Sunday, 31 August 2014

Submissive men in wristwatches get cuckolded and fucked

I have such a thing for guys in wristwatches, and have already started explaining the fantasy world I've built up around them. But it's not just the Daddys who have their own watches. At the other end of the scale are us scrawny beta males whose dainty, feminine wrists would go all floppy with the weight of a big metal Daddy watch, so we wear the the less masculine timepieces with thin leather straps and (usually) slender golden frames. Or as I call them, Bitch watches.

Us Bitch watch-wearing beta males got bullied at school and get beaten at home...

We spend our days in stuffy offices fantasizing about doing things to our wives that better men are no doubt already doing while we work:

We pay our taxes on time but still law enforcement know they can take liberties with our loved ones...


We get cuckolded by our wives and humiliated by their friends:

And of course if bigger guys ever get the chance then we get well and truly buggered!

A man in this kind of watch just screams 'spank me/fuck me/cuck me'! It's hard to tell whether these watches are for men or for women - that's if a sissy's wife or bull doesn't make him wear an actual ladies' watch to really hammer home his cuckability.

I often fantasize about a kinky party where the men are ordered according to the watch they wear. It can work for all my kinks: maybe the Daddy-watch wearers get to spank the Bitch-watch wearers’ wives, maybe the Bitches have to watch while the Daddys fuck their wives, maybe the Daddys get to spank and fuck the Bitches!
Though as these comics by Oliver Frey (aka Zach) show, metal watches can be just as sexy when they're worn by guys on the receiving end of spankings and fuckings. I guess they still accentuate their nakedness and vulnerability, just like they do with the ladies.

A stud in a watch is still a stud in a watch after all! This is especially true when a hot young buck wants to get all dressed up in sharp suits and flash watches to act like he's a real man now, only for an experienced Daddy-type to bring him down to earth, with his watch reminding him how wrong he was when he thought he wouldn't be on the receiving end!


And when two twinks or other submissive types get together, I guess it doesn't matter if they're both wearing Bitch watches:

I know I haven't mentioned digital watches, and that's because they're an abomination! Seriously ladies, if your man wears a digital watch you should cuckold him on principle!


  1. Lovin' this blog! Hey I'm a skinny, nerdy beta and I love to wear big, heavy Daddy watches, too big and loose on my girly, feminine wrist. I could never be happy with a small, leather Bitch watch, even if they would suit me better. I love big tough-guy's watches, but anyone can see that I'm not a tough guy. I just love the feeling of a super macho watch, and that I'm too small and skinny for it, and it is too manly for me. I always buy the biggest and chunkiest watches I can find, and I try them on to make sure they are too big for me!! I have major watch fetish, and dream and fantasize about them all the time!

    1. Glad you like the blog - you should find plenty here to feed your watch fetish!
      Big metal Daddy watches are supremely erotic so they of course can look great in any situation, whether being worn by a big spanking stud or by a geeky cuckold taking his wife's lover's cock up his ass!