Wednesday, 25 December 2019

Spanking Santas (Jonathan art manips)

Over the years Santa Claus has developed into one of my sexual fantasy figures (hardly surprising really, considering he is an older Daddy-type, with a distinctive outfit featuring a big leather belt, who likes to sneak into helpless boys' houses late at night to give them what they REALLY want for Christmas...)
So here are some dominant Santas spanking away (and more) in some of my favourite fantasy scenarios...

First off, there's a cuckolding scene, with a pair of ballbusting skinheads straight out of prison thrown in for good measure. Yet more decent middle-class people at the mercy of merciless criminals... once again I just can't help but get hard as these cruel, callous convicts have their way with innocent, well-bred bottoms. Maybe this young couple were looking forward to their first Christmas alone together after scraping and saving for their own place... and now he's begging and pleading and telling these two men they can do anything they want! I like the idea that he is getting spanked with one of the expensive leather slippers he insisted on being bought for Christmas (of course the Bad Santas will have had a good old early rummage through the couple's heartfelt Christmas gifts!)
At least the wife doesn't seem too upset by the change to their holiday plans. We all know how much middle-class ladies love to watch their husbands getting spanked and abused by dominant lower-class men, never mind having their own fun with their thick lower-class cocks! I like the idea of her obediently holding the leash between her lips, ready to do her duty as Bad Santa's slutty little reindeer. The idea of a sub having to talk with something in their mouth, giving them a deliciously submissive lisp, first became attractive to me after I read Desod's seminal prison porn comic, 'Black Master, White Slaves':

Boy have I spent many a night jerking off my slim middle-class dick to the idea of being in this sissy sex slave's place, meekly offering no resistance at all to my Prison Daddy as he describes how he fucked my wife and will have me taste her juices on his black dick!
Speaking of sex slaves, maybe the Bad Santas will take the wife with them when they finally leave (or the husband... I guess it depends how much of a taste they got for tight male butts in jail!)...

The second manip is inspired by various European traditions. Basically, the idea is that Santa has a helper. And while Santa leaves gifts for the good children, the helper leaves birch rods to be used on the naughty ones! Some traditions have the helpers carrying out the birchings, and there is more of a hint of the modern naughty list/nice list idea. So it's not too much of a jump to imagine a big strong Santa birching the bare bottoms of all the naughty boys!
Perhaps this pic takes place in a glorious alternative reality where corporal punishment and buggery are held up as inalienable traditions... perhaps protected in the same way as freedom of speech is in the USA...
With this background, the sadistic older male could certainly have much fun around Christmastime! The Santas haven't even made much effort with their costumes... clearly they are just in it for the birching and buggering!
And if the father seems rather blase about the roasting and reaming that is going on across his dinner table, it's probably because he is looking forward to donning his own Santa outfit and heading out into the neighbourhood with a sack of coal in one hand and a birch rod in the other! Sacrificing his sons' scorched, suffering sphincters is a small price to pay if he gets to stick his big Daddy dick in the unfortunate buttholes of many of the other neighbourhood boys... After all, traditions like this require a bit of give and take... except that the Daddies do most of the giving, and the boys do ALL of the taking!
I certainly would have liked to have grown up in a community built around these values – the erotic possibilities are endless! Imagine a world where parents actually use neighbourly buttfuckings as a punishment... 'If you don't tidy your room I'll send you to old Mr Henderson to be bound, birched and buggered!'

And of course the third manip features a personal favourite fantasy of mine, that of randy Stepdads who can't keep their hands off (or cocks out of) their stepsons' smooth submissive butts! This scenario is probably the most realistic of the three. I'll wager that over this Christmas period plenty of stepsons will be hauled pleading from their warm beds in the middle of the night, their pyjama bottoms pulled down as their Stepdads' firm hands soundly spank their bare bottoms for being such naughty, naughty boys during the year!
Maybe the poor boys only suck their Stepdads' cocks to spare their bottoms any more burning agony. Or maybe it's what always happens whenever Stepdaddy pays them a visit in the middle of the night...
Maybe this is a regular occurrence, or maybe it only happens during special occasions (Christmas, birthdays, whenever Stepdad's sports team wins or loses, that kind of thing...) Or maybe this only happens at Christmas, and they associate the taste of their Stepdaddy's cock with the festive season as much as the taste of eggnog! Whatever the scenario, it's certainly a way I would have liked to have spent my childhood!

