Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Spanked and wanked

It had been quite a while since I'd been spanked and my bottom was just aching for some punishment, so I arranged to meet with the experienced Guy Roper at his house. I dressed in my office attire of shiny shoes, argyle socks held up with sock garters, trousers, briefs, shirt, tie, sleeveless sweater, glasses and dressy strap watch.
Straight away the Roper had me remove my shoes and sweater so I looked quite the boyish intern as I went over his lap for a warmup slippering across the seat of my trousers.

It was a hot day and soon I was also relieved of my other attire apart from my glasses, watch and socks as I went almost-nude across his knee as he used his hand on my bare bottom. I sure felt like a naughty little sub in that outfit!

As usual I got hard during the spanking and Roper decided to have some fun, ordering me to sit my pink bottom on his knee while he played with my erection. It was certainly a thrill!

We then entered a delerious cycle of spanking, slippering and wanking where he would bring me to the brink of cumming and then put me back across his knee.

After a while he started using a belt as well. It was a thinner, whippier belt than I've had used on me before and it certainly got into all those hard to reach places!

It didn't leave welts but it really was a 'blistering' spanking as my bottom was sore for days after and I struggled to sit in my seat at work.
After bringing me to the brink several times only to interrupt and continue whipping my butt the Roper ordered me to sit on his lap and wank myself until I shot white spunk all over my chest, bringing our session to the close.

The Roper said afterwards he wasn't entirely satisfied with my submissive attitude, and so he'd use the cane on me next time. He also said he'd probably have me on my knees and sucking his dick afterwards...

Can't wait!