Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Jonathan art manips: Christmas Cuckold Family Fun

Merry Christmas everybody! Hope you're not feeling too overly 'festive' yet (i.e. drunk)... With all the continuous drinking that goes on around the holidays, it's no wonder that in uptight middle-class suburban houses families start letting their hair (and their trousers) down...

We all know what goes on...tipsy male relatives staggering between rooms with hard cocks...wicked uncles into aunties' rooms (and not the aunties they should be fucking!)....or wicked uncles into naughty nephews' rooms...or muscular stepdads 'tucking in' their grownup (but still very obedient) stepchildren...
Just like being spanked with your father's old belt, there's something deliciously naughty about getting fucked in your old room, and I must say the idea of a boy biting down on his favourite teddy as he gets fucked in the ass is an evocative (and cute) image. The expression 'Biting the pillow' evokes unfortunate whiteboys getting their first taste of hot butt sex in prison, but perhaps we subby boys also need the expression 'Biting the teddy' for when we're getting fucked on our childhood beds!
The second manip was inspired by a suggestion from Ma La that I do a piece featuring a cuckold suffering small penis humiliation at the hands of his friends and wife. It's always nice to hear suggestions for scenarios so if you have any please share them in the comments. It might take me a while but I'll do my best to work them into a series.
Public spankings are always hot. The extra layer of humiliation is really the cherry on top of the cake of pain in those blazing red bottoms. Although I have fulfilled many of my fantasies, I've sadly never been stripped and spanked (and more) in front of a room of jeering spectators :(
One of Jonathan's specialities is smug, grinning male spectators with obvious erections straining in their trousers, just dying to be left alone with the sobbing spankee so they can stick their throbbing dick in between his weeping lips and roasted red ass cheeks. Some of these spectators are particularly sexy and I am quite taken with a boy I rediscovered recently and used in the first manip of this series.
Specifically this chap:

In my imagination the blonde girl in my pic is the spanked boy's sister, and the blonde boy is her boyfriend. She has noticed with interest his prominent erection and is teasingly whispering that perhaps she should have a word with her Daddy and see if he will spank him too when he's a naughty boy. Or perhaps he's the brother and she's the girlfriend, or their blonde colouring means they're both siblings of the spankee, and she is teasing him that it won't be long before he does something to earn a very humiliating (and arousing) spanking in front of them all... I guess maybe I should have continued this manip into a series so this blonde spectator (and his bottom!) could have a starring role of his own...

Friday, 14 December 2018

Kinky Christmas treats from Ian Hamilton

Are you struggling to think of a Christmas present for a partner, friend or family member who is into spanking (or who you think might be...)
Well why not buy them the latest emag of Ian Hamilton's work. I blog a lot about my favourite artists from the past, but Ian Hamilton is still going strong. To buy his work, email him at ianhamilton96@hotmail.com
His latest collection features 'Jungle Story', an extra treat for people (like me) who enjoy the sight of a big black cock almost as much as a bright red bottom. And there are still plenty of bright red bottoms with Ian Hamilton's trademark pert young ladies getting well and truly spanked by his trademark perverted old men! Including a thieving female getting a rather disproportionate punishment on the end of strap, cane and cock!


Or if you know someone who likes to read naughty ebooks, maybe they'd like my Trained, Tamed and Taken series featuring spoiled blonde brats reluctantly baring their pretty little bottoms for blistering spankings and rough fuckings by big strong men with thick leather belts, and uppity, bi-curious girls getting spanked and sat on by experienced older ladies.