Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Spanked until I suck cock

Well, it happened. The thing that I've been imagining happening to me since I was a teenager - I sucked another guy's cock.

A few weeks after my first session with Guy Roper we met up again and true to his word he made me do the deed as well as spanking me! When he found out I had always fantasized about having a wicked uncle, he was very eager to play the role, and also for me to dress in sports kit - white T-shirt, short shorts, white briefs, training shoes and white socks pulled up nice and high like a good boy.
But being a good boy wasn't going to stop my wicked uncle having his way with me. He made me stand against the wall with his hands on my head while he groped me all over. Then it was time for punishment.
I went across uncle's knee for a taste of his hand and his slipper across my shorts, and of course soon those were taken down and I was draped over his knee with my briefs pulled up my ass crack while he spanked my bare cheeks.

If this wasn't getting me submissive enough, I was then ordered to sit on Uncle Guy's lap while he played with my erect penis!

Before I got to excited he pulled my briefs off completely and gave me a dose of two of his new toys - one wooden hairbrush and one plastic one. Boy did they sting! And to add to my pain and humiliation my butthole was continuously getting fingered and my cock and balls getting groped by wicked Uncle Guy!

But even the brushes didn't sting as much as the belt. I was ordered to bend over the bed with my bottom thrust up as uncle's belt went crack crack crack across my bare cheeks!


My ass was blazing red and I was feeling utterly submissive, and Guy took full advantage, having me put my hand in his pocket to feel his bare and very much erect cock! I had no choice but to obey when Sir unbuttoned his flies and ordered me to get down on my knees....

I opened wide and took his hard member in my mouth, bobbing my head back and forth. It really felt like the ultimate submissive act, especially when Sir decided to apply a thin cane to my buttocks as I sucked away.

After I had fully been put in my place I was put back on uncle's knee and ordered to wank myself to orgasm, which didn't take long at all as I was soon shooting white cum all over myself like a naughty little cocksucker!

We actually had a third session too soon after which I haven't got round to writing up yet, but that's another story...

Friday, 25 November 2016

Eric Stanton manips: Family Finale 2

Here's the second part of my attempt to create a conclusion to Eric Stanton's seminal Family Femdom series:

Hope you enjoyed it, and that you think everyone got what was coming to them!
Is this really the finale though? Are there any more loose ends to tie up? Could there be a Family Reunion? What further pain and humiliation will Mr Hawthorne and his sons be subjected too? Will Dolly succeed in ensnaring Henry's brother, so she and her mother can rule over a wealthy Femdom dynasty?
Thanks to a very kind reader who got in touch after part 1, I have finally read the elusive Family Business 2, and it is a very entertaining story that fits right between Family Business 1 and Family Intrigue, He also shared Family Affair Year One, which tells the tale of Dolly and Lily's first wrestling match. So I have now read all off the Family series, and I can safely say it's one of the greatest erotic stories ever. Thank you very much! :)
So in trying to do this great story some justice while bringing it to an end, I thought it was fitting for a Stanton story to end with the cruel, dominant wife getting away absolutely scot free and continuing to dominate all the men in her life, who wouldn't escape her clutches even if they could. Though I couldn't resist giving smug Dolly a taste of what she's subjected Lily to over the years, especially after Stanton heavily signposted it in Friends of the Family.
I've always had a soft spot for Lily - in fact she was my teenage crush! While it is nice to see a feisty girl get spanked now and again, Stanton and his readers seemed to take great pleasure in seeing a character like Lily get dominated, whereas to me she seems like the kind of lady who should be spanking as much as she gets spanked.
There's a nice arc throughout the whole Family series. Lorraine takes over Henry's life and his family through some of the finest Femdom ever drawn. Then her daughter Dolly does the same with her step-uncle (though we never get to see the end of this). And finally Lily only needs one session with an unwitting customer and a strap, and then she's made the new mistress of his house. Lorraine is obviously an inspirational mother!


Not to mention Lily has managed to do what Lorraine and Dolly did despite also having to be their submissive employee/slave alongside her father and brother. Though imagine how Lily's victims, Mr Hawthorne and his boys, feel! No doubt their dearly departed mother was a strict disciplinarian and fearsome spanker, but it's unlikely she followed up her leatherings with the kind of bondage and facesitting-filled evenings that Lily and Bettina will be enforcing. And she certainly didn't require them to present their bare bottoms to a parade of perverted strangers to test their latest kinky purchases!

