Sunday, 22 February 2015

Betty's Diary 2.4 Slave 69

Once the brats had calmed down a little, I sprung my surprise on them.
"Okay boys, for your continued arguing and complaining, I have a cure that will keep you quiet the rest of the evening."
"Oh goodie," mom jested, "I can't wait to hear what it is, and I'm sure neither can your slaves."
"For the rest of the evening," I let them know, "you are to lay on the floor and suck on each other's dicks!"
Quickly I glanced at mom, expecting her to prohibit my order.
But, she didn't, she supported me. As soon as my husband and brother started their inevitable protesting, she intervened. "You heard her, so get going."
"Now!" I commanded.
Fortunately for me, mom took charge. I had no experience in how two boys perform a "sixty-nine" as Marcie calls it. But, apparently mom did. She had the brats lay down facing each other with their heads in opposite directions. "Get those mouths on those dicks," she commanded.
Reluctantly, the brats did so. Teddy had to bend somewhat so that Dickie could do it. "Now," mom instructed, "start sucking."
Which they did, cheeks puffing.

"At all times," mom continued, "you must be doing at least one of three things to that dick in your mouth. Sucking on it, licking it with your tongue, or moving your head up and down on it."
"And, if either of you cum," I said, "you'll both get a spanking for it. With the hairbrush."
"But," added mom, "since your sister doesn't want to hear you speak, and it isn't polite to talk with your mouth full, you don't have to announce you're cumming."
Thinking of something, I said, "And no stopping except when I tell you after a cum."
"Or," mom elaborated, "your sister tells you to stop so that we can check and make sure you still have those boners you're supposed to be keeping."
I hadn't thought of that. Mom was being so helpful that I could just hug her!
Dear Diary, the next two hours were just unbelievable. My husband and brother, my naked brat cock sucking slave husband and brother, making a spectacle of themselves, giving mom, dad and me the greatest show I've ever seen.

It was great for me, but not the brats. Teddy came three times, and Little Dickie's little dickie five times. So that was eight more spankings I got to give their bare behinds. I don't know how they ever managed to stay seated at work today!

Poor Dickie, he almost gagged on all the spunk the first time Teddy came. He quickly had his mouth off Teddy's dick, spitting out the cum. Teddy kept shooting all over Dickie's face.
I scolded Dickie for letting his brother-in-law's dick out of his mouth without my permission and announced that his spanking would be doubled.

"Since they're inexperienced in the spunk-swallowing department," mom declared, " you'd better find a way for them to let each other know when they're about to shoot off."
I had a mean idea. "Teddy," I told him once he was standing in front of me for his spanking for cumming, "whenever you're about to cum, you're to signal Dickie by giving his bottom two hard spanks. Do you understand?"
"Yes, ma'am," he replied, his face going a deep red.
"And same for you Dickie," I told my littlest slave. "And when your brother-in-law spanks you, you are to stop sucking on his dick. Just hold it in your mouth. Understand?"
"Yes, ma'am," they answered.
"And" announced mom, "we still expect you to swallow every drop that comes out of those dicks. Any mess on your faces or on my floor will be severely punished.
Later, mom told me privately that my solution was brilliant. She said that the boys cumming without anything moving on their dicks would be much less satisfying and enjoyable, and in fact, somewhat frustrating for them. Good, let them be frustrated, for all the frustration I had suffered earlier this week waiting to be able to again see my brat slaves naked, boners and all.
After Dickie's spanking we had the boys back in the 69 and soon it was Dickie's turn to cum. Dickie gave Teddy two hard spanks on his already rosy bottom. My husband also couldn't quite manage my brother's load and so Dickie squirted all over his lips, nose and glasses. That earned Teddy double spankings again, but soon both boys were becoming adept at 'cum catching'.
All throughout this, mom was busily taking digital pictures, "for my collection." After two hours, she whispered to me that perhaps we should let the boys stop, that their dicks were probably pretty sore by now. I had wanted them to continue another hour till bed time, but didn't want to risk mom taking away some of the power and control she had given me over them.
"Okay, slaves," I told them, "you can stop now and come stand next to me."
Mom was right, their dicks were almost as red as their bottoms. I knew they had to be hurting, front side and backside both.
"Now," I instructed them, "you are to stay naked until right before time to leave for work tomorrow."
"Yes, ma'am," they both half mumbled in reply.
Deciding to show mom that I could be sensible about my slaves, I added, "and you don't have to have boners the rest of the evening, unless you show me or mom more disrespect."
"Yes ma'am, thank you ma'am," responded Teddy. I could tell that this was just tearing him up inside, to have to take orders from his wife.
"Thank you, ma'am," chimed in my Little Dickie.
"And, here's a little reminder not to give us any trouble," I said as I gave each of their balls a very hard squeeze. Immediately they screamed loudly and want down to the floor, writhing about in the new agony I'd just caused them. Now, they had aching balls to go along with their aching dicks and bottoms. A matched set, so to speak.
At bedtime Teddy was dispatched to the sofa in the rumpus room, as after the evening's exertions I was in serious need of a date with my vibrating rubber friend, if you know what I mean!
On Friday morning, the boys came to breakfast naked and red faced.
"Glad to see you're obeying so well," I told them, "it means you don't have to have boners this morning."
"Thank you, ma'am" Teddy replied, quickly followed by Dickie.
"I sure do like you dressed like this," I gigglingly teased them.
They blushed even more, but didn't say anything.
All too soon they had to get dressed for work, too bad we can't get away with making them go there naked. But, I decided I would have them that way right after they got home.
While the boys were at work, mom told us about a "retreat" that she and some of my friends' mothers had planned for the weekend. Us, Kathy and Marcie and their families, and Marcie's Aunt Jenny's family. Mom didn't go into details, but it was clear that there was going to be a lot of naked men around for us ladies to "train" on. I can hardly wait!
Mom and I spent most of the rest of the day packing and getting ready for the trip. I settled on a smart blouse and knee length polka dot skirt, plus white court shoes, pearl necklace and bracelets and the gold watch Marcie had bought me for me birthday. Mom went for a similar ensemble and we looked like a pair of real 1950s housewives when we'd finished!
Once the brats were home I immediately ordered they get naked, then mom said, "perfect, once they put their shoes and socks back on, they'll be all ready for a little family trip we're making this weekend."
That's the doorbell ringing, Dear Diary, I've got to run. I'll tell you all about it when I get back Sunday night!

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