Friday, 27 February 2015

Betty's Diary 3.4 Spankathon

Marcie's dad had pulled into a roadside rest area, directly in front of some picnic tables. To the side were restrooms. Bushes partially obstructed the view from the two-lane highway. The bus completely obstructed anyone travelling by on the road from seeing the tables. And, fortunately for our embarrassed and still hard husbands, no one else was about. But then, the highway itself wasn't very busy at the moment.
It was hilarious, Dear Diary. The parents made our husbands go to the restroom, in their teams of two, still rubbing away all the way there and back. When one team returned to the tables, the next team ventured out. The first team of Ray and Justin managed their round trip without a car passing by. Unfortunately for Teddy and Kenny, a car on the far side sped by as they were returning, just as they reached a gap in the bushes. As fast as the car was going, and being on the other side, I don't think the occupants really saw anything, but from their red faces, mine and Rachel's husbands sure did think so!
Charlie and Dickie were our unlucky duo. Just as they left the men's room, a car pulled up in front of the building. Two women - a mother, and a daughter who looked about 19-20 - and one young man who looked about 21, were inside.To their credit, and our delight, our two lads, heads down, wanking each other, marched back to the tables.
By now, Marcie's parents had worked out the spankings. Which they promptly announced. Our five original brats had each come twice, so that would be two spankings each from Mr. Melick for cumming on his bus, and a total of three each
from the "Wives Brigade", as Kathy now dubbed us, one for each cum and one for the time they made their partner cum.
Kenny was the lucky one in all this, having only come once, when my husband had been jerking him off. So the little prick was getting off easy, one spanking from Mr. Melick and two from the Brigade. But Marcie, supported by her mom, had
other ideas. She added another from his uncle-in-law for his "disrespect" when he first boarded the bus.
"No way, it's not fair!" the crying Kenny loudly protested to his wife, cousin, mom, aunt, us and the whole world.
"Well, that's too bad," replied Marcie, "and you just earned one more from your wife for protesting. Care for some more, little boy?"
"No, Marcie, ma'am," mumbled her sobbing cousin.
The parents organized everything. As between them, our husbands had 18 spankings due from us girls, we were each assigned three to give. The parents tried to make it so that us young wives got a go with boys we hadn't spanked before, so I had Kenny, Charlie and Justin. I sure was disappointed not to get a go on Ray's firm behind!

Marcie's dad would give each husband one spanking with his belt, splitting the others they had coming between the other adults, two apiece. Each spanking would be hand smacks equal to the husband's age.
So very soon, we had a spanking marathon going on full swing, a real "spankathon." Oh my, Dear Diary, the screaming, shouting, howling, wailing and just plain crying was unbelievable, especially when Mr Melick's thick leather belt was cracking down on their bare behinds! I was almost sorry I hadn't brought my ear plugs, but on the other hand, that racket our husbands were making was music to my ears.

Our red bottomed troupe put on a wonderful dance performance, doing a much better "Full Monty" than the guys in that movie. I just loved all those dicks and balls bouncing all over the place! Our crew even out danced those Chippendale dudes!
A little after thirty minutes, our "rest" stop was over. As I was getting on the bus, I spotted the family that Charlie and Dickie had encountered at the restrooms. I had been so engrossed with our naked bus boys that I hadn't noticed that this family had stayed around for our entire show.
I know I shouldn't say it, but they kind of looked like rednecks. The mom and daughter were both BIG with huge tits and asses, which they proudly showed off in low-cut tops, cut-off denim shorts and high heels. The guy was a real skinny little runt in comparison.
"Now, that's what we should do to your husband when he pulls his shenanigans," I overheard the mother tell her daughter.
"No momma, no," stammered the skinny guy.
The moms in our group went over to talk to the other mom. Mrs. Melick wrote something on a piece of paper, handing it the lady. Her son was still whimpering. Jeez, what a baby! No one had touched him, he had all his clothes on, he wasn't hurting, but he was complaining.
The family headed toward their car, our moms boarded the bus. From my window, I could see the guy's wife and mother starting to strip him. At least now, he'd have something to cry about!

And then we were off to the retreat, the wonderful retreat. The four mommies suggested that we let our husbands rest their dicks the remainder of the way, so they would be fully ready for all the surprises awaiting them. But the telling of that will have to wait till next time, Dear Diary...

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Betty's Diary 3.3 Kenny cums aboard