Jonathan draws an excellent spanking Santa scene, and the decidedly seedy Santas in these manips are inspired by the dodgy-looking Santa in this pic:

Perhaps the obvious interpretation is that this is a low-paid mall Santa returning home on Christmas Eve and unwinding after work by giving his disobedient son a good walloping. But is there an even more erotic interpretation? Could he, like in the first manip, be a burglar with a spanking fetish and the perfect Christmas Eve disguise? Is he a crooked mall Santa who keeps track of all the rich, spoiled brats who sit on his knee, following them home to rob their obviously well-stocked houses? And if he happens to come across these brats alone during his housebreaking, he is free to have some fun with their firm, well-bred bottoms...
As with so many of Jonathan's pictures, there are multiple possibilties. For a start, does anyone know what the text on his suit says? (Besides the word 'Santa' of course...)

Friday, 13 December 2019

The Headmaster and the Headmistress (A Romance ebook)

In British boarding schools of the early 1960s, the sexual revolution seems very far away. But a headmaster and headmistress are drawn together by their mutual craving for the cane...

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As you can tell from the subtitle, my latest ebook is more of a 'romance' than pure erotica, but there are still plenty of steamy spanking and sex scenes to keep you and your loved ones warm this Christmas season!
Headmistress Penelope Wraxton is trying to give the pupils of Hazelmere School for Girls a chance at a better life, battling against reactionary pressures, conservative governors and lecherous groundsmen. But this is still the 1960s, and while she is a modern and forward-thinking educator, when one of the Hazelmere girls is caught in a compromising position with a boy from the nearby Carlton College, severe discipline is called for!
While punishing the miscreants, Penelope encounters the Carlton headmaster, Mr George Stanton, who she finds staid, uncompromising... and rather alluring...
The headmaster and headmistress are utterly devoted to their establishments, and both claim to have no time at all for intimacy or romance...
But both have a deep, irresistible urge to re-live the harsh, unyielding discipline of their own schooldays. Can their craving for the cane bring them together? Will they refuse to abandon their insecurities and continue to hide behind their duty? Or can they embrace their desires and give each other what they need...


While this is a romance, it is set in British boarding schools of the early 1960s, and so there are plenty of references more similar to scenes from the great British spanking magazines.
When she became headmistress, Penelope received advice from her predecessor similar to that given in The Punishment Book:

'You have four hundred and fifty girls in your charge... I hope you will love them as I have done — but never be afraid to be firm. Just because they are girls, don't think that they should be treated softly. You must drive them on all the time. And if they step out of line, cane them, and cane them hard. The girls expect it, their parents expect it, and the rest of your staff expect it — don't disappoint them!'

The lovely Miss Wraxton is partly inspired by the title character from another classic British spanking story, Miss Johns, a young teacher who is respected by her charges despite (or maybe because of) her insistence on strict discipline.
Well Penelope certainly takes her predecessor's advice to heart! In the opening to the book, when Miss Wraxton is finished dealing with the disobedient senior sixth-former Susan Richards, the poor girl will certainly be spending the next few nights sleeping on her tummy!

However, the romance between Penelope and George is complicated by the presence of the Carlton school secretary Mrs Perkins, a well-dressed, mature, churchgoing widow who despite outward appearances is rather 'well known' among the men in the area. A former educator herself, she is quite willing to cater for her stern headmaster's hidden taste for a well-smacked bottom...

And that's without considering the presence of Keeper, the brutish Hazelmere groundsman. He is all-too-willing to satisfy Penelope's needs, re-enacting the blistering belt whippings she received from her father!

In true cuckolding fashion, George finds the working man's actions with his beloved to be both unbearably humiliating and highly arousing!

Perhaps this all sounds a bit too 'romantic' for you this Christmas (although perhaps your wife or partner would appreciate the gift of a steamy erotic ebook)?
In which case, you may prefer to treat yourself to Ian Hamilton's latest emag collection. I have bought most of his work over the years, and I can safely say that this latest collection is his best yet. Email him at
Two highlights from Ian's latest release are below, and with a bit of imagination you could almost imagine that these are illustrations of the opening chapter of my ebook!

Friday, 29 November 2019

Fresh Meat: what happened next... (Jonathan art manips)

As a youth, I always assumed that Jonathan’s pics were part of several series where at the end the participants engaged in some hot gay sex. Needless to say, I was rather miffed when I realised this simply wasn’t true, and even more so when I learned that Jonathan had retired and so the chances of any more explicit sexual drawings in his superb style were nil!
Given how my love of gay porn initially developed, I was especially eager to see what happened to the spankees in his various prison pics....

So, after a few false starts, I have decided to try and create sequels to some of his greatest prison porn, so we can see these prison teases finally get fucked!
I decided to start with 'Fresh Meat', which should surprise nobody considering I have already talked about how it helped turn me bi-curious...

If you're like me, and you wanked to Jonathan's work while you were growing up, then this boy has been teasing us for years with his well-spanked booted bottom just begging for a big criminal cock!

