Friday, 15 November 2019

Headmaster for Housewives 7: The Mother and the Daughter (erotic ebook)

Corporal punishment may be forbidden... but it certainly isn't out of fashion!
The thrill of domestic discipline truly spans the generations as the Headmaster has his way with a naughty wife and her submissive daughter at the same time!

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Cassie Harris should be enjoying her first year at university, but she can't escape her craving for traditional discipline. She attended the extremely strict Belmont Ladies' College right at the tail-end of when corporal punishment was allowed, and so got just a little taste of spanking, slippering and caning. And as she gets older, she starts to quite fancy the idea of a nice hot bottom...

Especially when she returns home unexpectedly to find her mother getting an almighty thrashing (and more) at the hands of her former Headmaster.
Hiding under the stairs, Cassie gets a show of just how erotic a spanking can be. And what a show it is! The delightful Mrs Abigail Harris gets dragged around the house... leathered in the living room...

Spanked with a spatula in the kitchen...

Caned in her husband's study...

Before being taken upstairs as Cassie has to listen to the sounds of the Headmaster's balls slapping on the backs of her mother's thighs as he fucks the slutty housewife on her marriage bed!

After these events, Cassie is longing for a taste of the rod across her own backside, and can't resist paying a visit to the Headmaster.
He is all too happy to educate his former student in the delights of erotic discipline, putting her over his knee for a good hard spanking...

Before really sizzling her bottom with his tawse...

Cassie is just as responsive as her mother, and though the Headmaster doesn't cane her (saving that for later) he does give her a good hard seeing-to!

With both mother and daughter now added to his 'harem', the Headmaster can't resist having some fun with both of them at the same time...
Cassie dresses up in her old school uniform and Abigail puts on her best 'posh totty' attire to take part in an extremely kinky roleplay, which is inspired by one of my favourite descriptions of an old spanking film, 'It's Your Responsibility', where the strict Miss Chambers shows the voluptuous Mrs Hunter-Ford how she should discipline her daughter Monica – which involves Miss Chambers spanking and caning both the girl and her mother!

Needless to say, the Headmaster provides plenty of red-hot stinging spankings and canings for both mother and daughter, to make quite sure Abigail knows exactly how naughty young ladies should be treated!

And after the lessons are over, mother and daughter will show their appreciation by sucking skilfully on the Headmaster's cock...

Before both getting fucked in their tight middle-class pussies!


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  2. I left you a message on spankthis hookups. I've sent you my pics. I'd love if they inspired an erotic blog post.