Friday, 8 March 2019

My Husband and the Bully (Ladies Watch Guys Go Gay 2)... new erotic ebook

My posts about bulls spanking cuckolds tend to be the most popular, and if you enjoy the idea then you should definitely check out my latest ebook...
In part 2 of my 'Ladies Watch Guys Go Gay' series, Tiffany from Watching My Husband Go Gay gets to spectate as her cute husband Joshua is spanked, humiliated and used by his old school bully!

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The story begins six months after 'Watching My Husband Go Gay'. Trey has now made Joshua into his own submissive bisexual bitch – with Tiffany's full approval of course!

During a particularly intense bondage and discipline session, Joshua confesses that he actually sucked a cock before his (supposedly) first gay experience with Trey... as a teenager he gave a blowjob to his dreaded school bully Spike Digby!

Tiffany's curiosity is piqued and – with her wicked friend Rachel's encouragement – she looks up her husband's old school bully, one thing leads to another... and he fucks her brains out! After all, Tiffany is feeling the need for a real man after spending six months with her increasingly sissified husband!

To make matters worse for poor cuckolded Joshua, Tiffany invites Spike round to dinner, and spends the evening getting increasingly aroused by the bully's tales of how he used to make her husband suffer in school! Just imagine what's going through poor Joshie's head while all this is going on!

You have to admit, the 'classic' bullying techniques have a certain BDSM quality about them. Getting wedgied will certainly make a young beta male appreciate the sensation of having his ass and balls tormented, and watching a nerdy weakling get his head flushed down the bog will make a girl appreciate how fun humiliation can be!

Of course, it isn't long before Tiffany makes her submissive husband put on his old school uniform so he and Spike can put on a live bullying show for her amusement.

Including things that don't usually show up in the toolbox of the average school bully...

Such as spanking...

And cocksucking...


And the bully whipping the cuckold's ass with his belt while the wife sits on his face!


Things aren't going to get any better for Joshua anytime soon, as the story continues in Playdate with the Bully...


  1. three of my wifes friend know im a sissy they all enjoy confessions from me about how i was bullied and the enjoy again replicating what happened. i have had my head flushed down the toilet as a youth and as a sissy

    when hazing makes the news we often will play out what happened.

    the cuckolded by the bully is a new one thank goodness i dont know who my wife is with when it happens to me

    1. Head-flushing is certainly a classic bullying technique! How ironic that all those hand-wringing news reports about hazing are actually inspiring you to similar treatment :D
      I imagine it is unbearable in an entirely different way to not know who your wife is with...

  2. Amazing art. I myself was the recipient of wedgies and can attest it was not a nice experience, one of the most humiliating of all in fact. So the picture Dance Dupe with the evil women strikes a particular chord with me. Totally new but can well imagine myself in the wimp's place and dangling helplessly... only to receive mockery and satisfaction from those nasty ladies. There really are such women and if you have been on the receiving end and singled out this way you would vouch for that too.
    In fact it is such attitudes that encourage the bullies and bullstuds to do it all the more, knowing how it pleases the ladies.
    Later being set upon and identified as a crybaby by the muscular jocks -- and the name written on your naked ass... while they all smile excitedly... OMG.
    I wonder if they imagined that the wimps would find themselves jerking to such experiences.

    Thanks for the first pic by the way (bigpleasures). So hot. Such a beautiful wife involved in it. Wow. What a great image.

    1. I like the blond jock in "Bound and Bullied" and how he's tearing back the shorts to expose that bottom they're all so interested in seeing. In this situation to be written on for everyone to see... EVERYONE when they show the photos. Imagine yourself squirming in his place as your head in held by one of the other grinning bullies and your legs tied from the men behind.
      The Jonathan pictures are so hot.

      The cuckolding theme in the "here's to us" picture is great too. Smothered under her as they toast each other and ignore him.
      There's no end to his/our torments is there?

    2. I had never really appreciated how incredible and intense the 'Crybaby' pic is until you highlighted. Unfortunately as it's black and white I doubt I'll be able to use it in manips. I've used its (colour) sequel several times.
      Namio's ladies are gorgeous anyway but it certainly adds a certain something to some of the pictures if you imagine them as cuckolding scenes!

    3. If he's in a relationship his gf might wonder why he has crybaby written on his cheeks. But maybe he doesn't have a girlfriend if men regularly treat him like this. They don't want a weakling. Perhaps some sympathetic ladies might rub some cream into his sore bottom and comfort him if they hear about it though -- and see the pictures. It would be caring of them to help him out. And they get to see his bullied bottom closer up that way, cos they probably still find him "cute".

      You're right Qbuzz, the picture is really hot. The Japanese cuckolding one's - I have not seen many unfortunately but it just makes those which are all the more enjoyable. Imagine being bullied by bigger and more athletic men and then when you are actually in a relationship you just wind up on the bottom again, in this case either worshiping his abusive spouse or under her mean ass. While she relaxes with her chosen male.

    4. If he does have a girlfriend then I don't think he will for much longer when she sees the Polaroids!
      I think being bullied at school and then beaten and cuckolded at home is just the natural life cycle for the average middle-class beta male...

    5. Hmmm, i wonder how common it is. It definitely had an affect on me, i remember the first time i heard the expression beta male and how it really seemed to fit. And i definitely encouraged my being cuckolded.

  3. Interesting point...I also wonder if bullies also look back and jerk over their own sadistic antics at school...
    I think the bigpleasures artist (Rippi Sadone) uses photos to create his work, so that beautiful wife probably exists out there somewhere!

  4. Girls who wet their panties to the spectacle of a wimp receiving a beating (public spanking pants down, extreme hanging wedgie...) are not numerous. Most often they pity about the boy, they insist on the state of his little balls or the supposed redness of his buttocks crack and it is even more humiliating. But it is true that when one or more girls explicitly take pleasure in seeing a pussy maltreated, it encourages the stalkers to add new humiliations to show off. This can lead to the introduction of objects in his anus, and, if the girl seems to enjoy the crying wuss ordeal, to the total denudation, completely public, of his tiny penis and little nuts for a fairly long time.
    Male tits pinched in this situation, as a few bitches know, can have the very humiliating effect of causing an erection, to the delight of these mean girls.

    1. This is absoloutely true, as I can remember 'concerned' girls at school saying 'Oh don't hurt him' and similar while secretly enjoying the sight of the bigger boys bullying the weaklings (including me!) I'm sure this only spurred them to beat us harder...
      I never experienced a 'purple nurple' with my pants down but I imagine it would produce the reaction you describe :D

  5. I don't know how much gals enjoy guys like myself being spanked, humiliated etc. There are definitely guys that get off on it. Between marriages i did meet a few, the experience seem to make me more of a sissy.

    1. Yes, definitely a lot of guys who get off on being spanked and humiliated, and a lot of guys who get off on doing the spanking and humiliating. But also I can think of at least two women who've commented on this blog who get off on the idea of a guy spanking and humiliating another guy :D

  6. I know there are gals out there like that, just not sure how to go about finding them. What has worked for me are gals with specific things they want out of a relationship that use embarrassment/humiliation as a way of getting it. On more than one occasion getting to that stage i have commented on a couple where the guy was particularly pussy whipped and say something like "i wonder what she has on that guy".

    1. Maybe photos or videos of him getting spanked, or taking her big black strapon up his ass, or sucking on her lover's cock...