Just after twenty minutes, we pulled up to a house.
"My Aunt Jenny lives here," said Marcie. "With my cousin Rachel, who's 23, and her pest of a husband Kenny."
"Kenneth's 26," said Marcie's mom. "And Jenny thinks he's that a strong dose of our training is needed."
"You mean, taking him into hand the hard way," joked mom. "Or is that taking his hard on into hand?"
We all laughed out loud at that. We were still laughing when Marcie's aunt and uncle, and her daughter and son-in-law, came out the front door. The young couple looked very much the goth/emo types, with Rachel sporting piercings and a whole range of dark clothing. Kenny also had shiny black hair and piercings, though he was naked apart from boots and white ankle socks, and a pair of briefs with comic book super hero characters on them. Kind of babyish, I thought, but than they did look somewhat too small for him.
"That's his punishment outfit," explained Marcie, "he has to wear them whenever Rachel spanks him."
"They're cute," I said, "but will have to come off once he's in here."
"They will, and before that," said a slightly annoyed sounding Mrs. Melick as she and my dad made their way to the front of the bus. "Just watch."
Looking out the window, I saw why the two were agitated and leaving the bus. Kenny was giving his wife and mother-in-law a very difficult time. Obviously, he had no intention of walking to the bus on his own, showing off his cute undies.
Quickly, my dad and Kenny's Aunt were on the scene. Dad gave Kenny a mighty whack on his bottom, eliciting an immediate yelp we even heard in the bus, his hands flying back to cover his behind. Just as immediately, dad grabbed his hands, holding them in place behind the now crying boy's back. And just as quickly, Mrs. Melick whisked his briefs down and off, tossing them far into the yard. Now, he had a bigger worry than showing off his little underpants, he was showing off everything that nature had given him!
Smacking Kenny's cute butt every step of the way, dad frog walked him onto the bus. Where he was greeted by the sight of five dressed wives standing next to five very naked husbands, naked just like him. Except, they had boners, and he didn't. But we knew that would be changing real fast.
Kenny's private parts were bigger than Teddy's but nowhere near as large as Ray's. He was circumcised, like Ray and my brothers.
"Girls, this is my sister Jennifer and her husband," Marcie's mom introduced the new arrivals. "And this is her daughter, my niece, Rachel." Little Rachel couldn't help but gawk and giggle at all the naked boys.
"And here we have her son-in-law, my nephew Kenneth," she continued. "Girls, why don't you welcome Kenny with a proper hand shaking."
Grinning, knowing what Marcie's mom had in mind, I reached out and grabbed Kenny's prick, giving it a good shaking up and down.
"Hi, Kenny, I'm Betty," I introduced myself to the red faced brat.
"Stop that!" he shouted, new tears welling in his eyes.
"No, you stop it," roared his aunt, giving his bare behind two hard smacks of her own. "From now on you do not disobey any female, ever," she added, smacking his already sore bottom again. "Do you understand me, young man?" Another spank.
"Yes, Aunt Beth," the now openly crying brat replied.
"Good," chimed in his mother, "From now on, I expect you to show proper respect for females at all times. I don't care if they're 23 like Rachel or 73 like Grandma. Do you get me?"
"Yes," mumbled the still crying Kenny.
"Yes, what," roared Mrs. Melick, giving his balls a hard squeeze, causing Kenny to moan and bend over double. "Answer me," demanded his tormenter.
"Yes, ma'am" responded the suddenly not-so-big 26-year-old.
"Straighten up this instant," ordered his mom. Which, somewhat surprisingly to me, he did, still moaning and crying.
"That's better," said his aunt, Marcie's mom. "Betty, would you please shake again?" she asked me.
"Gladly," I answered, repeating my introduction, to Kenny's complete horror.
Which only grew, along with his dick, as each wife followed my example. To his extreme embarrassment, his own wife was last. She was very timid and tentative, needing coaching and help from her cousin Marcie. But we weren't worried, we knew by the end of the trip she would be a real trooper, almost as good as us older girls. We had Little Nancy well on the way after all. When Rachel finished with her greeting, she was laughing so hard she couldn't stand up straight. But her husband's dick certainly was standing up straight!
"Being naked in front of females is a way of showing them respect," Marcie told her male cousin.
"So is that boner you have," piped in Kathy.
"Which you just better keep the rest of this trip," I added my two cents. We wanted to quickly establish that us six wives were in charge of him and the other husbands, no questions asked, period.
"Make me," said the defiant little prick with a little prick.
"Gladly," said Marcie. "Mom, the hairbrush please."
"Here you are dear," said Mrs. Melick, handing her daughter the brush.

"I think a dose of my persuader here will persuade you," said Kenny's cousin, waving the brush about.

"Okay, okay, I get it," replied Kenny, furiously rubbing away on his dick.
"Oh, you'll get it alright," smirked Marcie, "but not right now, as you're so busy with other things. Or should I say with your thing?"
Kenny, of course, didn't say anything. A lapse that Marcie let pass, but only temporarily as it turned out.
"Everyone, please be seated," announced Mr. Melick, "we're off to the mountains."
So, once more, the bus began moving. A thirty foot long, twenty-five seat bus that now had four moms, one dad as the driver, three dads as a passenger, six wives, and six very naked, very hard husbands.
We ordered our husbands to keep each other hard.

We teamed Ray with Justin, Charlie with Dickie, and Teddy with Kenny. In the next half hour, all the husbands came once, painting their chests white.

I was losing count of how many spankings we owed them for cumming. But fortunately, Marcie's parents didn't. I felt the bus slowing down, and then stopping. "Okay, everyone," announced Mr. Melick, "rest stop and spanking stop, all off please."

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Betty's Diary 3.2 The hubbies on the bus go wank wank wank...

"Good, the bus is here," said mom.
The bus, the bus! I was so excited with anticipation, wondering what would happen now. Charlie and Justin were ordered to put their shoes and socks back on. Now our four husbands and brothers looked almost adorably dorky, their scrawny bodies naked apart from their glasses, wristwatches (digital for Dickie, dressy strap watches for the office boys) and shoes (smart shiny and black for the white-collar slaves, Converse sneakers for Dickie) with their socks pulled right up their calves as ordered by mom.
"Betty, get your bag," mom told me. "What little the boys will need is already in my bag. Now let's get this parade on the road!"

