Friday, 15 August 2014

All of Jonathan's F/M spanking art

I've seen alot of people around the web asking about Jonathan's few female-spanking-male pieces. I guess since Jonathan's work is mostly posted on MM-only sites his FM stuff can be hard to come across. I have the complete collection, so here they are folks.
This is probably my favorite piece:

Never mind the sexy school uniforms on the spankee and his classmates, the teacher is the best example of the 'strict headmistress' look that I've ever seen in spanking art. The gown, the cap, the glasses, the heels, the naughty fishnet stockings and the nipple-revealingly tight blouse - all add up to make her the perfect femdom fantasy figure. Plus she's seriously cute as well.
Another of my favorites is this gorgeous wedding scene:

I've said before how I have a serious fetish for bride and groom attire, and this ticks all the boxes. My partner once complained that Jonathan's women look a bit manly. Maybe they do, but the fact that they're not all grade A stunners adds to the realism and attraction of the fantasies - I've already said how the mother in his wedding pic is my ultimate older spanker.
That said, Jonathan's technique does lends itself wonderfully to severe old harridans who love to blister his young men's perfectly sculpted buttocks:

And after all, aren't today's young ladies just the severe old harridans of the future? This young wife certainly seems like she has the necessary strictness:

Shame we don't get to see what Mathew's bottom looks like after a 2 hour dose of her hairbrush!
Sometimes it seems like Jonathan is going through a checklist of top spanking fantasies with his FM art. Here is his hospital pic, and while the nurses are pretty in their gloating, that matron really steals the show: 

Imagine how red your bottom would be if she was your wife, mother or auntie?
Jonathan's cop pic always made me wonder if the policewomen were going to use their batons to beat his ass, or shove them up it? I hope it's the latter- their belts would be much better for spanking:

Next is a nice FFM pic. I always thought it was an older sister letting her friend help her spank her younger brother, but that was before I remembered what UCLA means. So I suppose it's really two collegegirls 'exploring their sexuality' with one of their boyfriends. Or they could be visiting one of their homes on vacation? Love all the objectivication of the male form on the walls by the way:

The next pic depicts the perils of being a delivery boy to two very strict ladies. I assume they're mistresses, or they could just have very well trained husbands!

Finally is Jonathan's series showing what happens when a naughty Civil War soldier misbehaves at his billet. It's all wonderful but the final birching pic with the soldier over the matron's lap in the wheelbarrow position is one of my absolute favorites ever - you really get a feel for his abject agony as she roasts his toned little bottom with puritanical relish, as her daughter looks on smirking:


  1. Thanks for posting them! I was searching a lot. Especially Jonathan's Comics are very hard to find. Do you have more of them?

    1. I have quite a few of his comics. Are you looking for any specific ones?

    2. Oh I was looking for "Flash" recently. But there are also some RedTail Comics, e.g. "The Bully & the Brothers, "Smacking Zack or "Focused" that I am searching for...

    3. I certainly have Flash but not sure about the others. What happens in them? I do have alot of his comics without titles so it could be one of them,

  2. Another wonderful illustration. Again, I would love to be the spanked. To have to ride in the saddle with a red spanked sore bottom!! And to be spanked in front of the smiling daughter, wonderfully humiliating!

    1. Yes Jonathan certainly draws an attractive horse :D He has another drawing where a young man has been roped over the back of a stallion and his having his bare arse whipped by the burly farmhands. That's another situation I would definitely like to be in!