Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Ladies in wristwatches cucking and fucking

A lady often doesn't have time to slip her watch off before a good seeing to, and I rejoice when I come across artwork showing a pretty lady still wearing her wristwatch before, during or after some naughty pleasuring:


The hottest is when you see a watch on a woman who's just about to enjoy a big black cock. I find it adds a touch of class, and we all know how hot it is to see a more 'refined' lady getting down and dirty. Not to mention that her husband probably bought her that expensive watch, so it adds another layer of naughtiness (or maybe he didn't get her the one she wanted and she is keeping it on for revenge). And while these demure suburban ladies might be saying 'oh my' and blushing at the sight of these brutish men revealing all in their kitchen, it doesn't change the fact that they're so eager to have some fun with a big dick that they haven't even got time to take their jewellery off!

And if a not-so-blushing bride wants to keep on both her expensive gold watch and bridal outfit while bouncing on a big black cock in front of her new husband, well that's just perfect:

If your wife has a hot date, that watch you bought her will be just the thing to tell her how long you've got to get her ready, you wimp cuckold! As well as squeezing into her favorite little black dress and heels, donning a dainty and expensive watch can really add a layer of class to a fun evening in with you and her bull:


Office girls need to know the time of course. A quick look at her watch tells her she's going to be late home, so she'd better call her husband. No need to interrupt her boss though!

Stramaglia's comic 'I Married a Bitch' is an absolute treasure trove for those of us with a wristwatch fetish. Because of course sophisticated wives who wear expensive watches also need to shop for classy underwear:


And sexy secretaries with demanding bosses need to be well turned out as well as well fucked:


Rebecca is a great artist for including wristwatches, occasionally slipping a dainty wristwatch onto the wrists of her suburban sapphos while they go at it behind their husbands backs:



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