A parade is exactly what it was Dear Diary, once mom had it organized. Carrying my bag in one hand, my other hand on his cock, I led Charlie out the door. Followed by Kathy tugging on Teddy's prick, and Nancy leading Little Dickie by his little dickie. Mom had hold of Justin's diminutive little thingy. All four dicks were still hard, of course.
We marched toward a small bus parked in the street, door open. All four husbands were blushing red as beets...
Boarding the bus with Charlie still in tow, I saw that my future sister-in-law Marcie's dad was driving.
Seeing my questioning look, he explained, "I chartered it from my company for the weekend." I had forgotten he was a bus driver.
As I and Charlie made our way to some empty seats, still linked by my hand on his cock, I received another surprise. Marcie, her mom, her brother Ray,29, and his 27-year-old wife Susie were all aboard. That wasn't the surprise. The surprise was that Ray was stark naked apart from his work boots, blushing just as badly as the other boys, with Susie working her hand up and down his hard on.
Turns out that what we did to my brat brother and husband at my birthday party was nothing new for Marcie. Her family had been treating Ray that way since he was 18. That's how she had known that Ray had a bigger dick than Teddy! In fact Susie was certainly the luckiest of us younger ladies. Ray not only had a reasonably sized dick but unlike our pale and scrawny husbands he was toned and tanned from working outside all day. You might even say he was almost a real man!
Once everyone else was on and we were underway, Marcie's dad, Raymond Melick, senior, made an announcement over the P.A. system. "Welcome aboard everyone. Girls, I hope you have a good time on the trip, feel free to have any fun you want with the boys. Boys, if you dare cum on this bus, I will personally spank your asses red. And, you will have to thoroughly scrub down the interior before I return it to the depot on Sunday."
Of course, with that kind of encouragement, we now five young wives knew exactly what we were going to do. Using our hands to make the boys cum. And we did, switching boys every three minutes, my ever helpful mom keeping time on her watch. In the next twenty minutes each boy each erupted once, their white creamy cum getting all over their chests. 

We girls made sure that Mr. Melick knew each time a brat came. We had the rule in effect that each time one of our husbands came, he had to announce loudly "I'm cummming!" Just to make sure, we five would then shout out that he was cumming, by chanting out, for example, "Charlie's cumming, Charlie's cummming!" Of course, we used the name of whichever husband it was who had dared defied driver's orders.

"Well, that's one spanking for cumming coming right up," Marcie's dad would cheerfully reply on the P.A., to our giggles...

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Betty's Diary 3.1 : My Fantastic Bus Trip

Dear Diary,
Betty here again. Wow, the retreat this weekend was something else, even more fun then my birthday party! Let me tell you all about it, beginning with the bus trip and right before that.
When I stopped writing Friday, the door bell had just rung. Turned out it was my friend Kathy and her family. Kathy's 26 like me, her husband Charlie turned 28 last week, her brother Justin is 25, and her little sister-in-law Nancy is 24. All six of them had obviously come straight from work, as Kathy, her mom and Nancy were dressed in smart office clothes with high-heeled pumps. Her dad, husband and brother are all white-collar wage slaves like my Teddy, and were all dressed in suits and ties.
Nancy couldn't help herself, she kept staring at my naked husband and brother's' not-so-private privates. As did the rest of her family. Our 27-year-old Teddy and 24-year-old Dickie both blushed at all the scrutiny they were receiving.
"How come they're naked?" asked Nancy, as if she didn't know.
"For the same reasons your husbands are about to get naked," replied her mother. "To learn a lesson in respect, respect for us females."
"No way," shouted Charlie, protesting much like Teddy had the first time.
"Yeah, no way," echoed Justin, same as Dickie had. "No-one is going to see my thingy!"
"Oh, yes they are," said Kathy's mom, "right this instant. Strip, both of you!"
"No!" they both shouted at once.
"Now!" Kathy's mom shouted back. "You have two minutes, starting now!"
"No, no, please, we can't," they continued to protest.
"Yes you can," Kathy's angry mother informed the two boys. "You just earned yourselves a spanking, further delay will only make it worst."
"Do it," shouted their dad, moving toward Charlie. At the same time my dad moved toward Justin. The boys got the message. Crying and blushing furiously, they began undressing before the men reached them.

Soon the red faced duo were down to their briefs.
"Those too," ordered their mom.
Kathy, Nancy and I held our breaths waiting to see what would happen...
Apparently, Justin isn't the Dumb-Dumb that my Little Dickie is, as he immediately removed his last body covering.

Unlike Dickie the first time, he was smart enough not to cover himself up. He looked much like Dickie, with a small cute prick that pretty much hid his tiny balls. Unlike my brothers, he was uncircumcised.
Giving in to the inevitable, the blushing Charlie removed his underpants, revealing a surprise to us all. Boy, was it ever a surprise.

Charlie's uncut cock and balls were by far the smallest in the room, with just a smattering of hair above them!
"Well, well," said his mother-in-law, "looks like Charlie's even more of a little boy than we thought."

Charlie blushed even deeper at this little dig about his manhood.
"Charlie, over my knee now," ordered his mother-in-law. "Denise," she asked my mom, "would you be so kind as to do Justin."
"My pleasure," replied mom.

So soon, we had two kicking, crying, squirming husbands having their bare bottoms turning a bright red. Hand smack after hand smack descended upon two increasingly burning behinds. Not to mention two increasingly painful behinds.

