Friday, 25 February 2022

Boss Bulls Spank Cuckolds (Eric Stanton manips)

Young married men need to learn where they sit on the totem pole of life… right at the bottom! Whether it's their landlord, their boss or any other dominant older man, their superiors will be all-too happy to remind them of their place with humiliating bare-bottomed punishment… before truly asserting their authority by fucking their wives!

I suppose the first pic is somewhat open to interpretation. I thought these characters might work best as an unscrupulous landlord taking advantage of his young metropolitan tenants. The scenario of dominant landlords lording it over their helpless tenants certainly has plenty of potential… you know that these silly young couples are likely to spend beyond their means and fall behind with the rent, and they need an experienced older man to teach them some discipline… or at least, teach the husbands some discipline, while the wives pay off the debt with their bodies!

And is it me, or has the fetishistic fantasy potential of the office setting never really been fully realised? I know there's porn set in offices, but with all those strict hierarchies, bosses and subordinates, disciplinary procedures and well-dressed men and women it's a wonder it doesn't explode into an orgy of hot-bottomed cuckolding action...

I’ve posted about workplace scenarios before but I never really felt I witnessed the true potential of 'the office' until I came across Safeword Ignored’s excellent comic Megan Owns You, which I drew on for these last two Stanton manips.

In this comic, at the behest of the senior executives at her company (who seem to all be men, interestingly enough), gorgeous manager Miranda keeps her all-male sales team on track with the tried-and-tested management trilogy of Cuckolding, Chastity and Corporal Punishment!
I've posted about Safeword Ignored’s work before, but let’s let Miranda remind us of the rules…

And the company wives seem understandably happy with the cuckolding aspect, considering the chastity aspect means they cannot have sex with their husbands for months on end!

This truly seems like the way all offices should be run, in a world where alphas and betas definitely know their place. Imagine that this is a new management school that develops, maybe in America, and then slowly spreads across the world so that previously settled employees in sleepy old family businesses like Benedicts and Partners find themselves subject to Cuckolding, Chastity and Corporal Punishment if they want to keep their jobs!

Sadly Safeword Ignored never expanded on this office theme beyond these eight or so panels. Miranda and her office do occasionally appear in his other work, but I think the setting would definitely be worthy of a full comic like Femdom Academy.

Or maybe you prefer a different interpretation…

This first pic definitely has a ‘working class vs middle class’ vibe. Given the kitchen sink setting, perhaps the spanker is a plumber? Or maybe the spankee is a careless accountant, and the spanker is a burly tradesman who’s decided to pay him a visit at home to teach him a lesson for messing up his books. And while the accountant’s wife would never previously have considered sleeping with such an older, overweight brute, the sight of him taking his belt to her husband might just change her mind!

In the second pic, the wife could be asking her lover if he has finished ‘convincing’ her husband (his old school friend perhaps?) to let her sleep with other men. Or perhaps he ‘agreed’ to that long ago, and now he is being convinced to fulfil her fantasy of watching him suck another man’s cock!

And maybe this final pic shows a wife, her lover and her husband after the lover has screwed her brains out. Now she’s off to the shops, and will leave her lover to entertain himself with her husband while she’s out. Hopefully by the time she returns, her lover will be ready for the second round… provided he hasn’t already shot his second load in hubby’s mouth or ass of course!

So which interpretation do you prefer? Or perhaps you have one of your own...