Friday, 7 May 2021

Cuckold 69 (Jonathan art manips)

I'm not really one for commemorating arbitrary landmarks on this blog, but as this is actually my sixty-ninth set of manips of Jonathan's art, I decided I couldn't let the moment pass without a series devoted to one of my favourite sex acts!

While sixty-nines can of course be an extremely intimate (and enjoyable) act between couples, I most commonly fantasise about them in femdom and cuckolding scenarios. They certainly are a useful tool in the dominant wife's toolbox, especially when there are two cuckold couples. What better way to keep the cucks occupied while the wives have some fun with their bulls (or just make them suck dick without one of them having to be the top!)

And for bi-curious boys like me the only thing better than a gay 69 is a 1691 - where two subby guys suck each other's dicks while two dominant guys fuck them both in the ass, preferably in the presence of giggling ladies! I quite like the implications of the switch from 69 to 1691 between my first and second manips. It looks like cuckolds could be persuaded to to suck each others' cocks with just a spanking (probably with the bulls' belts), but to take the bulls' cocks as well they needed to be tied up!

I'm sure my love of femdom sixty-nining comes from my youthful exposure to Betty's Diary, some of the best parts of which feature dominant matriarchs making reluctant young men simultaneously suck each others' dicks under the threat of spanking-and-wanking based punishments. Those of you who followed Betty's Diary might notice that the third pic is a stealth tribute to the second sixty-nining scene from the story. While Ian Hamilton drew me an excellent depiction of the first suckfest, it would have been a bit much to ask him to draw (in Betty's words) 'eight boy mouths working away on eight boy dicks, a sucking and slurping symphony so supreme!'

Presumably when two submissive males are ordered to sixty-nine, the key is to ensure that they suck their partner's cock with sufficient vigour. So the rule in the third pic will be a real clincher... those cuckies are going to be going TO TOWN on each other's stiff little dickies, desperate not to spend an extra agonising month with their cocks and balls under lock and key!

I'm sure you're all aware of swingers' parties, but what about cuckolding parties, where the men are assigned the status of bull or cuckold and treated accordingly. Do such things exist? I'd rather like to attend one, even if I'm sure I would be designated as a cuck! I imagine cuckold sixty-ninings would definitely feature at such events!

There is plenty of porn featuring couples romantically sixty-nining (whether gay, straight or bi), but artwork featuring the femdom variant is rather sparse (and I was very pleased to add to the pantheon, with the help of Ian Hamilton!)

I posted a lot of it in my past Betty Diary's posts, and it's always a treat to find some more...

Like a hotwife amusing herself by having her bull and cuck suck each other's dicks:

Or sissified husbands sucking each other in the workplace!

In fact femdom sixty-nining certainly seems to suit Safeword Ignored's style!

Friday, 23 April 2021

Headmaster for Housewives 16: Taming the Brats (erotic ebook)

A young housewife is stuck in a rut, with an uncaring husband and two spoiled stepdaughters from his first marriage.

But after a chance encounter with her old Headmaster, she finds her passions reignited as she dons her old uniform and allows him to recreate the experiences of her younger years...

But it's when she turns him loose on the two spoiled brats that the fun really begins... 

Buy it now, exclusively on Amazon Kindle:

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This book is inspired by a story I read long ago, I think on the Spanking Writers blog (now defunct though still accessible) where the author overhears a mother on a train whose daughter sounds like she's sorely in need of a good hard spanking...

Coming back from our honeymoon, we stopped in London for a day. We were both excited for a spot of shopping: the John Lewis and Bhs uniform departments! (Bhs [now also defunct of course] has the best fitted white shirts, JL has everything else – and this time we bought some sock garters for me! I have such a fetish for sock garters!)

On the train from the airport, I had a total “perverting reality moment” – i.e., that whatever I was seeing, hearing, or reading about just seemed to be leading directly to a spanking fantasy!