All too soon for us three girls, the show was over. Only to be replaced with a show of two dancing, prancing, rubbing, sobbing husbands jumping all about the room.
"Now it's your turn," mom told Teddy and Dickie.
"What did we do?" asked my husband.
"Yeah, what?" asked my younger brother.
"Nothing, yet," said mom. "This is just insurance to make sure you behave on the bus."
Mom had said we were going on a bus. And it looked like our husbands and brothers would be naked on that bus! I couldn't wait, but before I could fully comprehend the implications of the bus, the brats were being spanked. Mom did Teddy, Kathy's mom did Dickie.


Just like Charlie and Justin, we soon had two more howling red bottomed boys energetically exercising all over the room.
Speaking of exercise, I decided to exercise some of my power over my brat husband and brother. And embarrass them in front of our guests.
"Teddy, Dickie," I told them, "until I tell you otherwise, I want your dicks hard. You know the rules."
The rules were simple. Each boy was responsible for keeping the other hard. If one went soft, the other was spanked for letting it happen. And, no cumming without permission. The boy who came was spanked for cumming, the other for making it happen. Any female in the room could help at anytime in keeping the boys hard. No spanking for a lady for causing a cum, but one for the boy if he didn't have the required permission.
"Please, no," begged Teddy, "not in front of everyone."
"Yeah, please don't make us," stammered the Dumb-Dumb.
"Start, now," I calmly demanded. "You know what happened the last time you protested my commands." That got them going, they definitely didn't want to have to sixty-nine in front of all the people in our living room.
Very quickly, I was awarded with the sight of my naked husband and brother's hard dicks pointing toward us all.
Mom explained to Kathy's parents the concept that a boner, like nakedness, was a sign of respect toward any present females. And that a boner was especially a sign of respect after an infraction or offense of any kind.
"Well, in that case," said Charlie's and Justin's mother, "I think my two need to be imitating your two."
Which, despite their protests to the contrary, they promptly were doing. Quickly, us three giggling young ladies had four boners to look at and play with.
But before we could touch dick, a horn sounded outside...

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Betty's Diary 2.4 Slave 69

Once the brats had calmed down a little, I sprung my surprise on them.
"Okay boys, for your continued arguing and complaining, I have a cure that will keep you quiet the rest of the evening."
"Oh goodie," mom jested, "I can't wait to hear what it is, and I'm sure neither can your slaves."
"For the rest of the evening," I let them know, "you are to lay on the floor and suck on each other's dicks!"
Quickly I glanced at mom, expecting her to prohibit my order.
But, she didn't, she supported me. As soon as my husband and brother started their inevitable protesting, she intervened. "You heard her, so get going."
"Now!" I commanded.
Fortunately for me, mom took charge. I had no experience in how two boys perform a "sixty-nine" as Marcie calls it. But, apparently mom did. She had the brats lay down facing each other with their heads in opposite directions. "Get those mouths on those dicks," she commanded.
Reluctantly, the brats did so. Teddy had to bend somewhat so that Dickie could do it. "Now," mom instructed, "start sucking."
Which they did, cheeks puffing.

"At all times," mom continued, "you must be doing at least one of three things to that dick in your mouth. Sucking on it, licking it with your tongue, or moving your head up and down on it."
"And, if either of you cum," I said, "you'll both get a spanking for it. With the hairbrush."
"But," added mom, "since your sister doesn't want to hear you speak, and it isn't polite to talk with your mouth full, you don't have to announce you're cumming."
Thinking of something, I said, "And no stopping except when I tell you after a cum."
"Or," mom elaborated, "your sister tells you to stop so that we can check and make sure you still have those boners you're supposed to be keeping."
I hadn't thought of that. Mom was being so helpful that I could just hug her!
Dear Diary, the next two hours were just unbelievable. My husband and brother, my naked brat cock sucking slave husband and brother, making a spectacle of themselves, giving mom, dad and me the greatest show I've ever seen.

It was great for me, but not the brats. Teddy came three times, and Little Dickie's little dickie five times. So that was eight more spankings I got to give their bare behinds. I don't know how they ever managed to stay seated at work today!

Poor Dickie, he almost gagged on all the spunk the first time Teddy came. He quickly had his mouth off Teddy's dick, spitting out the cum. Teddy kept shooting all over Dickie's face.
I scolded Dickie for letting his brother-in-law's dick out of his mouth without my permission and announced that his spanking would be doubled.

