Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Jonathan art manips: Staying With Uncle

In my fantasy world where all boys are bi-curious, every young male needs an older man to take him across his knee and teach him the ways of the world. It might be a tutor, a neighbor, a family friend, a stepdad, or - if he's very lucky - a wicked uncle...

This series is adapted from one of my favourite-ever MM stories, 'My Nephews' by Dad's Strap, which I found on a long-defunct site. I've made a few changes to the original, and the appearance of the uncle's buddies and the sex that follows is entirely my doing.
Imagine what these two spoiled brats must have gone through. From a pampered, suburban existence they suddenly find themselves stripped naked and subjected to scorching spankings by a dominant older male. Despite the pain and humiliation,  this would undoubtedly have ignited any bi-curious feelings deep in their psyche - I bet they wanked themselves silly in the days after. I know I would have!
So when they were sent back to their uncle for a whole week of agonizing, bare-bottomed discipline, it was only a matter of time before they found themselves taking a cock as well as a spanking!
You may think it's a little hard on the boys to engage in such rough anal action straight away, but think of all the spankings they've had, and we all know spanking is the perfect prelude to anal sex! As well as getting the blood flowing down there, all that involuntary clenching and unclenching will give their sphincters a real workout so they're ready to receive older men's long, thick cocks. And let's face it, those spankings look extremely painful, and a little pain down there is probably good preparation if you're about to have your cherry popped!
This series has allowed me to make use of some of my favorite of Jonathan's black and white drawings (I particularly like the one of the guy simultaneously spanking two nude boys over his lap). Many of the drawings I've used come from a series that you've probably cum across, which probably appeared in a magazine with an accompanying story that I can only imagine has now been lost in the annals of the internet. So in the interests of completeness I will post the whole thing here, along with my interpretation of what's going on...
A collegeboy is sent to stay with his gay uncles and hasn't done his chores, so he is ordered to meet them in the woodshed (love the imagery of having to hang your trousers on a peg before entering bare bottomed):

He gets spanked over their laps like a little boy...

Then paddled outside in the yard, which draws the attention of the brothers (though I suppose they are equally likely to be gay lovers) next door:

The uncles feign offence at the brothers' prying and complain to their father, who decides they would benefit from such discipline and sends them round for a paddling, much to the nephew's delight:

That night the boys' father joins in the fun and the howls of pain from the woodshed draw quite an audience!

This rather marvelous series is also available in colour (apart from the first image):