Sunday, 28 September 2014

Flash Gordon and other great Jonathan spanking comics

As requested, here is Jonathan's Flash Gordon comic. Plus many more of my favorite comics!



To commemorate the recent Scottish independence vote, here's a delightful Highland birching in Up With His Kilt:


As I've already posted part of 'The Perils of Bruce Fletcher', I suppose you'd all like to see the rest:


I'm not sure of the title of this next beach-based strip but it certainly has a lot to recommend it, from the humiliation of the oh-so-cute spankee to the energy put into his punishments by the hunky beach dude and the cops:


Rather apt for recent times, this next comic shows the punishment of three unscrupulous bankers (one of which, to my delight, takes down his tailored trousers to reveal panties, stockings and garter belt! And he keeps them on for his punishement!) Though sadly we never get to see the German bankers having done to them 'what they did to the economy':




Jonathan's comics are full of hints and jokes about the hot gay sex that should really follow most MM spankings. It's the dialogue in this next series that really does it for me, whether it's the mom making clear that she used to blister her sons' butts or, yes, the many references to what would happen to Clay in prison. Particularly his dad's comment in the epilogue that 'Ive seen what they do to pretty boys like you in prison... (I've done it to quite a few myself!)'!

But if you want hardcore prison spankings, with a heavy atmosphere of impending anal sex (plus a firm finger up a tight 20-year-old ass!), you can't go wrong with the comic that accompanied one of my favorite Jonathan drawings, 'Fresh Meat':

Sadly, as in so many of these type of comics, we don't get actually get to see the cons having their fun with his cute little tail. However, I did do a manip series that was kind of a follow on. And another that features similarly corrupt guards. And Jonathan himself did do one drawing featuring explicit prison sex, featuring two whiteboys locked up in a cell with two black men who were into spanking - with no escape! If you can't find it stay tuned, as I'm sure in future I'll do a post devoted to the joys of gay prison sex!