Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Betty's Diary 2.1: My Naked Brat Slaves

Dear Diary,
Betty here again. It's Friday afternoon now, sorry about missing last night. So much has happened with stupid husband and brat brother yesterday and today, I just haven't had the time till now to write. I can't wait to tell you all about it! I'll have to hurry, though, because we're all about to leave for a "retreat" we're going on this weekend. More about that later, let me catch up first!
As I told you on Wednesday, Teddy and Dickie were going out of their way to be perfect angels and not do anything that mom would consider as disrespect toward her, me or my friends. They desperately wanted to avoid a repeat of the embarrassing naked punishment they suffered during my birthday party last weekend. Amazing what a strong session of "training" as mom now calls it, does for a male attitudes toward, as mom put it, us "superior" females!
On Monday my best friend and future sister-in-law Marcie had left on yet another business trip. Remember how I used to wonder what she saw in my brother? Well not anymore! We had a good chat on the phone and she confessed that she pretty much has a man in every port when she travels on business, and she fully intends to keep that up when she's married. She's only marrying Dickie so she's got a husband to mind the house, and also because computer programming pays very well (better than my useless husband's job, annoyingly). So a bit of femdom training should work very well for her! Yes sir, I've had great fun all week teasing Dickie about what his fiancee is probably getting up to in her hotel room.

And my husband hasn't been smiling either, as I've been dropping plenty of hints about what I've been getting up to with plumbers, gardeners, old high-school boyfriends, his buddies etc. while he's at work. After all, a girl gets lonely left in the house all day with nothing but a shrimp-dicked husband to look forward to!

And it's not like he can do anything about it now with all the digital pictures we took at the party of him getting spanked by his father-in-law and with his hands all over his brother-in-law's cock!
Teasing was great, but I was dying to see the brats naked again, with their things hard and pointing toward the sky. The digital pictures we took at the party just aren't the same as a live show. Of course, Teddy and Dickie were anxious for me not
to let anyone else see them in the all-together, showing off everything they had, boners and all.
Last Sunday at my party mom said I could make the brats be my naked slaves whenever we wanted, using the pictures as "blackmail" if necessary. But whenever I've asked her since to make them, she'd merely say, "we'll see," without making them. So, as you can imagine, I was getting really frustrated...

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