Sunday, 24 August 2014

My wristwatch fetish: dominant ladies wearing watches F/M

Wristwatches are one of my biggest kinks, and one that the internet strangely doesn't seem to do much to cater for. Whether they're worn by spankers, spankees, hotwives, bulls, cuckolds or just plain couples, few things get me hotter than two rutting, sweating bodies going at it while wearing nothing but expensive watches on their wrists.
Obviously ladies look hot in any kind of jewellery (plus high heels of course!) but I think watches give them a certain je ne sez quoi that really gets my cock twitching. It seems to be quite a rare fetish too, so I thought I'd round up a few artworks of sexy girls sporting dainty timepieces. Starting with strict ladies who wear them while spanking the men in their lives!
An expensive watch is yet another mark of authority for a buxon matriarch, along with a severe hairdo, frumpy dress, pearls, court shoes and a thick ebony hairbrush.

A pretty lady's watch is certainly an expensive item, and an ideal way to show your wife or mistress how much you care:

Watches fit perfectly into domestic spanking scenes. After all, when your wife/girlfriend/mother/auntie pulls you across her knee to smack your bare bottom it's doubtful that she takes her watch off.

A dainty watch is a vital tool for a housewife to tell when hubby is running late, or when it's time for his weekly maintenance spanking, or how long it's been since she told him to do something:


I like the idea that on a girl's 18th birthday the traditional gift is an expensive gold watch, plus a hairbrush so she can help Mom spank the men of the house:

And of course the strict professor needs a watch to tell when you're late for class:

Those nurses on your ward need to be able to tell when it's feeding time, or when you're due another rectal examination:


Watches add another layer to CFNM scenes - just another thing your mistress gets to wear while you are made to go naked apart from a collar and leash:

They go great with power-dressed office girls who spank and humiliate their colleagues and subordinates:

Depictions of watches are quite rare in spanking art. Red Rump's retro ladies often wear them as part of their gorgeous 50s outfits:

...special props should go out to Blake, whose ladies regularly sported watches on their wrists:


...however the king of  wristwatches in spanking art is probably Tommyspt, whose dominant ladies can very often tell you exactly when it's 'time for a spanking':

And at the end of the day, when your bottom is red and your chores are done, maybe your lady will keep her watch on while she pegs your ass or rides your cock till kingdom cum!


  1. I never realized how many wrist watches I put into my work. I guess I must have the same fetish, though, until now, I didn't know it.

    1. Well I'm sure glad you do, even if it was unknowingly ;) I suppose watches especially suit the lovely retro-'50s vibe of your lovely ladies