Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Betty's Diary 3.1 : My Fantastic Bus Trip

Dear Diary,
Betty here again. Wow, the retreat this weekend was something else, even more fun then my birthday party! Let me tell you all about it, beginning with the bus trip and right before that.
When I stopped writing Friday, the door bell had just rung. Turned out it was my friend Kathy and her family. Kathy's 26 like me, her husband Charlie turned 28 last week, her brother Justin is 25, and her little sister-in-law Nancy is 24. All six of them had obviously come straight from work, as Kathy, her mom and Nancy were dressed in smart office clothes with high-heeled pumps. Her dad, husband and brother are all white-collar wage slaves like my Teddy, and were all dressed in suits and ties.
Nancy couldn't help herself, she kept staring at my naked husband and brother's' not-so-private privates. As did the rest of her family. Our 27-year-old Teddy and 24-year-old Dickie both blushed at all the scrutiny they were receiving.
"How come they're naked?" asked Nancy, as if she didn't know.
"For the same reasons your husbands are about to get naked," replied her mother. "To learn a lesson in respect, respect for us females."
"No way," shouted Charlie, protesting much like Teddy had the first time.
"Yeah, no way," echoed Justin, same as Dickie had. "No-one is going to see my thingy!"
"Oh, yes they are," said Kathy's mom, "right this instant. Strip, both of you!"
"No!" they both shouted at once.
"Now!" Kathy's mom shouted back. "You have two minutes, starting now!"
"No, no, please, we can't," they continued to protest.
"Yes you can," Kathy's angry mother informed the two boys. "You just earned yourselves a spanking, further delay will only make it worst."
"Do it," shouted their dad, moving toward Charlie. At the same time my dad moved toward Justin. The boys got the message. Crying and blushing furiously, they began undressing before the men reached them.

Soon the red faced duo were down to their briefs.
"Those too," ordered their mom.
Kathy, Nancy and I held our breaths waiting to see what would happen...
Apparently, Justin isn't the Dumb-Dumb that my Little Dickie is, as he immediately removed his last body covering.

Unlike Dickie the first time, he was smart enough not to cover himself up. He looked much like Dickie, with a small cute prick that pretty much hid his tiny balls. Unlike my brothers, he was uncircumcised.
Giving in to the inevitable, the blushing Charlie removed his underpants, revealing a surprise to us all. Boy, was it ever a surprise.

Charlie's uncut cock and balls were by far the smallest in the room, with just a smattering of hair above them!
"Well, well," said his mother-in-law, "looks like Charlie's even more of a little boy than we thought."

Charlie blushed even deeper at this little dig about his manhood.
"Charlie, over my knee now," ordered his mother-in-law. "Denise," she asked my mom, "would you be so kind as to do Justin."
"My pleasure," replied mom.

So soon, we had two kicking, crying, squirming husbands having their bare bottoms turning a bright red. Hand smack after hand smack descended upon two increasingly burning behinds. Not to mention two increasingly painful behinds.

All too soon for us three girls, the show was over. Only to be replaced with a show of two dancing, prancing, rubbing, sobbing husbands jumping all about the room.
"Now it's your turn," mom told Teddy and Dickie.
"What did we do?" asked my husband.
"Yeah, what?" asked my younger brother.
"Nothing, yet," said mom. "This is just insurance to make sure you behave on the bus."
Mom had said we were going on a bus. And it looked like our husbands and brothers would be naked on that bus! I couldn't wait, but before I could fully comprehend the implications of the bus, the brats were being spanked. Mom did Teddy, Kathy's mom did Dickie.


Just like Charlie and Justin, we soon had two more howling red bottomed boys energetically exercising all over the room.
Speaking of exercise, I decided to exercise some of my power over my brat husband and brother. And embarrass them in front of our guests.
"Teddy, Dickie," I told them, "until I tell you otherwise, I want your dicks hard. You know the rules."
The rules were simple. Each boy was responsible for keeping the other hard. If one went soft, the other was spanked for letting it happen. And, no cumming without permission. The boy who came was spanked for cumming, the other for making it happen. Any female in the room could help at anytime in keeping the boys hard. No spanking for a lady for causing a cum, but one for the boy if he didn't have the required permission.
"Please, no," begged Teddy, "not in front of everyone."
"Yeah, please don't make us," stammered the Dumb-Dumb.
"Start, now," I calmly demanded. "You know what happened the last time you protested my commands." That got them going, they definitely didn't want to have to sixty-nine in front of all the people in our living room.
Very quickly, I was awarded with the sight of my naked husband and brother's hard dicks pointing toward us all.
Mom explained to Kathy's parents the concept that a boner, like nakedness, was a sign of respect toward any present females. And that a boner was especially a sign of respect after an infraction or offense of any kind.
"Well, in that case," said Charlie's and Justin's mother, "I think my two need to be imitating your two."
Which, despite their protests to the contrary, they promptly were doing. Quickly, us three giggling young ladies had four boners to look at and play with.
But before we could touch dick, a horn sounded outside...


  1. Excellent article. I will be dealing with many
    of these issues as well..

    1. Thanks. Are you planning your own bus trip? ;)