Sunday, 25 May 2014

Jonathan art manips: Pool Boys

Before I found out Jonathan had retired from drawing I always hoped I might be able to commission him to do some work, and even came up with lots of scenarios in case the possibility ever arose. I've used a lot of them in my manips now, but some of them are too different from what's gone before for me to bash something together without it being a total mess. I thought this particular fantasy would be one of those but in the end I managed to do something with it, albeit I had to use some backgrounds from Sardax:

I guess this is another example of a fantasy of how I might have been made less 'curious' in my younger years. I'm not 100% happy with how it turned out but it seems to have gone down rather well. Straight guys getting MM spankings and sex is always hot, and I suppose many people like the idea of two toned collegeboys spending the summer as their sex slaves! I love the idea of two spanked guys 69ing too so I had a go at it here, will probably try and do it better in another series.
I'm sure the two pool boys' dads are sitting at home completely oblivious to their sons' plight, thinking they've sent them off to learn the value of hard work when really they've signed them up for a summer of belt whippings and butt fuckings. Or perhaps they had an inkling of what might happen and are feeling smug that their spoilt sons are finally tasting some proper discipline.
It may look like a hard job, but given the intensity of the pool boys' training, I wouldn't be surprised if they ask to be allowed to return next year...

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Jonathan art manips: The Builders

Ah builders. You hire them to do the jobs around the house that you're not man enough to manage, and while your wife may moan about the cost, she and your open-minded, collegeboy son certainly don't mind having a bunch of coarse,manly men around the house while you're at work:

When I’m in a bi-curious mood, I often find myself wondering how things could have gone differently in my past to satisfy my curiosity about being spanked (and more) by another man. A lot of the time these are fantasies where I don’t have much choice in the matter (thrown in the cells with a burly thug. Sent to spend a weekend with a wicked uncle…) and even when I do get to choose if I experiment I’m always in the submissive role. I still have no real interest in spanking or fucking another man – I always want to be on the receiving end.
Working men like builders, plumbers, gardeners etc. are a powerful fantasy figure for me. I think as a scrawny middle class beta male they seem to be the ultimate in masculinity: big men who are good with their hands and might be muscular or pot bellied, but always have the confidence to work with their shirts off or give the lady of the house a cheeky pat on the bum when she brings them a drink.
We often had workmen in the house when I was growing up, particularly in the summer, and this led me on to this fantasy about what might have happened one long and lazy summer.
As I am no good at any practical labor I will no doubt have to get plenty of workmen in over the years to fix and build things. This may present a little too good of an opportunity for my partner to try a bit of cuckolding (and now I thing about it I can’t help wonder if my mother ever…) Or perhaps they will find this series when they’re having a snoop through my Internet history and it will be me who ends up getting buggered over the breakfast bar while my partner looks on!

Friday, 16 May 2014

Jonathan art manips: Paddles R Us

This series of manips was inspired by one of my favorite spanking series, Eric Stanton's Family Business. Dominant wife Lorraine and her daughter Dolly run a shop that peddles all kinds of spanking implements and fetish wear, and has a 'try before you buy' policy that means customers can thoroughly try out all the products they're interested in before they purchase. Usually customers provide the bottom of a servant or spouse, or even their own, to demonstrate the implements on. But if they are alone then Lorraine's husband Henry or one of her stepchildren Teddy and Lily are required to step up and present their posteriors for testing. And if orders come in by mail then Lorraine and Dolly are sure to test every single order to make sure it lives up to their high standards.
 I love the idea of a fetish shop with this kind of policy, so I thought I'd attempt to create my own using Jonathan's art:

Unfortunately this isn't quite as much of a 'family business' as Lorraine's shop, although Mr Samson's nephew plays a similar role to Henry and Teddy, and his uncle certainly works him hard!
Mr Samson would get to see the full range of spanking relationships. From strict dads keen to test out new methods of punishment on their wayward sons, or believe a boy should wear a belt simply so it can be used on him when he's been bad, to schoolmasters and their students, military personnel with a taste for discipline, BDSM masters and their slaves and of course lovers who have discovered the erotic pleasures of a good paddling!
I was thinking of not doing picture E and leaving what Billy and the cavalry officer get up to in the imagination, but I quite like the idea of the catalog featuring actions shots of all Paddles R Us's products!
I don't know if there are any shops with this kind of setup but if there are please let me know. It's hard to judge whether an implement is the right weight or severity over the internet so it would be good to swing a few straps and paddles before purchasing!

