Friday, 26 October 2018

Jonathan art manips: Spanked Straight Boys Suck Cock

Since all wimpy white middle-class males have secret gay feelings, it's perfectly fair for their dominant wives or a mother/father figure to spank them until they're sufficiently submissive to suck a cock. And besides, as Betty says, those cries of pain from a well-spanked male can get annoying after a while, so you need something to shut them up (and don't boyish squeals of agony sound even sexier when they're muffled by something hard like a ballgag, or actual balls, or best of all a cock!). In literature and film they have 'mouth-stopping kisses' when a woman is kissed to shut her up. Well here, we have 'mouth-stopping cocks'!

If you have your own stories or fantasies of straight boys being made to suck cock please share them in the comments!
I tried to imagine scenarios where straight boys might realistically get spanked until they suck cock(s). I think it's safe to say that if your wife, your parents' lodgers, your cellmates or your stepdad are into guy-on-guy sex, there's a good chance that you're going to be the one getting 'encouraged' to fulful their fantasies!
Given that guy-on-guy gay sex is a common female fantasy, it makes you wonder how many boys' first taste of cock was due to them being convinced/cajoled/blackmailed to do it for the entertainment of their kinky wife or girlfriend.
Plus the headfuck of being spanked as an adult with an implement that was used on you as a child must be immense. Imagine all the pain and memories flooding back as you get spanked with your Daddy's belt (but by your wife) or your Mommy's hairbrush (but by a dominant older man). And I can attest from personal experience that a long hot spanking from a dominant male can make a supposedly straight boy eager to suck cock... 
I love the fantasy of gay lodgers having fun with their landlords' sons. A big part of the attraction of gay scenarios is when the reluctant 'receiver' is trapped and forced to submit to their gay feelings. Like in prison, or a boarding-school dormitory, with older male lodgers in the house there's always the knowledge that at any moment your bedroom door could burst open to reveal the leering lodger, erect cock in his hand, ready to spank and be serviced! And no matter how reluctant you are to start with, once your back porch is painted red you'll be desperate to slip your soft lips around his thick cock!
Imagine the nerves at being alone in the house with two older men, holding you with their strong hands, peeling off your clothes and teasing you about your mother's dreaded wooden hairbrush that they're going to spank your bare bottom with - and not because you've been naughty, just for fun! It's just the sort of scenario I wished I'd found myself in as a deeply closeted 18-year-old who would have loved to be spanked till he sucked cock.
The caption for the third manip is actually adapted from some text I read about prisoners getting strapped over a barrel and then some of them getting fucked by the guards. I think it adds an extra layer of arousal to the scene that this kind of thing actually happened to young white prisoners in real life!
And as every schoolboy knows, birthdays are just the sort of time a straight boy might find himself sucking cock. For males, birthdays are a day of pure torture as you have to endure whatever 'birthday forfeits' the bullies and even your buddies have dreamed up. Bumps, beatings... and blowjobs! Being held down by bigger, older men and getting spanked with their big leather belts until I've sucked every one of their big throbbing cocks is certainly a way I could imagine spending my 18th birthday!

Friday, 12 October 2018

Family Discipline (Trained, Tamed and Taken II)... my new erotic ebook

Husbands spanking wives, dads spanking daughters... let's face it, when it comes to classic spanking fantasies, the best ones really do begin at home!
So if you wished you grew up in a family where the wives get spanked, the maids get whipped, and Daddy's Belt definitely reigns supreme, you should definitely read my latest ebook:

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Like I suspect many of you have, I have often fantasized about what a family would be like if it took the dominant/submissive relationship to its logical conclusion. So this book is a journey through the eyes of the inexperienced (but learning fast) Lily Vickers as she visits the family home of her boyfriend Ronnie.
Ronnie's stepfather is the domineering Mr De Baas (who, lest we forget, spanked and caned Lily's mother in the previous book, and has made Lily's sister into his French maid-cum-sex-slave)...

Ronnie's mother is Judy de Baas, Lily's former piano teacher and mentor, and Lily is forced to watch in horror (or is it jealousy?) as she sees the things her mentor and sister must endure as submissive females in a male-dominated household.



We see how the dom/sub relationship appears through the eyes of a not-so-sure interested spectator - just why do these modern, educated, well-to-do women so desire to be stripped, spanked and whipped by the men in their lives? Lily has plenty of opportunities to ponder this and SPOILER ALERT also finds out that boys like her beloved Ronnie also aren't averse to experiencing a little pain and humiliation in their lives.

Needless to say, it turns out that Lily quite wants to try the things that even modern, educated ladies have to do in male-dominated households, and Ronnie is all-too-happy to help her experience them! If The Cane was the starring implement of my first ebook, then The Belt is definitely the focus of the second. Whether you're a bad boy or a naughty girl, that thick loop of leather that the man of the house keeps around his waist is an almost unbeatably evocative erotic image. And Lily soon finds the joy of submitting to her man's belt, as generations of wives and daughters have before her...

For the details of Judy's whipping, I took great inspiration from one of my favourite spanking videos. It is barely a minute long and simply titled 'Marina Whipped with the Belt', but the gorgeous vulnerability of Marina in her stockings and heels, her stoic endurance of the early strokes before her delightful squeals later on, and the sheer leathery goodness of the big leather belt (especially when her spanker decides to switch to using the end like a whip) REALLY strike a chord with me!