There was a woman talking loudly on the phone, and if you talk loudly on your phone in public, I feel it gives me perfect right to enjoy the entertainment you are providing me with (hey, it’s preferable to getting angry at people for being rude!) So, there I was, sitting back and listening to this woman’s conversation, and it soon becomes clear that she is basically demonstrating that the plots of schoolgirl spanko porn are actually based in simple fact and reality. This mother is calling people to complain about her daughter, who seems to have gone a bit wild, and to ask them to help her deal with the unrepentant young lady. I have watched enough schoolgirl spanking videos to know how they, as a genre, generally go – and this slice of reality sounded just like the start of a spanking film! Honestly, I looked around for someone with a video camera, as the woman’s conversation progressed …

“Hello, I’m calling about Anna. Yes, I’m her mother. [laughs, then listens for a while] Yes, exactly, and you see, I just don’t know what to do anymore. I mean, I’ve been punishing her by taking things away from her, you know how it goes, but there’s been no improvement and now I have nothing left to take away from her! [listens again] Yes, that’s it. And I just don’t know what to do. [listens again] Yes, if you can deal with it, that would be perfect – I’m just at my wit’s end! [listens again] Good – then you will deal with it? Oh, I just cannot thank you enough!”

One can only conclude that Anna has been set up with an uncle, who happens to be a retired headmaster, for a weekend or fortnight that she will never forget! One assumes that the mother (who seems pretty useless) has never spanked or strapped unruly Anna, and so Anna’s first spanking will come as quite a shock! Not as much of a shock as her first caning will be – which will undoubtedly happen in short order, when Anna tries to rebel after her first taste of C.P.!

And, the woman made a second call right after the first one, so another now-sadly-retired discipliner-of-naughty-children seems to have been called up to active duty! I don’t know when Anna will be able to sit down without wincing again, but it doesn’t seem likely to be in the near future!

While travelling by train, the Headmaster overhears a similar conversation. Except that this woman has TWO unruly stepdaughters to deal with. And even better, the Headmaster realises that the exasperated stepmother is actually Michaela Fellows (nee Deacon), one of his former pupils.

Michaela is decidedly unimpressed to be saddled with her husband's bratty daughters from his first marriage, particularly as he has left her alone with them for the whole summer while he travels away for work.

Needless to say, the neglected housewife is ripe for the Headmaster's attention, and she is soon regularly visiting him in his study and at his cottage to re-enact her bottom-sizzling schooldays...

Followed by a good hard seeing-to of course!

The Headmaster is also keen to be allowed to visit some traditional discipline upon the utterly deserving duo of Hermione Fellows and her younger sister Angelica (whom he dubs 'Haughty' and 'Naughty'), and Michaela is only too happy to let him bring her stepdaughters into line with cane and tawse and the palm of his hand!

Of course, all that spanking and training gets all three ladies very hot under the collar indeed...

Soon the girls are just as eager as their stepmother for the Headmaster's cock... which he is only too happy to provide!

He even visits the two haughty middle-class girls at their stables and whips them soundly in front of the stablehands before allowing the rough, tough working men to have their way with them!

Michaela is happy to provide guidance and assistance as required...

And eventually the wicked stepmother is convinced to take the whip-hand herself, as the Headmaster enjoys the show!

Friday, 2 April 2021

Eric Stanton manips: Bulls Spank Cuckolds

The late, great Eric Stanton was a master of femdom artwork, depicting proud professional males being thrashed by their wives, overpowered, facesat, tied up and subjected to all kinds of unimaginable tortures.

But I don't think he ever showed a husband being spanked by his wife's lover, so hopefully these manips make a worthwhile contribution to his considerable pantheon...

The majority of my manips use Jonathan's work, and I often get requests to create manips using other artists' work. But no matter how many I experiment with, I never seem to find them as satisfying as working with Jonathan's art.

The main problem with creating manips of Eric Stanton's work is that the scans of his drawings often have wildly different contrast and balance between light and dark. As my previous attempts to manip his work show, this can result in a somewhat hideous mishmash. Tellingly, all the artworks in these manips are taken from the 'Poor Letty' series, so they all have roughly the same balance.

One thing I love about Jonathan's work is the anguish on his subs' faces, so I always feel these expressions fit how a cuckold would really feel in this situation. After all, his wife cheating on him is supposed to be the worst thing that can happen to a married man, and gay sex is supposedly the worst thing that can happen to a straight man, and bulls spanking cuckolds combine the two!

I'm happy with the first manip in this regard. The cuck's expression really displays the humiliation of his position, especially with his wife's enthusiastic cheerleading!

In the second pic the cucks' faces are hidden, so we can only imagine their expressions as they are whipped by the dominant patriarch in front of their giggling wives...

