man's nakedness and show a woman's control over him. All those Christmas parties will be a lot more fun when you can think of your husband's garters biting into his calves, reminding him who's in charge.
Of course, like most male clothes and accessories, what makes weak little sissies look submissive makes big strong men look dominant, so those sock garters will  also remind your husband of when he was a slim young student getting his ass and mouth pounded by experienced older men. Perhaps you could even invite them round to give him an even stronger reminder?

And for another present,  how about a good old-fashioned leather belt? A nice long thick one that you can take to his bare behind whenever you fancy. And again, he'll be reminded of your control over him whenever he wears trousers.


But another thing I would absolutely love have done to me with a leather belt is to have it used as a leash on me.


Proper bondage collars and leashes are nice and all, but I imagine there's nothing better than having your hands bound behind your back and being led around by a thick leather belt wrapped tight round your neck, the big manly buckle biting into your windpipe. One of my all-time greatest fantasies is to get fucked in the ass by a muscular black man while he throttles me with his belt. Now that would be a Happy Christmas!

Friday, 12 December 2014

Endart manips: A Walk In The Woods

When Christmas season comes, young couples all over the world return home to their parents, in-laws and family...and get bored out of their minds. Plenty will head for the privacy of the woods for some fun, but they better just be careful their elders don't follow them in...

In these tight-knit communities where everyone knows everyone and all the adults have had their watchful eyes on your since you were born, what makes you think you're allowed to sneak into the woods for a bit of hanky-panky? No doubt your wicked old uncle, your former headmistress and teachers, the town constable and concerned neighbors will be prowling around hoping to catch you out and punish you severely!
And yes, it's yet another example of a manip series where I've made patriarchs and matriarchs take command! I love the idea of pretty young wives getting an education in spanking by dominant older men who aren't their husbands. Like Sasha here, one minute they're getting love-taps from their partners, the next their bare bottys are experiencing true leatherings at the hands of experienced older men. Maybe one day her partner will be able to light such a serious fire, but only after he's watched plenty of his elders do their work! And of course all young ladies also secretly love to get rogered by experienced older men, just like they secretly love getting their bottoms smacked!
Al fresco spankings also throw up lots of tasty scenarios. I have quite a fetish for hiking boots. Picture if you will a firm-bottomed boyfriend or girlfriend out in the woods, stripped naked below the waist except for their stout hiking shoes, ready for a taste of master or mistresses' whippy switch... Mmmm!
Although Sasha's shoes don't look too stout – perhaps complaining about her footwear getting ruined was what earnt her a spanking in the first place!

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Christmas treats from Ian Hamilton

Just in time for Christmas, Ian Hamilton has released a new emag of his excellent art, available at So if your partner would enjoy a lengthy series of artworks showing pert young ladies getting thrashed at finishing school...


Or your dom could do with some hints of what to do when they've finished warming your bottom...


...why not add it to your Christmas list?
Rather excitingly for me, given my predilections, Ian has also been experimenting with gay tranny scenes, and they look extremely promising!

He says he will do an emag on this if there is enough interest, so get in touch if it's your sort of thing.

Also, I'd like to repeat my appeal from a few months ago. Ian has lost a lot of his work from before the 2013 emag to a hard drive failure. So if you bought the 2011 or 2012 emags, Angels Hill or any of his other older works, please get in touch with him.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Jonathan art manips: Christmas Cuckold

With the season of goodwill well under way, what better way to commemorate it than for me to dig out a Christmassy series of manips I created a few Yules back:

It gave me a chance to play around with alot of the ladies Jonathan has drawn over the years, which I sure enjoyed. His ladies are not far off what I see when I close my eyes and imagine dominant women spanking and cuckolding.
This series again features the descendants of the Newman clan from the classic British spanking story 'Evacuee', who we've previously seen getting spanked and cuckolded in school uniform. I tried to add a few little jokey bits and items to spot in as a sort of homage to the little jokes Jonathan used to put in his work. I'm not sure how well they all came out, though I like the disapproving expression on cuckoldress Jane's face as she watches the older ladies feeling up her bull. I love the idea of well-dressed experienced women having a good grope and squeeze of pert younger men in CFNM situations, whether its spanking their bottoms or getting them riled up before a cuckolding. Given that the bull obviously has a thing for older ladies we can assume that Jane will end up having to share her bull with her mother and her sister's mother-in-law as well as her own mother-in-law, probably before Christmas Day is out!
I also like the way Jane's sister changes. In picture 2 she is obviously enjoying the sight and teasing her husband about the same happening to him. Perhaps big sister has been regaling her with cuckolding tales and she wants to copy her as always! But then in picture 3 she looks rather aghast at the sight of her husband and father-in-law sucking Miguel's big cock. Perhaps she has bitten off more than she can chew, though given both family's cuckolding genes and William's past experience with men they'll no doubt be having a good old experiment with Miguel before she can be sure!

Friday, 28 November 2014

Endart manips: SMS spankings

We all know kids spend far too much time on their cellphones these days, but you have to admit that SMS text messaging provides a great way for our darling wives and daughters to earn stinging spankings! So let's all give Thanks (and Spanks) for incriminating text messages!

Customer Feedback

Dad or Dan?

