Wednesday, 25 December 2019

Spanking Santas (Jonathan art manips)

Over the years Santa Claus has developed into one of my sexual fantasy figures (hardly surprising really, considering he is an older Daddy-type, with a distinctive outfit featuring a big leather belt, who likes to sneak into helpless boys' houses late at night to give them what they REALLY want for Christmas...)
So here are some dominant Santas spanking away (and more) in some of my favourite fantasy scenarios...

First off, there's a cuckolding scene, with a pair of ballbusting skinheads straight out of prison thrown in for good measure. Yet more decent middle-class people at the mercy of merciless criminals... once again I just can't help but get hard as these cruel, callous convicts have their way with innocent, well-bred bottoms. Maybe this young couple were looking forward to their first Christmas alone together after scraping and saving for their own place... and now he's begging and pleading and telling these two men they can do anything they want! I like the idea that he is getting spanked with one of the expensive leather slippers he insisted on being bought for Christmas (of course the Bad Santas will have had a good old early rummage through the couple's heartfelt Christmas gifts!)
At least the wife doesn't seem too upset by the change to their holiday plans. We all know how much middle-class ladies love to watch their husbands getting spanked and abused by dominant lower-class men, never mind having their own fun with their thick lower-class cocks! I like the idea of her obediently holding the leash between her lips, ready to do her duty as Bad Santa's slutty little reindeer. The idea of a sub having to talk with something in their mouth, giving them a deliciously submissive lisp, first became attractive to me after I read Desod's seminal prison porn comic, 'Black Master, White Slaves':

Boy have I spent many a night jerking off my slim middle-class dick to the idea of being in this sissy sex slave's place, meekly offering no resistance at all to my Prison Daddy as he describes how he fucked my wife and will have me taste her juices on his black dick!
Speaking of sex slaves, maybe the Bad Santas will take the wife with them when they finally leave (or the husband... I guess it depends how much of a taste they got for tight male butts in jail!)...

The second manip is inspired by various European traditions. Basically, the idea is that Santa has a helper. And while Santa leaves gifts for the good children, the helper leaves birch rods to be used on the naughty ones! Some traditions have the helpers carrying out the birchings, and there is more of a hint of the modern naughty list/nice list idea. So it's not too much of a jump to imagine a big strong Santa birching the bare bottoms of all the naughty boys!
Perhaps this pic takes place in a glorious alternative reality where corporal punishment and buggery are held up as inalienable traditions... perhaps protected in the same way as freedom of speech is in the USA...
With this background, the sadistic older male could certainly have much fun around Christmastime! The Santas haven't even made much effort with their costumes... clearly they are just in it for the birching and buggering!
And if the father seems rather blase about the roasting and reaming that is going on across his dinner table, it's probably because he is looking forward to donning his own Santa outfit and heading out into the neighbourhood with a sack of coal in one hand and a birch rod in the other! Sacrificing his sons' scorched, suffering sphincters is a small price to pay if he gets to stick his big Daddy dick in the unfortunate buttholes of many of the other neighbourhood boys... After all, traditions like this require a bit of give and take... except that the Daddies do most of the giving, and the boys do ALL of the taking!
I certainly would have liked to have grown up in a community built around these values – the erotic possibilities are endless! Imagine a world where parents actually use neighbourly buttfuckings as a punishment... 'If you don't tidy your room I'll send you to old Mr Henderson to be bound, birched and buggered!'

And of course the third manip features a personal favourite fantasy of mine, that of randy Stepdads who can't keep their hands off (or cocks out of) their stepsons' smooth submissive butts! This scenario is probably the most realistic of the three. I'll wager that over this Christmas period plenty of stepsons will be hauled pleading from their warm beds in the middle of the night, their pyjama bottoms pulled down as their Stepdads' firm hands soundly spank their bare bottoms for being such naughty, naughty boys during the year!
Maybe the poor boys only suck their Stepdads' cocks to spare their bottoms any more burning agony. Or maybe it's what always happens whenever Stepdaddy pays them a visit in the middle of the night...
Maybe this is a regular occurrence, or maybe it only happens during special occasions (Christmas, birthdays, whenever Stepdad's sports team wins or loses, that kind of thing...) Or maybe this only happens at Christmas, and they associate the taste of their Stepdaddy's cock with the festive season as much as the taste of eggnog! Whatever the scenario, it's certainly a way I would have liked to have spent my childhood!

