Monday, 25 August 2014

Dominant ladies wearing wristwatches F/F

Dominant women look just as good in wristwatches when they're spanking pert female bottoms as they do when they're spanking muscular male ones. My wristwatch fetish is limited to the classy gold/silver ones or the ones with gold faces and leather straps - no cutesy hello-kitty or mannish over-sized metal ones thank you. Endart is good for wristwatches in his art - here are two ladies showing off both my favored variants:

Carrie and Sonya

For ladies who work in libraries a wristwatch is a vital tool that they can glance at before prissily informing you that they're afraid you've returned that book just few minutes past the deadline. But if you don't want to pay the fine, perhaps you'd take a spanking instead? There's something about librarians and spanking, whether they're abusing their power to get a look at toned jock butts, or smacking their assistants' pretty little bottoms for not using the filing system properly:

The Librarian

Office girls must be dressed to the nines at all times, and that includes expensive wristwatches. And with all these alpha-bitches fighting to establish supremacy, there's bound to be spankings:

Jenny in the Stockroom

Wristwatches are certainly suited to the more mature, experienced lady, whether she's passing on her skills to the next generation, or counting how many minutes her student was late for tutorial, so she knows how many strokes of the cane to administer:

Here's a delightful domestic scene from Paula Meadows (who in real life looks a lot like the spanker). Is it a strict mother showing her new son-in-law the best way to keep his new bride in line? Or is she his mother, demonstrating the technique (and paddle?) that his father used when she was naughty? Either way, she doesn't seem to mind the look of glee on the young man's face, or him taking a hefty pinch of the young lady's bottom. No doubt she experienced similar in her younger years:

Eric Stanton's voluptuous goddesses are always well turned out and occasionally wear watches:

Even when engaging in kinky bondage sessions:

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