Father Gets Home

Hot Dad

Their Ways Are The Best

Let's face it, spanking is now very much seen as a sexual thing rather than the disciplinary method it was viewed as even 20 years ago. Even so, it's still fun to think what would happen in modern scenarios if the cane, paddle and prison strap hadn't moved to the nations' bedrooms and instead were used with even more vigor than before. So would the spate of student plagiarism using the internet (i.e. cheating!) be met with a severe paddling campaign? Would the rising divorce rate lead to middle-class couples being required to attend spanking therapy? Would bosses unfairly punish their underlings for their companies struggles through the recession - and then later those same underlings would be made scapegoats for the whole thing and publically whipped? And let's not forget the merciless leatherings the likes of Justin Bieber and Lindsey Lohan would receive on their many visits to jail!

Friday, 21 November 2014

Artists I love: Nate

Joy of joys! Thanks to James at the spankedmale blog, some new art has emerged by one of my favorite artists, who I long thought had stopped producing. Nate was the artist who turned me on to matronly spankers. Like many spankees, I’m just a naughty boy at heart, and who knows how to spank a naughty boy better than a voluptuous old harridan who thinks the best way to nurture a male is to beat the wickedness out of him on a regular basis? There’s something so erotic about big, older, powerful women, and Nate draws them excellently. Also let's face it, all our wives are going to end up as buxom older ladies so we might as well start getting turned on by them now!

There’s something particularly British about Nate's work. The uniforms, the settings, all seem to capture the essence of good old England. The men are nothing but weedy, well-dressed submissives who never really grew up and whose only redeeming feature is their boyish, spankable bottoms. Their every move is kept in check by both their wives and by every woman in their lives, who are all stereotypically British: huge, frumpily dressed, with tree-trunk-like thighs, tremendous arses and heaving bosoms. It's making me want to drop to my knees and apologize just thinking about it!



Even the attitudes of the characters seem to capture the essence of England. I suppose deep down the English are an inherently conservative culture, and Nate's art seems to exist in a glorious alternative Albion where the 1950s never ended. A place where, from the second a male is hauled out of his mother as a newborn matron and given a swift spank on the arse by a stern matron, he is subject to the rule of big busted, thunder-thighed matriarchs who love nothing more than to pull down a male's pants in front of giggling girls (who of course are far too precious to ever need anything as coarse as a smacked bottom) and relentlessly smack his firm arse until it is rosy red and streaked with fingerprints:

The need to blister bare boy bottoms is imprinted in English culture, as Nate's work makes clear. I particularly love this piece in which a gorgeous Bulgarian wife announces that 'I think all wives in England do this' while spanking her English husband in front of her family. Even foreign ladies can't resist handing out plenty of 'bare smakbotties' to British males!


Nate's work perfectly captures the humiliation of public maternal spanking, and also the delightful fantasy of a mother in law getting involved in a husband's discipline. This has certainly stoked my fantasies over the years and I sometimes wish my mother in law would find out about our spanking, just in case there's any chance it could spark a glorious matriarchal revolution in my family that led to me and my male descendants being subject to stinging spankings from gorgeous old harridans for generations to come:

All this discipline is of course drilled into males at the classic British schools, and Nate is the absolute master of drawing male school uniforms. I love school uniforms in spanking play but I am very picky about them. For boys I like the British style in the following combination: shirt (should really be white, blue or grey), tie, short and tight grey shorts, shiny black shoes and knee length grey socks. Blazers and caps I can give or take, although straw boaters are nice on sissier boys as well as girls. Of course, in Nate's world grown-up husbands who have long graduated to suits and cufflinks are still often put back in their old school uniforms to relive their days as squealing schoolboys across the matriarchal knee:

In this world, the pleasures of the male are almost completely forbidden. Gambling, drinking and of course sexual desires and masturbation must be beaten out of boys at every opportunity.

And once the spanking is done other methods of pain and humiliation will very much be in use!

Stereotypically of course sex in marriage is virtually nonexistent, and especially in Britain! But we all know spanking isn't just about discipline. Nate's ladies are clearly sadists to a woman, who get such enjoyment out of discipline and scolding that they aren't too interested in catering to their men's more carnal desires. And that becomes rather sexy when it's coupled with tight controls on wanking and regular, severe corporal punishment. Would you really complain about a lack of sex and no opportunity to wank if you were being punished every single day by (and in front of) the ladies in your life? Well welcome to Britain!

The climax to this comic strip perfectly illustrates the British attitude to sex. A group of wives have the opportunity to have some fun with a well-spanked husband's erect willy, but they'd much rather further humiliate and punish him...

This is certainly a world I would like to live in. These husbands must be perpetually horny and frustrated and must rather give it a good go when they're finally allowed to slip their slender cocks between their wives chunky thighs. And while male sexuality is displayed as inherently dirty and deserving of punishment, don't be surprised if the wives don't see their own carnal cravings in the same light. After, who's really going to stop a big dominant lady supplementing her marital shaggings with regular masturbation and dildo fun? Plus liaisons with plumbers, builders, in-laws, old friends and bosses etc. As British society dictates that husbands are just naughty boys who never grow up and their women are in charge, why shouldn't it be one rule for them and another for their wives!?

Nate's old 'Smacked Bottoms for Naughty Boys' site has long since shut down. I did miss out on a few of his old comic strips the first time round, so if anyone knows where they or any more of his new art can be found please leave a comment.