Friday, 10 October 2014

A dozen of the best school uniform artists M/F and F/F

When it comes to spanking fantasies, nothing beats a wife squeezing into her old school uniform for a good old fashioned spanking or caning. I know what I like when it comes to school uniforms, and for the ladies that's shirts (preferably white, although other colors can be nice), ties, pleated skirts, (preferably white) knee socks (although stockings are acceptable on prefects) and black heels. Endart really does draw an excellent school uniform, often including all my favorites. I don't know how some of these cuties could ever sit in class with the number of spankings the staff must give their pert little behinds!

Soon To Be Sore
Sitter Warming

One Ready And One Warm

Miss Grant's Task

Uniform Code
Ripe Red Apples

Earned Stripes
Professor's Directive

Although he occasionally misses out a key element of the school uniform (socks, tie) his luscious schoolgirls more than make up for it, especially as he often includes other elements that are not crucial for me but still nice to see, such as blazers or those tight school sweaters that really accentuate pert boobs:

Amber Learns

Boarding School Rivals

Tiff Takes Twelve
Cane Buster

Break for Freshman

Paula Meadows's school uniform drawings are just the thing to inspire your wife to treat you when she discovers your stash of spanking porn:

Hardcastle does a nice line in gymslips, which are perfect for school uniform spanking scenes, and also really captures the thrill of an older lady squeezing into her old school uniform for a bit of bottom-tickling fun with you and your mates:


Anton is just the artist if you want to see how even the brashest, loudest ladies can be transformed into the most meek submissive masochists by the addition of the old shirt/tie/socks combo:


Blake, another alumni of the British Spanking Magazines artists, didn't draw many school uniform scenes, but when he did they were rather delicious:


Dave Ell is the master of sexy stockings on naughty older girls, showing they can be just as effective a part of school uniform as white knee socks. ..

Speaking of gymslips, we can all derive a certain sadistic pleasure from Ian Hamilton's art, revelling in the misery of well-bred young ladies as they suffer through strict finishing schools...

...especially as we often get to see them do what we all know adult schoolgirls love to do after a good spanking...

Some artists might only do one school uniform spanking picture, like this one by Blackheart, but that doesn't mean they can't capture everything great about school uniform fantasies. I wonder if the older lady will be running home to grab her uniform so she can join in the fun!

I can't find the name of this artist (though I know they drew for classic British Spanking Mags) but they certainly do a nice school uniform:


Similarly, the artist behind this strip is a mystery but I just love the way Babs' tie is emphasised as she squirms beneath the tawse:

Zimmerman often draws naughty ladies dressing in school uniform for Halloween and behaving accordingly:


Nina Birch produced this rather lovely series of drawings showing her being spanked in shirts, socks, stockings, gymslips and almost any other variety of school uniform you can imagine:




And because a dozen of the best are never enough for a naughty girl, here's 'one to grow on'... Nicky is a master at drawing traditional British uniforms, and his school uniform comic is no exception, showing what happens to those well-bred middle class ladies once they've been sent into the big bad world. And they don't get to take their school uniforms off!





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