So, what happens after the young inmate is kicked into his cell and the smirking guards have locked the door firmly behind him...?

I'm sure he won't put up much resistance to his four burly cellmates, but a 'freshening up' of his already well-spanked buttocks will really help ensure he doesn't give them any trouble!

In the original image, the only cock visible is that of the middle cellmate, poking out from his underwear, hinting deliciously at what awaits the new arrival. So I thought it very important that this was the first convict cock our unfortunate inmate comes into contact with. I imagine his new cellmate waves it under his nose like a fine cigar. No need to rush at first – they've got YEARS together!
As the foreskin is pulled back and the sweaty stench wafts across his nostrils, a strong hand on the back of his head pushes his soft lips against the thick veiny flesh. He feels disgust yes, but also a deep, unbearable tingle of arousal deep within his soft white balls, a submissive sensation only exacerbated by the powerful, manly hand smacking against his firm pink buttocks again and again...

I guess this is why bi-curious boys like me love the idea of being thrown in prison with a bunch of rough, tough men who will explore our darkest fantasies – whether we like it or not! If only he could bring himself to give in to the deep gay cravings that all us middle-class whiteboys have, he would be be like a kid in a (cock-flavoured) candy store!

You'll notice I haven't included text in the manips. Jonathan’s originals rarely included captions (with the unfortunate result that most of the stories that accompanied his images appear to have been lost to the annals of time) so I thought I’d try a few manips in the same style where the reader can create their own interpretation, while I write my idea of the story in the accompanying blog post...

The new inmate's bottom must really be sizzling by now, and, as Mitchell said in his excellent analysis of 'Fresh Meat' on his Mitchmen blog:
'there's nothing more enticing to a cell-full of bored men than a pair of tenderised buttocks...'

The experienced cons know that the best way for a whiteboy to lose his anal virginity is in the ultra-humiliating diaper-changing position... especially when the only lube available is the spit of your fellow cellmates, vigorously applied with their thick man fingers!
You'll notice that the lead cellmate has let his hand wander down between the boy's legs, unable to resist giving a little encouragement to his rapidly stiffening member. No doubt the hardened convicts will tease their new cellmate mercilessly about how hard he gets when he is violated!

And he will get violated plenty of times on this first night! Just look at the contrast between his smooth, unblemished flesh and the hulking, hairy, tattooed physiques of his cellmates...
Think how long it has been since any of them has had a woman, or even a previous, weaker cellmate (unless of course the youngest one has being getting held down by the other three... in which case he will be even happier about the new arrival!)
Criminals aren't known for their patience, and both of those fresh hot holes must look very tempting, so our tight young inmate is going to need to learn fast how to suck a dick at the same time as getting pounded in his not-so-virgin ass!

Something about these manips make me think it's like the convicts are posing for pictures. Has one of them smuggled a phone into the prison, and they are now using it to record their depraved sex acts? With the state of social media in this day and age, this is a deliciously horrifying prospect... soon all this young man's friends and family will know exactly what is happening to him in jail!
At this point the unfortunate new inmate has sampled every one of his cellmates' cocks in his mouth or asshole (or both!) So will he be getting some respite...?

No such luck! I suppose this last pic could also have come straight after the original image, with the ravenous inmates getting 'straight down to it', finding those tenderised buttocks to be truly irresistible, as Mitchell says.

There's something I love about the way Jonathan drew the victim's face in the original pic. It so conveys the emotions of what it would be like to be in this situation: the outrage, the fear, the disbelief that something like this could be happening to him, and yet the resignation (especially as his slender white cock is clearly erect in the final manip) – this is just what happens to young middle-class whiteboys in prison!
Speaking of middle-class whiteboys, is this how you interpret the origins of the young prisoner? He clearly isn't as big, strong and criminal as his new cellmates!
Perhaps he is a white-collar criminal? Even hotter for me is the idea that he could be utterly blameless and in prison for a crime he didn't commit. Perhaps he has been used as a patsy for the executives he works for, taking the fall for one of their many embezzlement schemes.

The final manip is intended to bring the series 'full circle', set in the morning after the new inmate has spent the night being well and truly used... and now his cellmates are hard and ready for more! The guards aren't shown, but they are intended to be 'offscreen' in their original positions, seeing firsthand what they have the let the young man in for...
Speaking of which, those guards certainly look young – almost the same age as the new inmate. Do they take a sadistic delight in sending one of their peers to his doom? When they finish their shifts and go home to jack off (or hump their girlfriends) will they be thinking about the poor guy?

