Thursday, 30 January 2014

A Spanko Manifesto Part 3

The long arm of the law
Any touchy-feely liberal 'rehabilitation' is a complete waste of time compared with the effectiveness of two dozen with the cane and a day in the stocks:


Community spirit would be vastly improved if communities were able to gather in a public place and watch their town's thieves, vandals, adulterers, drunkards and other troublemakers get the living daylights thrashed out of them by ladies and gentlemen of good character. Communities should be able to come together to create their own traditions and ways of punishment, just like in the good old days:

Police constables should be retrained in the arts of paddling, strapping, birching and caning:


Fines would be much more effective if they were accompanied by a stinging bottom - a good spanking from a burly police officer would be a surefire way to stop louts in BMWs speeding through town:

Lawmen will find that corporal punishment is excellent at coercing confessions and making offenders face their guilt:


There should be no concern about coerced confessions - after all who would confess to a crime they didn't commit knowing that an even more serious (and public) flogging awaits them if they do?


This is particularly relevant for offences where further punishment is required to make an example of the offender. Better to thrash the wrong man than no man at all!

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

A Spanko Manifesto Part 2

The sanctity of marriage
Let us not pretend that the criminally high divorce rate isn't linked with the demonisation of corporal punishment between spouses. And I am not some out-of-touch fuddy duddy who thinks husbands should spank their wives and not the other way round. As long as someone gets spanked if the housework isn't done then marital bliss is assured:



In fact I offer my services to a number of couples where neither of them is mature enough to 'take the lead' as it were, and punish both parties accordingly:


Divorce is far too easy nowadays. In the good old days you stayed married through thick and thin. Maybe the husband did have a saucy little secretary he spent the odd lunchtime at the Dorchester with, and maybe the wife did have a few flings with the postman, but it was all done discreetly and as long as there was food on the table at the end of the day that was all that mattered. It is this self-sacrifice that is missing in this generation.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Bring Back the Birch! (A Spanko Manifesto Part 1)

For me, spanking pictures and fantasies are set in a world just like today. But there isn't much spanking in the world today outside of the internet and certain couples' bedrooms. But what if the consensus of pre-1990 still applied? What if an education and legal system that didn't use caning and birching was unthinkable? What if dirty old men and lecherous old women could still take your pants down on the slightest pretext? Here, as a background to my spanking fantasies and artwork manips still to come, I reproduce the manifesto of distinguished government advisor and former headmaster Sir Roger Birchwood, who convinced the government to readopt corporal punishment after its short period out of fashion.
I think we can all agree that this country has gone to the dogs, and that we all know what could save it.
I am 100% in favor of corporal punishment... for adults. Once a boy or girl has turned 18 then they are old enough to know better and in any case 18-30 year olds these days are little more than spoilt brats and we must stamp down on their wallowing, hippy, ipad nonsense (quite literally in the case of the ipad)!
Having our pants pulled down for spanking and having our pain and humiliation on full view to others is what made our generation, our forefathers' generations, and this whole country, great. Therefore I strongly suggest that we adopt the following proposals.

Discipline begins at home
The perfect way to start reminding our recalcitrant youth of their place in the world is to have their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, landlords, doctors and nurses, parents' friends etc. warming their bottoms on a regular basis. Let's be clear, this generation of parents is as much to blame for the state of this country thanks to their stance on 'sparing the rod', so they've got much catching up to do. Remember the saying: 'the greatest evil is to do nothing while evil is done.'
The practicalities are simple - most 18-30 year olds still live at home with Mummy and Daddy, so why shouldn't they be treated accordingly? The offences of modern youth are many and nothing should be considered too small to merit a spanking:
Misuse of the words 'like', 'literally' etc

Ridiculous fashions
Ill-timed erections
Taking too long in the bathroom

Breaking wind in company
Disgraceful displays of public affection
Sluttery to such an extent that antibiotics are required
And if any whinging, lefty parents don't feel comfortable thrashing their little darlings, they can be sent to a seminar where figures such as myself will demonstrate corporal punishment's effectiveness in intimate detail:

Spankings, manips and many other kinks

If you enjoy spanked bottoms and cheating wives whose fellas fancy taking it up the wrong 'un, and want to see and share artwork and thoughts on such subjects, you’ll hopefully find plenty of interest on this blog.
I've been fascinated by spanking ever since I can remember. It was virtually the first thing I typed into a search engine, and ever since I found my first spanking drawing I’ve never stopped looking for more. Don’t get me wrong, I still love a photo of a naughty young lady getting her bottom smacked, but spanking artwork just seems more special to me.
I’m not picky either: I’ve gone from being a shy boy who only wanted to see females getting spanked and hit the back button whenever a male bottom appeared on screen to a lover of all of the four ‘genres’ of spanking: FF, MF, FM and MM.
I’m lucky enough to have been able to give and receive spankings. But I have two other big turn-ons that are definitely only in my head: cuckolding and bi action. I don’t know why I like them, but maybe posting my thoughts (and a few pictures, cus I like drawings of these almost as much as I like spanking art) will help me understand why I get so turned on by the idea of a housewife misbehaving while her husband’s at work, or a guy sharing more than just his girlfriend in an MMF threesome!
I also put together my own spanking creations (manips) using other artists work. So far these have all been MM and FM scenes using artwork by Jonathan, but I'm planning to experiment with a few others.