Monday, 12 November 2018

Lily's Lesbian Lessons (Trained, Tamed and Taken III)... my new erotic ebook

My first two ebooks may have been focused on dirty old men having their wicked way with other men's wives and spoiled brats in need of a spanking, but in my third it's the Dirty Old(er) Women who take charge!

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Our heroine Lily Vickers from my first two books is back, and her schoolmistress and former piano teacher are going to show her that it isn't just the Daddies who know how to fuck, or to swing a big leather belt!


Lily has spent her youth in close company with other females at boarding school, and like many girls her age she has some confusing feelings about other women that really do need exploring...

...and seeing all the women in her own family getting stripped naked, spanked and fucked probably hasn't helped...

But if you're worried that you might get bored of all the pussy licking, facesitting and red-hot lesbian spanking, don't worry. Lily's old schoolmistress enjoys cock as much as pussy, and is eager to introduce Lily to the delights of cuckolding and multiple lovers - though in the more mutual arenas of dogging and swinging rather than the bare-faced cuckold humiliation that Lily's father is subjected to. And Lily's mother also makes a return, and Lily gets to watch as she is reintroduced to the belt her Daddy used to spank her with when she was naughty... with predictable results!



But in this book I try to fight back a little against the cod philosophy that permeates through so much spanking fiction... including my own! While highlighting the dichotomy of empowered women who want to be spanked is interesting, and exploring the psyche of those of us who desire pain and humiliation can add to the intensity of a story, sometimes you just want to get on with the spanking!

So while Lily spent much of the first two books pondering the psychology of submission, when she tries to articulate her theories to her former teachers they give her extremely short shrift. They already know what they want, and they want it now! And besides, what better way to shut up your sanctimonious, know-it-all former student than by sitting on her face!

This glorious artwork by Paula Meadows inspired one of the scenes in the book, and I hope I've captured a least a little of the eroticism of her work and that of my other favourite artists in my depictions of Lily's adventures:


  1. Dirty Old(er) Women who take charge? Oh my, I so need to read this!

  2. Please do Sally! Hope you enjoy it