Monday, 12 May 2014

Jonathan art manips: Master Chatterley’s Lover

So I've done manips on spanked schoolboys, kinky collegeboys and thrash-happy family members, what other classic guy-on-guy fantasies are there? Why, men at work of course! Starting with an adaption of that classic tale of class-based cuckolding, Lady Chatterley's Lover. There can't be many images more dominant than a beefy working man having his way with a well-bred bottom, whether it belongs the lady of the house or a curious ex-public schoolboy. I wanted to base a manip on the story using Jonathan's art, which meant giving the title character a sex-lift...

I really loved this idea when I first thought of it but I can't decide if it turned out right. DH Lawrence might very well be rolling in his grave, though he was quite the cuckold himself so he no doubt has better things to do. Probably watching his wife enjoy a spitroast with a Roman gladiator and the Marquis de Sade...
Lady Chatterley's gardener is just one of a long line of rough, tough, working-class, blue collar types whose physical jobs and no-nonsense lifestyles give them the muscles and attitude to dominate and cuckold sissy, sensitive, college-educated, white-collar office bitches. Whether it's the surly shop owner who spanks your bare ass when you work for him in the summer, or the ill-mannered mechanics who give your wife a good 'servicing' every time she takes her car in for all-too-frequent repairs, or the construction crew who gave you your first taste of gay sex on a building site on your way home from the office, working men can work in almost any of my spanking, cuckolding or gay fantasies!

Friday, 9 May 2014

Jonathan art manips: Uncle Vic

Although spanking dads are always nice to see, when it comes to paternal figures it’s spanking uncles that really do it for me. Let’s face it, most ‘uncles’ are really just acquaintances of your parents, so it’s perfectly okay for them to do illicit things to you while still having that air of parental dominance:

I can’t help but wish I’d had a dirty old uncle, perhaps one I went to stay with in the college holidays, who took great pleasure in spanking my bare butt whether I was naughty or not. Perhaps he’d live in a one-bedroomed apartment so I’d have no choice but to share a bed with him. And top and tail would mean something quite different in this context! I wouldn’t be quite so curious as I am now!
I guess uncles are good because they have all the paternal authority of dads, but can have even more fun after they're finished spanking your bare ass! I love the idea of going on a camping trip with an older guy who teaches me whole new meanings of pleasure and pain!
As well as introducing another cuckolding wife who shares her husband's predeliction for getting fucked by hung studs, this series also gave me a chance to manip one of my favorite outfits for naughty boys: pyjamas. Specifically the button-up kind with vertical blue and white stripes. It's a very submissive look and great for any kind of domestic setting - the perfect thing for a guy to wear when he's spanked and sent to bed, no matter what his age. Of course I'm sure the main attraction is the ease at which a boy's bottom can be bared for stinging punishment that will have him sleeping on his front all night long.
I also have a big fetish for wristwatches - especially on strict daddy types - and have tried to fit as many into this series as possible. I have a big set of fantasy rules about who can wear which watch, which I'll go into further in a later post. Basically it's big chunky metal ones for dominant men, and feminine leather-strapped types for sissies and cuckolds. Needless to say they're all on display here!

Monday, 5 May 2014

Jonathan art manips: Meet The Family

This was my first attempt at depicting a good old domestic spanking scene, except the dad and uncle in my manips aren’t of the stoic ‘this will hurt me more than it hurts you’ type. They thoroughly enjoy thrashing their boys, and with a supply of firm 20-something bottoms like that who can blame them!

Older Daddy-types are a big part of my gay fantasies. As a youngish skinny runt I love to imagine being dominated by a butch older man who insists on me calling him uncle, who still has his big muscley arms and legs from a life of sports and/or manual labor, but who also proudly flaunts a beer gut (all bought and paid for!) above his thick veiny cock. Plus a big chunky wristwatch too of course. I imagine living next door to an older guy who surprises me one day with the news that he knows all about my darkest fantasies and will reveal them all to my friends and family if I don't report to him for regular bare bottom spankings. And once he's started spanking my bottom it won't be long before he's doing other things to it too...

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Jonathan art manips: Blonde Boys in Brazil

This manip shows two students doing something I kind of wish I'd done in my college days – travelling around and getting their asses fucked off by experienced gay men:

I suppose there's every chance that Ricky might settle down in a conservative hetero marriage with 2.4 kids and an SUV, but he'll never catch himself wondering what it would be like to suck a cock or take a big meaty penis up his ass. Whether he can resist repeating the experience is another question. Maybe now he's a bit bigger he's curious as to what it feels like to be on the giving end?
Of course, there's always the possibility that Marcellus and Antonio stayed with their new blonde boys and Ricky has been taking thick Brazilian cocks up his ass ever since!