"Since they're inexperienced in the spunk-swallowing department," mom declared, " you'd better find a way for them to let each other know when they're about to shoot off."
I had a mean idea. "Teddy," I told him once he was standing in front of me for his spanking for cumming, "whenever you're about to cum, you're to signal Dickie by giving his bottom two hard spanks. Do you understand?"
"Yes, ma'am," he replied, his face going a deep red.
"And same for you Dickie," I told my littlest slave. "And when your brother-in-law spanks you, you are to stop sucking on his dick. Just hold it in your mouth. Understand?"
"Yes, ma'am," they answered.
"And" announced mom, "we still expect you to swallow every drop that comes out of those dicks. Any mess on your faces or on my floor will be severely punished.
Later, mom told me privately that my solution was brilliant. She said that the boys cumming without anything moving on their dicks would be much less satisfying and enjoyable, and in fact, somewhat frustrating for them. Good, let them be frustrated, for all the frustration I had suffered earlier this week waiting to be able to again see my brat slaves naked, boners and all.
After Dickie's spanking we had the boys back in the 69 and soon it was Dickie's turn to cum. Dickie gave Teddy two hard spanks on his already rosy bottom. My husband also couldn't quite manage my brother's load and so Dickie squirted all over his lips, nose and glasses. That earned Teddy double spankings again, but soon both boys were becoming adept at 'cum catching'.
All throughout this, mom was busily taking digital pictures, "for my collection." After two hours, she whispered to me that perhaps we should let the boys stop, that their dicks were probably pretty sore by now. I had wanted them to continue another hour till bed time, but didn't want to risk mom taking away some of the power and control she had given me over them.
"Okay, slaves," I told them, "you can stop now and come stand next to me."
Mom was right, their dicks were almost as red as their bottoms. I knew they had to be hurting, front side and backside both.
"Now," I instructed them, "you are to stay naked until right before time to leave for work tomorrow."
"Yes, ma'am," they both half mumbled in reply.
Deciding to show mom that I could be sensible about my slaves, I added, "and you don't have to have boners the rest of the evening, unless you show me or mom more disrespect."
"Yes ma'am, thank you ma'am," responded Teddy. I could tell that this was just tearing him up inside, to have to take orders from his wife.
"Thank you, ma'am," chimed in my Little Dickie.
"And, here's a little reminder not to give us any trouble," I said as I gave each of their balls a very hard squeeze. Immediately they screamed loudly and want down to the floor, writhing about in the new agony I'd just caused them. Now, they had aching balls to go along with their aching dicks and bottoms. A matched set, so to speak.
At bedtime Teddy was dispatched to the sofa in the rumpus room, as after the evening's exertions I was in serious need of a date with my vibrating rubber friend, if you know what I mean!
On Friday morning, the boys came to breakfast naked and red faced.
"Glad to see you're obeying so well," I told them, "it means you don't have to have boners this morning."
"Thank you, ma'am" Teddy replied, quickly followed by Dickie.
"I sure do like you dressed like this," I gigglingly teased them.
They blushed even more, but didn't say anything.
All too soon they had to get dressed for work, too bad we can't get away with making them go there naked. But, I decided I would have them that way right after they got home.
While the boys were at work, mom told us about a "retreat" that she and some of my friends' mothers had planned for the weekend. Us, Kathy and Marcie and their families, and Marcie's Aunt Jenny's family. Mom didn't go into details, but it was clear that there was going to be a lot of naked men around for us ladies to "train" on. I can hardly wait!
Mom and I spent most of the rest of the day packing and getting ready for the trip. I settled on a smart blouse and knee length polka dot skirt, plus white court shoes, pearl necklace and bracelets and the gold watch Marcie had bought me for me birthday. Mom went for a similar ensemble and we looked like a pair of real 1950s housewives when we'd finished!
Once the brats were home I immediately ordered they get naked, then mom said, "perfect, once they put their shoes and socks back on, they'll be all ready for a little family trip we're making this weekend."
That's the doorbell ringing, Dear Diary, I've got to run. I'll tell you all about it when I get back Sunday night!

Friday, 20 February 2015

Betty's Diary 2.3: Dicks hard at dinnertime

Before I had finished snapping the belt on the couch, my husband and brother each had hold of the other's dick, rubbing away for all they were worth. In no time at all, I was awarded with two boners pointing toward the sky. Boy, I just love the changes around here since my birthday party last weekend. Who would had thought that being 26 would be so much fun?
Dear Diary, it was a real hoot at dinner watching the brats trying to at the same time eat and keep each other hard. So that the rest of us could keep a check on whether the boys kept their boners, mom had Dickie sitting on a high stool and Teddy kneeling upright on his chair
The two brats were doing so well at keeping each other hard that what I knew would happen did happen. Dickie caused Teddy to cum. All over both their dinners, much more on Teddy's than the Dumb-Dumb's. It was a wonderful thing to see, Teddy's thing shooting white stuff all over the place.

During all this, Teddy somehow managed to keep rubbing Little Dickie's little dickie. I guess my older brother didn't want to risk a repeat of last Sunday, when the first time Dickie made him cum, he let go of the little brat's dick. Which had very quickly gone soft. So in addition to a spanking for cumming, Teddy had gotten one for letting Dickie lose his hard on. So this time the Dumb-Dumb not only stayed hard, he ended up cumming too, adding even more flavoring to both their plates!
"You can stop rubbing," I told both brats once it was obvious they were done cumming. Another rule was that after a cum, the slave was allowed five minutes before he had to be hard again.
"For cumming, you're each getting a spanking after dinner," I informed my very red faced slaves. "And for making each other cum, you're each getting a second spanking."
"Please, no," begged Teddy.
"Yes, please, don't" pleaded a now softly crying Dickie."
"Yes, please, I will," I told them, "and since neither of you bothered to let us know you were cumming, your spankings for that are doubled." That was another rule, when a boy came he had to shout out "I'm cumming." If he didn't, his spanking was twice as long.
"No, no," protested Teddy.
"Yeah, no," echoed the Dumb-Dumb.
"Yes," said mom. "And I expect you two to eat everything on your plates, no arguing, no hesitating."
It was hilarious, Dear Diary, seeing the faces those two made as they ate their cum splattered food. You could tell that they didn't like it one bit. Well, that was just too bad, "waste not, want not," as mom reminded them.
"Oh, boys," I reminded them in the middle of all this, "time's up, so get those dicks back up!" Which they, having no choice in the matter, promptly did.
Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for them, my two naked brat slaves managed to get through the rest of dinner and the cleaning up afterwards without cumming again, or going soft. I knew I would soon be changing that.
After they had finished putting away the dinner dishes, the boys came into the living room for their spankings. Once more they protested, once again to no avail.
"I'm tired of hearing you two arguing with me," I calmly told them. "So, after your spankings I have a special punishment for you two, a punishment that I guarantee will have you keeping your mouths shut the rest of the evening."
"What is it?" asked Little Dickie, surprising me by being brave enough to be the first to say something, instead of waiting for Teddy.
"You'll find out soon enough," I answered him. Actually, it was a punishment mom threatened last Sunday, but didn't impose. I was anxious to see if she would let me get away with using it.
"A surprise, I like that," said Mom, smiling at me.
"Now, slaves," I announced, "it's spanking time. Teddy, get over here, now!"
Quickly, I had Teddy positioned over my knees. Just for the heck of it, I trapped his dick between my thighs. A very blushing Teddy complained about this, to no avail.