Friday, 4 November 2016

Eric Stanton manips: Family Finale 1

I've written before about how it was Eric Stanton's Family Business comic that convinced me that it was okay to give in to my Femdom fantasies. Family Business was followed by two direct sequels (Family Intrigue and Friends of the Family) that seemed to be building towards a spanktacular climax. However, having searched through every Stanton publication I can find, it seems that the great man never got around to drawing it. So here is the first part of my attempt at a Family Finale...


To be continued...

I always thought that Family Business would be considered a seminal work of Femdom, but a lot of people seem to be unaware of it. If you haven't heard of it, perhaps you've come across the considerably more famous prequel, Family Affair.
Created (I think) in the 70s, Family Affair 1 tells the story of the recently married Lorraine and Henry. With the help of her daughter Dolly, Lorraine takes over the household by brutally dominating Henry and his two children Lily and Teddy.
Although considered a classic, I've never really liked the original Family Affair. For a start it's now illegal in most places, as Dolly, Lily and Teddy are obviously under 18. It's also brutal. Although there are some great spanking and facesitting scenes, most of the time Lorraine and Dolly are punching and kicking instead of spanking. Lily's treatment is most shocking - she is much feistier than her brother and stands up to Dolly, only to get beaten down by her stepmother.
Family Affair 1 was followed by 10 shorter stories published as part of the Stantoons series. Although they still had many of the same problems, Family Affair 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 were slightly less brutal as they chronicled how Lorraine took over the hapless Henry's life. Lily and Teddy disappeared entirely from the later issues, as in part 9 a now fully mature Dolly attempted to do to her step-uncle what her mother had done to her stepfather. Parts 10 and 11 were an intimate look at Henry being punished for ogling another woman. And boy did he get punished!

Family Business came next, and improved the formula immensely. Lorraine is probably the ultimate domestic dominatrix, and her daughter Dolly isn't far behind. Henry is a broken shell of a man, utterly obedient to Lorraine. Teddy is a cute 19-year-old who doesn't seem entirely distraught at his life of painful servitude. Lily is back, feisty as ever and absolutely gorgeous, but much to her chagrin she still gets her beautiful bottom spanked on a regular basis.
The Family Business of the title is Lorraine's new shop, which sells every kind of disciplinary tool, sex aid and bondage contraption you could imagine. The shop's selling point is that every piece of equipment is tested before purchase/shipping, either by the customers, or by Lorraine, Dolly or Lily on the customers:

Or by Lorraine, Dolly or customers on Henry, Teddy or Lily:


When Lily asks why she, her father and brother have to do all the 'receiving', Lorraine gives a response that should be on the wall of every sex dungeon around the world...

Family Intrigue and Friends of the Family followed, but despite the obvious sequel hook, there was no direct follow-up after that.
There were a few 'spin offs' however.
Most interesting was Family Maid. This seems like it fits in the timeline just before the Family Business series - the shop is mentioned and the story ends on a cliffhanger that suggests Henry, Lily and Teddy will rise up against Lorraine, Dolly and the maid.

No doubt the repercussions of this are what broke Henry once and for all and led to his obedient attitude in later stories. It's unclear if Bettina the maid is the same maid as appeared in Family Affair, but she's a great character so I've assumed so and brought her back for the finale. Maybe she returned to Europe while Lorraine built up the business?
Family Maid did have an epilogue that suggested a proper Family Business 2 was in the pipeless, but having been through every Stantoon from number 84 onwards I still can't find any evidence it was ever created.
Teddy's Nightmare is another spinoff where Teddy (what is it about that name and submissive males?) dreams that he, Dolly, Henry and Lorraine live in Stanton's Princk universe where all the women are well-endowed hermaphrodites. It's a great spinoff but obviously doesn't provide the much-wanted climax to the series.
The other spinoffs Let's Pin Teddy, Captain Dolly and Boybeaters are all okay but slightly disapointing (especially the latter)  as they focus on the three kids' increasingly tame exploits and lack the sheer unadulterated matriarchal dominance that just oozes out of the three Family Business stories.
There is also the mysterious Family Affair Year One (Stantoons 95) which I can't find anywhere and I think is just a retelling of the original story.
Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed part 1 of my Family Finale. Part 2 is nearly finished. In the meantime, if you know of any other Stanton stories featuring the Family that I haven't mentioned here then please please please let me know.