Jonathan draws an excellent spanking Santa scene, and the decidedly seedy Santas in these manips are inspired by the dodgy-looking Santa in this pic:

Perhaps the obvious interpretation is that this is a low-paid mall Santa returning home on Christmas Eve and unwinding after work by giving his disobedient son a good walloping. But is there an even more erotic interpretation? Could he, like in the first manip, be a burglar with a spanking fetish and the perfect Christmas Eve disguise? Is he a crooked mall Santa who keeps track of all the rich, spoiled brats who sit on his knee, following them home to rob their obviously well-stocked houses? And if he happens to come across these brats alone during his housebreaking, he is free to have some fun with their firm, well-bred bottoms...
As with so many of Jonathan's pictures, there are multiple possibilties. For a start, does anyone know what the text on his suit says? (Besides the word 'Santa' of course...)

Friday, 13 December 2019

The Headmaster and the Headmistress (A Romance ebook)

In British boarding schools of the early 1960s, the sexual revolution seems very far away. But a headmaster and headmistress are drawn together by their mutual craving for the cane...

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As you can tell from the subtitle, my latest ebook is more of a 'romance' than pure erotica, but there are still plenty of steamy spanking and sex scenes to keep you and your loved ones warm this Christmas season!
Headmistress Penelope Wraxton is trying to give the pupils of Hazelmere School for Girls a chance at a better life, battling against reactionary pressures, conservative governors and lecherous groundsmen. But this is still the 1960s, and while she is a modern and forward-thinking educator, when one of the Hazelmere girls is caught in a compromising position with a boy from the nearby Carlton College, severe discipline is called for!
While punishing the miscreants, Penelope encounters the Carlton headmaster, Mr George Stanton, who she finds staid, uncompromising... and rather alluring...
The headmaster and headmistress are utterly devoted to their establishments, and both claim to have no time at all for intimacy or romance...
But both have a deep, irresistible urge to re-live the harsh, unyielding discipline of their own schooldays. Can their craving for the cane bring them together? Will they refuse to abandon their insecurities and continue to hide behind their duty? Or can they embrace their desires and give each other what they need...


While this is a romance, it is set in British boarding schools of the early 1960s, and so there are plenty of references more similar to scenes from the great British spanking magazines.
When she became headmistress, Penelope received advice from her predecessor similar to that given in The Punishment Book:

'You have four hundred and fifty girls in your charge... I hope you will love them as I have done — but never be afraid to be firm. Just because they are girls, don't think that they should be treated softly. You must drive them on all the time. And if they step out of line, cane them, and cane them hard. The girls expect it, their parents expect it, and the rest of your staff expect it — don't disappoint them!'

The lovely Miss Wraxton is partly inspired by the title character from another classic British spanking story, Miss Johns, a young teacher who is respected by her charges despite (or maybe because of) her insistence on strict discipline.
Well Penelope certainly takes her predecessor's advice to heart! In the opening to the book, when Miss Wraxton is finished dealing with the disobedient senior sixth-former Susan Richards, the poor girl will certainly be spending the next few nights sleeping on her tummy!

However, the romance between Penelope and George is complicated by the presence of the Carlton school secretary Mrs Perkins, a well-dressed, mature, churchgoing widow who despite outward appearances is rather 'well known' among the men in the area. A former educator herself, she is quite willing to cater for her stern headmaster's hidden taste for a well-smacked bottom...

And that's without considering the presence of Keeper, the brutish Hazelmere groundsman. He is all-too-willing to satisfy Penelope's needs, re-enacting the blistering belt whippings she received from her father!

In true cuckolding fashion, George finds the working man's actions with his beloved to be both unbearably humiliating and highly arousing!

Perhaps this all sounds a bit too 'romantic' for you this Christmas (although perhaps your wife or partner would appreciate the gift of a steamy erotic ebook)?
In which case, you may prefer to treat yourself to Ian Hamilton's latest emag collection. I have bought most of his work over the years, and I can safely say that this latest collection is his best yet. Email him at
Two highlights from Ian's latest release are below, and with a bit of imagination you could almost imagine that these are illustrations of the opening chapter of my ebook!