"Your wife can position you anyway she wants," mom informed my husband.
"Now, slave," I told him, "the normal number of spanks for cumming is your age. But, because you didn't announce you were cumming, that's doubled to 54!"
Which I promptly began delivering. But after only four smacks to my husband's bare bottom, mom interrupted me.
"Here, dear," she said, handing me a wooden hairbrush, "save your hand, use this."

Which I immediately did. Boy, oh boy, Dear Diary, you should see the difference that a brush instead of a hand makes on a boy's naked fanny. I could see it, and Teddy could certainly feel it. His screaming, crying, squirming and kicking were all much more furious than from any of his hand spankings.

After the final spank, my husband had a very red behind indeed. He was madly hopping about the room, vigorously rubbing his bottom, his privates bouncing all over the place, tears running down his face, still loudly crying. Ha, some man he is!
Then it was the Little Dickie's turn. I used the brush for all 48 of his spanks, getting the same results as with Teddy.

"Well," I said, "that's your punishment for cumming. Now for your spankings for making each other cum."
The brats didn't like it one bit, but I very much did.

After an additional dose of 54 with the brush for Teddy and 48 for Dickie, my naked slaves were giving a repeat performance of their dancing routine of a few moments before. I loved every minute of my little show!
Once the brats had calmed down a little, I sprung my surprise on them.
"Okay boys, for your continued arguing and complaining, I have a cure that will keep you quiet the rest of the evening."
"Oh goodie," mom jested, "I can't wait to hear what it is, and I'm sure neither can your slaves."
"For the rest of the evening," I let them know, "you are to lay on the floor and suck on each other's dicks!"

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Betty's Diary 2.2 Betty Takes Charge

Well, boys will be boys, I guess, and quickly forget their lessons. Yesterday, just before dinner it finally happened, my frustration ended. It was my turn to set the table, but I wanted to see the end of the television show I was watching.
"I want my two slaves to do it," I said when mom called me to set the table.
"No way, I did it last night," responded Teddy.
"Yeah, no way," echoed Dickie.
"Yeah, way," I told them, "after you get naked."
"No way," Teddy repeated himself.
"Yeah, I'm not undressing anymore for any stupid women," shouted Dickie. What a dumb-dumb, mom had just told him last weekend not to call us stupid. I was sure she was going to make him pay for that comment, but she didn't say anything.
"Yes, you are," I informed him and Teddy. "You have two minutes to be naked slaves setting the table."
"No way!" Teddy repeated himself for the third time.
"Me neither," said the Dumb-Dumb.
The belt dad had used last weekend on the brats was still laying by the couch. Picking it up, I shouted, "do it, now!" as I imitated dad in snapping the belt against the side of the couch.

"Theodore, Richard," mom finally intervened, "you heard Elizabeth, you have two minutes to be naked and setting the table. Get to it."
Boy, oh boy, you never saw two men tear out of their dorky clothes as fast as those two did. When they were in the dining room, I asked mom why she was now letting me have them be my naked slaves.
"Because," she told me, "you took charge and ordered them, instead of asking me to do so."
"But they'll listen to you before me," I protested to her.
"Well," mom responded, "that's something we have to work on, starting now. You have to exercise authority over them, be their boss, You have control over them and over their bodies, but you have to use it, not me for you. Teddy is your husband for heaven's sake!"
"But, but," I answered, "I'm only their wife and sister, not the parent!"
"True," she said, "but you're a female, and in this family that now gives you the right. In fact, it would be good if sometimes we had other women in charge of them."
"Well," I said, "all the girls really enjoyed what we did at my birthday party."
"Now, that's an idea," replied mom. "We'll have to arrange something real soon."
"That would be great!" I answered her.
"What would be great?" asked the naked Teddy as he walked into the room, hands cupped over his private parts. Dickie followed, hands similarly occupied.
"None of your beeswax, slave," I told him. "And why are you two covering up?"
"You were warned before about playing with yourselves without permission," mom scolded them. ."It's disrespectful to us females."
"Hands away," I immediately told them. "And come stand right in front of me." Quickly, they complied. The two red faced brats were less than an arms length away, giving me an up close and very personal eyeful of everything they had between their legs. I made sure they knew exactly where I was staring.
As I've told you before, Dear Diary, my 24-year-old brother Dickie is still very much a little boy down there, with, as my friend Kathy put it, a little dickie. A little dickie that did a good job of making it hard to see his little nut sack.
And, like I've also told you, Teddy down there is no man yet, and according to Marcie much smaller than her 29-year-old brother Ray. But Teddy is definitely much bigger in the privates department than Dickie, with easy-to-see hanging balls.
I decided that Little Dickie's little dickie would soon be a hard dickie. And Teddy's bigger dick, too. I reached out with both hands, and began fondling and stroking their now not-so-private privates, my new boy toys.
"Stop it," shouted Teddy.
"Yeah, leave me alone," echoed the Dumb-Dumb.
"Will not," I responded, giving both their balls hard squeezes.

