Thursday, 1 October 2015

Jonathan art manips: Bully Reunion part 2

It is a recurring fear/fantasy of mine that my old school bully reappears in my life even bigger, balder and butcher than before, having read my blog and now being determined to pick up where he left off and make all my cuckolding and gay fantasies come true. School reunions are often advertised as a way for all the formerly nerdy kids to make the bullies feel bad about how their lives turned out. But I think we all know how it'd go in reality...

I suppose in many ways your school bully is your first dom.  Many classic bullying techniques wouldn't seem out of place in a BDSM dungeon. Of course there are the beatings (although unfortunately these weren't administered to my bare ass with his leather belt) and the humiliation in front of witnesses who can enjoy the show while feeling relieved that it isn't happening to them. But I'm pretty sure fish-hooking (putting a finger in the victim's mouth and pulling painfully on the cheek) comes from porn, wedgies are just a primitive form of cock and ball torture, and head-flushing swirlies are something any sadistic master/mistress would relish subjecting their slaves to.
Come to think of it, you can't spell 'bully' without 'bull', and in a way school bullies are also the nerdy kids' first bulls, because no doubt they get to date the girls they all fancy (and maybe later marry). And to rub salt into the wound those same girls probably get to watch all the humiliations while half-heartedly saying 'oh leave him alone' in an utterly patronising tone and getting thoroughly wet for those big strong bullies. One imagines this would continue at the bullies' reunion... 'Oh you absolute rotters!' squeals Mrs Appleby as her knickers slip down past her ankles. 'Get your filthy hands off me' shouts Mrs Phillips as she presses her breasts into Daryl's chest. 'Oh no, oh no, oh my, oh my!' moans Mrs Barston-Wells as a pair of working-class hands explore her most intimate areas... Plus you're all in school uniform, which is, y'know, hot.
So if my old school bully is lurking out there reading this, please don't come to my house while i'm at work and show my wife my blog to reveal what a sissy wannabe cuckold I am. And when I get home please don't make us dress in our old school uniforms before you roast my bare ass with your belt and then reenact all the pain and humilations you put me through. And please don't make me suck on your balls while you pleasure my wife like I never could, before pulling out just in time to slip your juicy cock between my lips and shoot your salty load straight down my throat. And when my wife is too sore for a second round, please don't decide to fuck me up the ass instead. Please don't. Please!