Friday, 3 May 2019

Just Wait Till He Gets Home! (Alpha Man of the House 1)... new erotic ebook

My latest ebook opens with a text message from strict stepdad Mike:

'Sounds like I need to do some spanking when I get home!'

Let's face it, domestic spanking scenes with big strong Daddies wielding thick leather belts are the foundation of many a spanking fantasy. My 'Alpha Man of the House' books try to imagine a modern world where strict Daddies still believe in spanking among all the text messaging and sexual liberation!

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The recipient of the text message, mother Amelia, could do with a good spanking herself. She has four children by two other men, and luckily her wealthy working man Mike is willing to take them in... provided they are subject to strict discipline of course!



But Amelia certainly doesn't mind! In fact she very much enjoys watching her brats get beat...

...and certainly enjoys the hot sex she always has with her husband afterwards!


But Mike is getting frustrated with his wife's laziness when it comes to disciplining the brats.
It's not that he doesn't enjoy tanning their bare behinds (especially his 18-year-old stepdaughter Charlotte), but why can't Amelia at least try and keep them in line when he's at work?
So Mike makes a new rule – when the brats get spanked, Amelia gets spanked as well!

Amelia isn't aware of this, and that evening she watches smugly as her leggy teenage daughter gets a good spanking across her hunky Stepdaddy's knee as soon as he gets home...


But Mom isn't quite so smug when she learns she's going over his knee as well – bare-bottomed and in full view of Charlotte and the other brats!

And afterwards both Mom and daughter are bent over the sofa for a dual belt-whipping that nobody in the family will ever forget!

Placing traditional domestic spanking scenes in a modern setting certainly throws up a lot of kinky questions. Anyone with a sadistic streak is always going to enjoy delivering or witnessing ass-whippings, whether they're related to the victim or not (or maybe even more so – sisters and daughters can be so annoying after all!)

And that raises questions as to how many parents and guardians actually enjoyed doling out thrashings back in the 'good old days'... One wondered what all those strict mothers and fathers got up to after the kids had been spanked and sent to bed...

Plus most kids these days (and plenty of grown-ups too) would think of spanking as a sex act rather than a punishment. So not only would an eighteen-year-old in a spanking household have to deal with the pain and humiliation of a bare-bottom spanking, she would also have to endure herself inevitably getting turned on during it!

Of course, that doesn't just apply to eighteen-year-olds... and Amelia finds that being the recipient of a spanking and a belt-whipping makes her even hornier than witnessing one!

So while her parents are fucking, Charlotte sneaks out for some fun with her own boyfriend...

...only to be caught by Mike when she sneaks back home!

Things then get rather steamy between hunky stepdad and slutty stepdaughter, as Charlotte is punished with another bare-bottomed spanking that makes her and Mike rather horny...

And you can probably guess just how horny if I tell you that one of Charlotte's last lines in the book is...

‘Mmmmm Daddy… You’re so much bigger than my boyfriend!’


  1. I'm having problems with my kindle, but as soon as I can get it fixed I will start to buy your books, so I can only comment that I wish there was a sample to read of each. I anxiously await reading them all!

    As for this post, thanks for sharing all the wonderful Endart work. Perhaps my favorite artist tied with Andy Price. I never saw an Endart work I didn't full-out love!

    1. Many thanks Father. Did you know that you can read the opening pages by clicking on the covers in Amazon? Or if there is a scene described above that particularly interests you, just drop me an email and I'll happily send you a sample.

      Endart is a massive favourite of mine too. He was the artist that made me realise I prefer pornographic art to photos. Rest assured there is plenty more of his work to come in my postings about my other ebooks!