Immediately, they dropped to their knees, shouting in pain, grabbing at their now sore nuts. Mom didn't say anything, she just smiled.
Everything about it was fantastic! The sense of power and control, made easy ecause of their anatomy. Making the brats cry out in pain, just because I wanted to. Knowing that I was deliberately hurting them, and mom was letting me get away with it. The squishy feel of Dickie's little balls and Teddy's larger balls. To be perfectly honest, it was making me feel tingly down there between my legs.
In the middle of all this, dad came home from work. He didn't say anything about what was going on, like having two naked sons with aching balls was an ordinary everyday thing in our house. He greeted me and the brats, gave mom a kiss, and sat down in his easy chair, next to mom on the couch, as if they were about to watch a show.
A show which I promptly put on, with my husband and brother as the naked stars.
"On your feet," I ordered my moaning slaves, "and hands away." As they slowly raised up, I said, "since you want to continue to play with yourselves, I want you to keep those dicks hard the rest of the day. Same rules as last Sunday." The rules were simple, each boy had to keep the other hard, if one went soft, the other was spanked for letting it happen. And if one had a cum, both were spanked, one for cumming, the other for making his brother cum. And I, or any other female present, could help them be hard anytime we wanted. Each female could make them cum too. Which would be a spanking for the boy who came, but not for the female causing it.
"No way, I won't do it!" shouted out Teddy.
"No, I won't" parroted Dickie, still being a dumb-dumb.
Snapping the belt, I told the boys, "Yes you will. And for all your arguing and protesting, you're both getting a spanking, right now."
"No, don't let her," pleaded Teddy.
"Please, mom," begged Dickie.
"Mom isn't going to help you," I told the two brats. "Teddy, over the couch, now!" I ordered, snapping the belt once more.
"Do it!" mom reinforced my edict.
Quickly, Teddy was in position. Just as quickly, I began raining my hand, hard, down upon his bare bottom. I soon had him squirming and wiggling about, his rear rapidly turning pink. Before long, my 27-year-old husband was acting like a little boy, crying real tears and with each spank, making real noises of pain. As his bottom started to turn red, and my hand started to hurt, he was out and out sobbing.
Picking up the belt, I told him, "that was just a warm up."

I immediately began whipping his butt, time and time again. From the very first blow, he was howling and screaming, furiously dancing and kicking in place. His wailing soon escalated to an ear piercing crescendo.

I finally stopped when his bottom was a bright cherry red. "Get up, slave, hands on your head," I ordered him. "Will you argue with me anymore?"
"No," he half mumbled.
"No, what?" I demanded.
"No, ma'am," he replied.
"Ma'am, I like that," I told him. "From now on, that's how you two will nswer me, understand?"
"Yes, ma'am," they both answered in unison.
"Including," mom interjected, "in places like work or the mall."
"OK, Dickie, get your little dickie over here, now!" I commanded the Dumb-Dumb.
"Yes, ma'am," he meekly muttered, blushing at my insult to his private parts. I think, just for the fun of it, I'm going to start calling him "Little Dickie." Even more quickly than Teddy, he had himself in position for a dose of my now somewhat rested hand.
He was crying hard by the third smack. That wasn't surprising to me, as after all, as his little dickie proved, he really was a little boy! Fortunately, as my hand was hurting sooner than with Teddy, it didn't take as long as with my husband to turn Dickie's skinny little bare behind red. And his dancing, kicking, jiggling reaction to the belt was much more impressive and eardrum shattering than Teddy's!

"Stand next to Teddy, hands on head," I instructed the Dumb-Dumb. He did so, without protest, still busily and noisily crying. Teddy wasn't sobbing out loud any more, but he was still sniffling, with tears running down his cheeks. Both brats were finding it impossible to stay still, shuffling their feet about, doing an in-place jig.
With the digital camera, mom snapped a few pictures, front and rear. "For your collection, dear," she told me.
"Thank you," I replied.
"You're welcome," she answered.
"Now, slaves," I addressed the brats, "I do believe I said those dicks of yours were to be hard the rest of the evening. So get to it!"