I was clearly experiencing a bit of a father-in-law fetish when I created these manips! The wife in the third manip looks seriously naughty, and I wonder if she is now thinking of adding her father-in-law to her pantheon of lovers... it would be thrilling for all involved for hubby to get a dose of Daddy's belt before his willing wife gets a dose of Daddy's cock! While there is plenty of artwork featuring mothers-in-law spanking their daughters' husbands...

And also of strict fathers dominating their daughters-in-law (with SP Anka probably being the best proponent)...

I can't find anything showing fathers punishing their sons-in-law, apart from my own work. It's definitely an area I will have to investigate for future manips!

And I may not be entirely accurate in my claim that Stanton never drew dominant men punishing husbands, as shown by this early book cover and illustrations (though I don't have any other pictures or text from this):

Friday, 19 March 2021

Watching Your Wife Get Punished (erotic ebook)

Sometimes a naughty wife needs to be punished. But what if her husband isn't up to the job? Sometimes it takes another man to do it right...

In my latest ebook, three unfortunate husbands have to sit by and watch while other men punish their wives... and then satisfy them like their husbands never could!

Buy it now, exclusively on Amazon Kindle:

Or read it for free with Kindle Unlimited:

In the first story, bratty housewife Connie Gardela regularly fucks local hoodlum Bobby Romano while her husband is at work. Connie is bored and unsatisfied in her marriage, and is attracted to Bobby's power (the Romano family run the neighbourhood, and Bobby himself used to bully Connie's husband at school), not to mention the fact that he happily gives her the sizzling belt-whippings she so craves... just like her Daddy used to!

While Connie is sucking his dick, Bobby lets slip that her husband has been playing cards again and has gambled away Connie's entire vacation fund.

The furious wife makes a deal with her criminal lover to get back some of the money. All she has to do is leave the front door unlocked when she and her husband go to bed, and then play her part accordingly...

Bobby and his two buddies burst in, rough up Connie's husband (which she has to pretend she doesn't enjoy watching) and then tie him up, so that they can have some fun with his wife while he's forced to watch...

Connie is gagged so that her husband can't tell that her muffled protests are actually moans of ecstasy as the intruders take their belts to her even harder than her Daddy did!

And then they take their time having fun with all of her holes, two of which her husband isn't even allowed access to!

By the end, gag or no gag, Connie's husband is in no doubt that his wife is secretly enjoying her 'ordeal'.

In reality, of course, Connie is allowing the criminals to fuck her for the money (and also for the thrill no doubt), but in her husband's mind he isn't even late with his payment and fully intends to repay his debt on time and in full (albeit with the family savings). The powerful criminals are doing this just because they can, simply to remind him to pay on time. Imagine living in a world where having your wife whipped and fucked in front of you is merely a reminder, not a punishment...

The second story shows the perils of working together as a married couple, and also the struggles young professional men and women face in the big city. A hotshot young barrister and her far-less impressive legal clerk husband barely find time for romance, let alone sex! So it's hardly surprising when at work they engage in some extremely inappropriate behaviour in the senior partner's office...

Unfortunately, the wife's boss walks in at exactly the wrong time. And thanks to the company's zero-tolerance policy towards sex in the workplace that the wife herself pioneered, her promising career is very much on the line!

Fortunately, like most older men, her boss is open to dealing with the problem discreetly, through traditional means...

And like most professional women, the young wife finds these 'traditional means' to be very stimulating indeed...

To the extent that she allows her boss to have his way with her afterwards... while her husband has to watch!

In the final story, a husband bites off more than he can chew when he reveals to his wife that he regularly attended spanking parties before they were married... and she decides that she wants to tag along!

This is actually inspired by a conversation I had with my girlfriend when I told her that I had visited professional spankees and attended spanking parties before we got together.

She wasn't shocked, and in fact she was surprised that we were able to contain ourselves and nobody ended up having sex afterwards!

She even wondered if she would have been able to attend the parties as a spectator, but I pointed out that she would probably be expected to be one of the spankees...and she didn't seem entirely opposed to the suggestion! I of course found the thought of her joining me at a spanking party and having to watch as she was spanked by other men to be both unbearable and unbearably arousing! Eventually it inspired this tale.

Needless to say, the husband in the story goes through quite the emotional wringer as he watches his wife dressed in school uniform, getting well and truly thrashed by older, more dominant men who take charge at the party.

And who knows what will go on when she's alone with them in the one-to-one sessions at the end of the day, after hours and hours of red-hot spanking action...