Another idea springs to mind... While it's hot to think of this innocent boy being banged up like this for many years, the idea that this is just an overnight stay in a holding cell could be just as arousing. I'm not that au fait with American uniforms, but are the guards' blue outfits more suggestive of police officers?
He could be completely innocent, the victim of a misunderstanding or a case of mistaken identity. The officers could probably clear it all up in a few minutes, but for some reason it takes them all night... and as they are doing things 'by the book', the innocent suspect is stripped naked and thrown in the holding cells while he waits!
Or maybe he was a little impatient at a traffic stop, or is the victim of an entirely meritless accusation from a girlfriend (boy will she enjoy seeing the photos on social media!)
And if he HAS been kept in overnight, is the final manip the sight that greets his parents/girlfriend/wife/lawyer/buddies when they come to bail him out? (Maybe it's all of them, with kids in tow as they couldn't get a babysitter...)

Then of course there is the question of how he came to be spanked BEFORE he was 'thrown to the wolves'. Was it part of his sentence? Are introductory paddlings/strappings/birchings de rigeur for new inmates, as in the titilating tale that I have previously based a manip on? Or do the guards just take advantage of their position to act out their spanking fantasies on the younger inmates?
It's worth saying that, online, 'Fresh Meat' is often presented with a black and white comic that you can find here, suggesting it was originally a colour accompaniment to the comic in some magazine or other...

For some reason I never really liked the idea that Fresh Meat is just a more realistic version of the comic's final panel (probably because there the inmate is a habitual criminal who deserves what's coming to him, rather that the innocent victim of a miscarriage of justice I prefer in my fantasies!)

I originally discovered Fresh Meat along with Jonathan's classic 'Birching Prisoner' artworks, so I always assumed they were part of the same series, in which case Fresh Meat would follow these two images...

You have to admit there is a certain resemblance between the guards, particularly in the second pic. I even tried to combine all these into one series, in a manip series that I have never been particularly happy with.
I also considered doing a prequel to Fresh Meat, showing the unfortunate young inmate getting spanked (and maybe fucked?) by the guards, just like in Birching Prisoner. But I felt it would upset the 'purity' of the scene, and I couldn't decide if the guards would have fucked him as well, or if it was more fitting that his cellmates pop his cherry...
What do you think? Do you have your own ideas about the scene? Or do you know more about the provenance of Jonathan's work? Let us know in the comments...

Friday, 15 November 2019

Headmaster for Housewives 7: The Mother and the Daughter (erotic ebook)

Corporal punishment may be forbidden... but it certainly isn't out of fashion!
The thrill of domestic discipline truly spans the generations as the Headmaster has his way with a naughty wife and her submissive daughter at the same time!

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Cassie Harris should be enjoying her first year at university, but she can't escape her craving for traditional discipline. She attended the extremely strict Belmont Ladies' College right at the tail-end of when corporal punishment was allowed, and so got just a little taste of spanking, slippering and caning. And as she gets older, she starts to quite fancy the idea of a nice hot bottom...

Especially when she returns home unexpectedly to find her mother getting an almighty thrashing (and more) at the hands of her former Headmaster.
Hiding under the stairs, Cassie gets a show of just how erotic a spanking can be. And what a show it is! The delightful Mrs Abigail Harris gets dragged around the house... leathered in the living room...

Spanked with a spatula in the kitchen...

Caned in her husband's study...

Before being taken upstairs as Cassie has to listen to the sounds of the Headmaster's balls slapping on the backs of her mother's thighs as he fucks the slutty housewife on her marriage bed!

After these events, Cassie is longing for a taste of the rod across her own backside, and can't resist paying a visit to the Headmaster.
He is all too happy to educate his former student in the delights of erotic discipline, putting her over his knee for a good hard spanking...

Before really sizzling her bottom with his tawse...

Cassie is just as responsive as her mother, and though the Headmaster doesn't cane her (saving that for later) he does give her a good hard seeing-to!

With both mother and daughter now added to his 'harem', the Headmaster can't resist having some fun with both of them at the same time...
Cassie dresses up in her old school uniform and Abigail puts on her best 'posh totty' attire to take part in an extremely kinky roleplay, which is inspired by one of my favourite descriptions of an old spanking film, 'It's Your Responsibility', where the strict Miss Chambers shows the voluptuous Mrs Hunter-Ford how she should discipline her daughter Monica – which involves Miss Chambers spanking and caning both the girl and her mother!

Needless to say, the Headmaster provides plenty of red-hot stinging spankings and canings for both mother and daughter, to make quite sure Abigail knows exactly how naughty young ladies should be treated!

And after the lessons are over, mother and daughter will show their appreciation by sucking skilfully on the Headmaster's cock...

Before both getting fucked in their tight middle-class pussies!