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Betty's Diary 2.1: My Naked Brat Slaves

Dear Diary,
Betty here again. It's Friday afternoon now, sorry about missing last night. So much has happened with stupid husband and brat brother yesterday and today, I just haven't had the time till now to write. I can't wait to tell you all about it! I'll have to hurry, though, because we're all about to leave for a "retreat" we're going on this weekend. More about that later, let me catch up first!
As I told you on Wednesday, Teddy and Dickie were going out of their way to be perfect angels and not do anything that mom would consider as disrespect toward her, me or my friends. They desperately wanted to avoid a repeat of the embarrassing naked punishment they suffered during my birthday party last weekend. Amazing what a strong session of "training" as mom now calls it, does for a male attitudes toward, as mom put it, us "superior" females!
On Monday my best friend and future sister-in-law Marcie had left on yet another business trip. Remember how I used to wonder what she saw in my brother? Well not anymore! We had a good chat on the phone and she confessed that she pretty much has a man in every port when she travels on business, and she fully intends to keep that up when she's married. She's only marrying Dickie so she's got a husband to mind the house, and also because computer programming pays very well (better than my useless husband's job, annoyingly). So a bit of femdom training should work very well for her! Yes sir, I've had great fun all week teasing Dickie about what his fiancee is probably getting up to in her hotel room.

And my husband hasn't been smiling either, as I've been dropping plenty of hints about what I've been getting up to with plumbers, gardeners, old high-school boyfriends, his buddies etc. while he's at work. After all, a girl gets lonely left in the house all day with nothing but a shrimp-dicked husband to look forward to!

And it's not like he can do anything about it now with all the digital pictures we took at the party of him getting spanked by his father-in-law and with his hands all over his brother-in-law's cock!
Teasing was great, but I was dying to see the brats naked again, with their things hard and pointing toward the sky. The digital pictures we took at the party just aren't the same as a live show. Of course, Teddy and Dickie were anxious for me not
to let anyone else see them in the all-together, showing off everything they had, boners and all.
Last Sunday at my party mom said I could make the brats be my naked slaves whenever we wanted, using the pictures as "blackmail" if necessary. But whenever I've asked her since to make them, she'd merely say, "we'll see," without making them. So, as you can imagine, I was getting really frustrated...

Monday, 16 February 2015

Betty's Diary 1.4 Spanked for shooting

The spanking rules were simple. Each girl was to give each boy the same number of hand spanks as his age. The spanking were to be over our knees. So, in no time at all, Teddy was over Marcie's lap, getting 27 hard slaps to his still red bare bottom.

She finished and handed him off to Susie...

When Susie finished her very punishing smacks of Teddy, he went over to Kathy...

At the same time, Dickie now went over his fiancee's lap to receive his first set of 24 spanks. And so it went, in assembly line fashion, each boy passing from girl to girl...

I deliberately was last. By the time they got to me, each brat was crying and begging for mercy. Which I, of course, ignored. I don't usually like reruns, but I certainly enjoyed causing a rerun of the boys' howling dancing...

And I absolutely adored the rerun of Teddy's second trip across our laps. Boy, talk about a red bottom, his was absolutely on fire!

After the spankings, mom made an announcement. "I've decided that each girl can only make you cum once. But your punishment isn't over until all five have."
The brats, of course protested at this. Causing mom to threaten an even more nasty punishment.
"You will be quiet this instant," she hollered at them, "unless after this punishment is over you want to spend the rest of the evening lying on the living room floor sucking on each others' cocks. At least you won't be yapping with your traps stuffed. And the same rules about not cumming will apply."
"You heard your mother," yelled dad, doing his belt snapping act.
To my dismay, both brats, even the dumb-dumb, were smart enough to not say another word. I would had loved to see that little show! Well, maybe another time.
All this took us hours to finish,including a break for dinner. During dinner, mom made the brats keep hard. They also had to do the dishes without losing their boners or cumming. I don't know how they managed that, but they did!
All together, we got to spank Teddy fifteen times. We spanked Dickie thirteen times, unlucky for him, lucky for us. We each made the boys cum once apiece, good for five spankings each.

And apparently, while boys may love to jack off and shoot the first time, they really begin to suffer if you make them do it over and over again.

Both Teddy and Dickie had tears in their eyes from more than just the spankings while we mashed their cocks after their second cums.

And just when it looked like Dickie was cumming in Nancy's hand for his fourth, he didn't produce any spunk.
"That's called a dry orgasm Dickie," said dad.
"Dry cum," corrected Mom, " it's where your balls have run out of spunk but your body still responds to the stimulation. You will still shake and moan uncontrollably, and that's how we'll know you're cumming."
"I'm not surprised these two have run out spunk already. Their balls are so small," laughed Susie as she brought my husband to his own painful-looking dry cum.

Teddy made Dickie cum three times, and Dickie caused Teddy two cums. These cums earned each brat five more spankings.

Dickie's last three spankings were for the times he let Teddy get soft. Teddy had Dickie go soft on him a total of five times. Most of these cums and softenings happened after they started dry cumming, when their bottoms were already extremely sore. Apparently, little dickies that don't shoot are harder to keep from cumming, and harder to keep hard!
Afterwards, mom decided that the boys had to stay naked, but not hard, till the last girl left tomorrow. But that's enough for now, Dear Diary, the others are calling me to come over to the computer. They want me to have a look at the pictures of the brats mom let us take with dad's digital camera. With those pictures in our possession, Teddy and Dickie will have no choice but to be our slaves, our naked slaves, whenever we want.
But, as mom said, "what better way for a man to show a lady respect than by being her naked slave?"
Like I said, Dear Diary, I'm going to have to find that Fem site of mom's. And, like I said, it was my greatest birthday party ever! Over and out, for now.