Friday, 21 August 2020

Loving Domestic Discipline (erotic ebook)

Two shy, lonely coworkers, brought together by an irresistible desire for discipline... him to give it, and her to take it!
Needless to say they are soon engaged in a red-hot relationship... and eventually it's fun for all the family as they realize their grownup son and daughter have inherited their craving for stinging corporal punishment!

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This book is based on a reader's letter in a fetish magazine that has always stayed with me, even around 20 years after reading it. The magazine is long gone, but the letter went something like this:

I had consigned myself to never finding someone who shared my love of spanking, until one day a lady in my office made a minor error. Throwing caution to the wind, I told her that 'I should give you a good spanking'. I expected to be reported and thrown out of the company in disgrace. Instead she responded 'Maybe you should!'
Eventually we were married, and discovered that our mutual love of corporal punishment was apparently the result of the severe discipline we had received in our younger years. As such, we were very keen to shield our children from the same influence. We didn't even mention corporal punishment in the house, let alone strike them.
However, our efforts appear to have been in vain. At a recent fancy dress party, my now-adult son attended in full school uniform, while his fiancee came as a strict headmistress - complete with cane! My daughter also wore school uniform to the same party. Before we left, my future daughter-in-law struck my son across the backside with her cane, saying it was punishment for looking at other women!

At the time I read this, I was a spank-obsessed teenager very much hoping that in future I would find someone who shared my fetish, so the rather romantic tale certainly struck a chord...

I also loved the very public events of the fancy dress party, with the uniforms and the son's very public chastisement!


I have expanded on the original text to create the book. As well as charting the mother and father's bottom-sizzling courtship, there are many additional scenes featuring the various family members.
For a start, the mother and father attend the fancy dress party dressed as James Bond and Pussy Galore, and Mr Bond's interest in spanking is well-documented...

Then after the party, the mother accidentally stumbles upon her future daughter-in-law giving her son far more than a single stroke across the seat of his shorts... still in full school uniform of course!

The father is extremely jealous of his wife's little show... but then he himself catches his daughter being spanked and seen-to by her rough working-class boyfriend...

Daddy gets a thorough schooling in the sexual ways of modern youth from his naughty adult schoolgirl daughter and her lover... including the use of anal sex as the favoured method of contraception!

Of course the dirty dog watches the whole thing!


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