Friday, 16 May 2014

Jonathan art manips: Paddles R Us

This series of manips was inspired by one of my favorite spanking series, Eric Stanton's Family Business. Dominant wife Lorraine and her daughter Dolly run a shop that peddles all kinds of spanking implements and fetish wear, and has a 'try before you buy' policy that means customers can thoroughly try out all the products they're interested in before they purchase. Usually customers provide the bottom of a servant or spouse, or even their own, to demonstrate the implements on. But if they are alone then Lorraine's husband Henry or one of her stepchildren Teddy and Lily are required to step up and present their posteriors for testing. And if orders come in by mail then Lorraine and Dolly are sure to test every single order to make sure it lives up to their high standards.
 I love the idea of a fetish shop with this kind of policy, so I thought I'd attempt to create my own using Jonathan's art:

Unfortunately this isn't quite as much of a 'family business' as Lorraine's shop, although Mr Samson's nephew plays a similar role to Henry and Teddy, and his uncle certainly works him hard!
Mr Samson would get to see the full range of spanking relationships. From strict dads keen to test out new methods of punishment on their wayward sons, or believe a boy should wear a belt simply so it can be used on him when he's been bad, to schoolmasters and their students, military personnel with a taste for discipline, BDSM masters and their slaves and of course lovers who have discovered the erotic pleasures of a good paddling!
I was thinking of not doing picture E and leaving what Billy and the cavalry officer get up to in the imagination, but I quite like the idea of the catalog featuring actions shots of all Paddles R Us's products!
I don't know if there are any shops with this kind of setup but if there are please let me know. It's hard to judge whether an implement is the right weight or severity over the internet so it would be good to swing a few straps and paddles before purchasing!

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