Thursday, 21 February 2019

Endart manips: Bulls Spank Cuckolds 4

Just why do cheating wives enjoy watching their lovers spank their cuckold husbands so much? And why do the bulls love doing it? And why do submissive boys like me find it so arousing? Is it the extra act of domination... the bull really stamping his authority over the cuckold (as if leaving a big load of cum in the wife's pussy isn't enough). Or is it because we see the cuckold as blameworthy and deserving of punishment... after all, if he could satisfy his wife, she wouldn't need to cheat on him...
Or perhaps it's just because the whole idea is so extremely hot, as my latest manip series (hopefully) shows:

Something I've been wondering lately is which narrative perspective is best for these manips. Most of the stories in this series are from the point of view of the cheating wife, one is from the bull's perspective, and two are almost addressed to the cuckolds themselves. Which do you prefer? Does it matter?
Looking back, none of my manips are from the point of view of the cuckold. I suppose a cuckold-centred caption for the first manip in this series could be:
'My wife likes to watch her lover spank me before they fuck. I try and take it like a man but his hand is so hard... I always seem to end up crying and begging for mercy... which only makes her hornier!'
Would it be good to do more of this sort of thing? Let me know in the comments.

The final manip in this series is inspired by a 'true story' I found on the internet. It has disappeared now (to the extent that I don't even have the name of the person who posted it), so here it is again for posterity:

Several years ago, I hired a man to move a manufactured guest house on to some property that I owned on Mt. Hood. The man's wife was his flagger, and she started coming on to me, and asked if she could wait in the main house, because it was cold outside. I said of course, and escorted her into the house, and we had a drink, and the next thing, she was sucking my cock, and I was soon fucking her, and she had multiple orgasms.
She told me that her favorite fantasy, and one that she was thinking about while I was fucking her, was to have her husband watch, while a Bull like me fucked her, with her husband's face inches from the action, and then have him be made to lick the Bulls cum out of her cunt, and off the Bulls cock and balls.
We decided to give it a try, and I invited them back the nest evening for drinks, and after the first drink, that is exactly what happened. After I fucked her and shot cum into her pussy, she made him lick it up, and he resisted a little, but finally licked my cum up, as she directed. When she ordered him to lick my cum off my cock and balls, and swallow it, he resisted and was slapped and whipped hard, and he begged not to be made to lick my cum up, but was forced to do it by his wife. At that point he did as told, and started to cry, which made his wife, and me, even more erotically and sexually and psychologically aroused, and my cock again became as hard as a rock.
After he had swallowed all of my cum, she ordered him to start jacking me off and sucking my cock, and he begged and begged, and pleaded not to be forced to suck me off, but she was strong, force full and determined and he finally complied, after she slapped, spanked, and whipped him into submission. She also told him that she was going to fuck him in the ass with the strap-on that she had just put on, while he was sucking my cock. He then did as ordered by his wife, and started sucking my cock, while she fucked him in the ass, with tears running down his face. I grabbed his head and forced my cock down his throat, while he gagged, and his wife call him all kinds of names, like cock sucker, whore, cum slut, bitch, ass pussy, sissy boy, and boy toy. I finely gave him a full load of hot creamy cum to taste, and his wife ordered him to swallow it slowly, making him ask for my approval to swallow.
We repeated this cuckolding of him, many, many times again, mostly in front of other women, because the wife said that it increased the sexual and psychological pleasure that she received in degrading and humiliating him, and allowed her to show other women the power she had over her sissy boy, submissive, cuckold bitch. I agreed, as it also gave me more intensive sexual and psychological pleasure in fucking his wife, and having him suck his cock in front of others.
I have gone on to help over 25-30 women (possibly more, as I have lost count) to cuckold their husbands and/or boyfriends. The women that had a husband and boyfriend made their husband and boyfriend suck each other off, and fuck each other in the ass, while they watched me fuck the wife. All the women that I helped cuckold their man, and make him into a submissive sissy boy, said that the experience making their man, or men, into cuckold bitches, was the most intensive sexual experience that they had ever experienced, and that they were hooked on it, and could never stop using their man as a cuckold.
Many of the men that were cuckolded, fell right into being a cuckold, and did not need to be forced, as I think that they had always harbored the need to be a cuckold, submissive sissy boy. But others had to be forced into becoming a submissive, cuckold, sissy boy. Those were the ones that cried, when being forced and humiliated and degraded, especially when being put on display and exhibited to other women, while being a cuckold, and in the ass. But I think that they also came to accept and enjoy being a cuckold.

You'll probably agree that that only thing missing from this tale of bisexual femdom cuckolding is the cuckold being spanked by the bull, so I thought I'd add that  in my manip :D
I particularly enjoy how the writer has made a 'career' of turning men into cuckolds... just think of all those poor husbands and boyfriends who've found themselves sucking cock and watching a superior man fuck their dominant woman!

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Watching My Husband Go Gay... new erotic ebook

If you're still searching for gifts this Valentines' Day, why not purchase my new ebook for your loved one?

Husbands, your wife is probably one of the many, many women who secretly (or not so secretly) love to read about hot steamy sex between two cute guys.
And wives, sending your husband this as a gift would be the perfect way to reveal to him that you'd love to watch him engage in some steamy guy-on-guy action for your amusement (and arousal)!

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'Watching My Husband Go Gay' is about a dominant wife who loves to spank her cute blonde husband, fuck him with her strapon, and cheat on him with the studs at her office when she feels the need for a 'real man'.
But she wants something more...


After watching her gay friends preying on shy straight boys in high school, Tiffany has always had a thing for hot gay sex, and her ultimate fantasy is to watch her husband Joshua suck another man's cock. But her (supposedly) straight husband isn't so keen, so (with the help of her friend Rachel) Tiffany puts him on a strict no-pussy regime: denying him any kind of orgasm until he agrees to fulfil her fantasy...


It isn't long before poor Joshua gives in... and Tiffany's gay friend Trey is all-too-happy to be the guy who gets his dick sucked!
So Tiffany gets to enjoy the show as her hunky friend puts her husband across his lap and spanks him hard...

...and as a truly sadistic lady, she happily hands over her mother-in-law's old clothes brush to add extra impact as she watches Joshua hollering and thrashing over the bigger man's knee!

Then, with her husband spanked into submission, it's time for the main event...

And once Joshua has sucked a cock, she and Trey might just decide that her hubby should take a nice big dick in his ass as well...

The story continues in 'My Husband and the Bully' and 'Playdate with the Bully', which are also available on Kindle and which I will blog about soon...