Friday, 31 May 2019

Jonathan art manips: From Bullies to Bulls

There's nothing a dorky schoolboy fears more than the big tough school bully. So imagine his terror (and excitement) when, ten or so years later, the now fully grownup bully turns up on his doorstep. And just because they're adults, it doesn't mean their roles will be any different. Which means beatings for the victim, before the bully fucks his wife... and then him as well!

Obviously the bullies in the first pic have tricked their way into the cuckold's house by telling his wife they are old friends (unless she genuinely misheard). Needless to say, the poor husband would get quite a shock when he realised who the guests are! Perhaps the bullies have had a snoop around and discovered his porn collection and/or internet history dominated by gay and cuckolding stuff. So as they were planning to give him a good old-fashioned beating anyway, they might as well give him what he so obviously craves as well (hence 'We always knew you were a fag Perkins!')
This fantasy has much resonance for me: as an outwardly straight boy the very fact that I enjoy gay porn and have sucked a cock could be used to blackmail me into committing all sorts of depraved acts...
Or maybe things just got a bit out of hand when they were re-enacting their schooldays, and they are using the fact that he isn't resisting them too much (just like when he was at school) as justification to make him suffer even more!

The second manip is an almost exact reproduction of a scene in my erotic ebook My Husband and the Bully which features many, many other occurrences of a cuckold husband getting beaten and humiliated by his old school bully in front of his wife. I've written before how school bullying almost seems to be a training ground for dominant males: many classic bullying techniques would work very well in a BDSM dungeon. And verbal humiliation – getting mocked for the size of your cock, or for running/throwing/having a bottom like a girl – works equally well in either scene, as the husband in the second pic is finding out!

Maybe you're wondering how the cuckolds in these manips came to be wearing their old school uniforms (no doubt while the bulls mock them with lines like 'Ours would be way too tight but his still fits perfectly, the runt!') Did the bullies force the cuckolds to wear them, as just one more humiliation? Was it wives' the suggestion, as they think it's cute (and takes them back to their own schooldays secretly enjoying watching the weaker boys get beaten)? Or was it a fantasy of the cuckold all along?

I think if I was the cuckold in the third manip, and two of the rough, tough boys who used to bully me at school turned up fresh out of jail, I would quickly revert to doing anything they said and taking any punishment they wanted to dish out. I'd probably make out like I hated when they beat my naked ass with their thick studded belts, tortured me with swirlies and lit cigarettes, pissed in my mouth and made me suck their big hard dicks. But I would probably happen to mention that I still had my old school uniform upstairs, and the bullies wouldn't have to work too hard to convince me to put it on so I can feel ultra-submissive in my tight white shirt and tie and dorky grey knee-socks while they plow my well-spanked ass!

Friday, 17 May 2019

She Loves His Firm Hand (Alpha Man of the House 2)... new erotic ebook

I love the idea of women (and men) who orgasm while being spanked. The next book in my 'Alpha Man of the House' series is about a household where the women get spanked... and enjoy it a little too much for the patriarch's liking! In fact – these naughty ladies have a spectacular orgasm every time they get punished!

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'She Loves His Firm Hand' is a thematic sequel and features different characters to Just Wait Till He Gets Home (though I plan to cross them over if there's a future book in the series).
In this book, the mother (Kara) and daughter (Kelly) are inspired by two ladies from the Real Life Spankings site.
- Kara is inspired by Carla, my favourite of the RLS ladies. She is a curvaceous redhead with curly hair and sexy spectacles. I imagine she would make a very naughty wife, and according to her bio she had an orgasm while being punished for not wearing panties, so if she found herself a nice man she could definitely be the wife in the story!
- Kelly is inspired by Kiara, who (according to her bio) has the distinction of having an orgasm pretty much every time she gets spanked! Perhaps this wasn't ideal for her RLS career, where the girls are supposed to be getting actually punished. She is also seriously cute and dresses like just like a naughty teenage daughter who seriously needs a good tanning!

All of us with a sadistic streak enjoy spanking porn where the spankees look like they're suffering. But there's also something highly arousing about watching a woman getting spanked when she is clearly enjoying herself. So it's nice that the storyline of this book means I get to share lots of lovely artworks that show ladies who look as though they are very much enjoying getting their bottoms warmed!


The husband in the story, Ray, certainly wants to be an 'Alpha Man of the House' and spank his wife and stepdaughter when they are naughty...


But – like mother like daughter – both Kara and Kelly always end up cumming loudly and violently whenever he spanks them!



He doesn't mind so much for Kara, and after her spankings they always end up having spectacular sex (while Kelly pretends to do her homework and listens avidly!)


But Kelly's spankings at least are supposed to be disciplinary in nature. She is an extremely badly behaved, insolent 18-year-old who spends far too much time partying when she should be doing her schoolwork.

Ray definitely believes that corporal punishment is the way to tame his wayward stepdaughter, so he starts trying out many more different implements – which only succeed in making the ladies cum in many more different ways!



Kara very much enjoys this development (and grudgingly supports Ray taking a firm hand with her daughter - after all she's tried everything else, and it didn't do Kara any harm!)

But Kelly still experiences severe pain and humiliation when she is spanked, as any eighteen-year-old would. But the orgasmic outcome means that she can't decide whether she loves it or hates it - and the fact that she doesn't improve her behaviour suggests it is more the former (or both)...

Finally, Ray takes Kara to an antiques shop, where the proprietor demonstrates the use of a cane. It turns out the sting of the rattan is so severe that it doesn't make Kara cum. Though it does seem to bring out her inner slut, and she ends up sucking the shopkeeper's cock as she is caned!


Ray actually finds the sight of his lovely wife pleasuring another man to be quite arousing – but that doesn't stop him giving her an almighty thrashing when they get home!

Ray is certainly not the typical cuckold, and Kara is no cruel cuckoldress. But after all, plenty of 'normal' couples enjoy 'cuckolding' activities like swinging and dogging as part of a healthy sex life. After all, if you enjoy watching attractive ladies having sex, and your wife is an attractive lady, why wouldn't you enjoy the sight of her having fun with another man?

Needless to say, Ray is very keen to see if the cane has a similarly unorgasmic effect on his naughty stepdaughter. By this point Kelly is extremely blasé about corporal punishment, and almost looks forward to her regular thrashings.

But her first taste of the cane opens up a new world of misery as she realises Ray has found a way to punish her without making her cum...

Poor Kelly is disconsolate – but maybe she'll get a bedtime visit from her hunky stepdad that might just cheer her up a bit...

Friday, 3 May 2019

Just Wait Till He Gets Home! (Alpha Man of the House 1)... new erotic ebook

My latest ebook opens with a text message from strict stepdad Mike:

'Sounds like I need to do some spanking when I get home!'

Let's face it, domestic spanking scenes with big strong Daddies wielding thick leather belts are the foundation of many a spanking fantasy. My 'Alpha Man of the House' books try to imagine a modern world where strict Daddies still believe in spanking among all the text messaging and sexual liberation!

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The recipient of the text message, mother Amelia, could do with a good spanking herself. She has four children by two other men, and luckily her wealthy working man Mike is willing to take them in... provided they are subject to strict discipline of course!



But Amelia certainly doesn't mind! In fact she very much enjoys watching her brats get beat...

...and certainly enjoys the hot sex she always has with her husband afterwards!


But Mike is getting frustrated with his wife's laziness when it comes to disciplining the brats.
It's not that he doesn't enjoy tanning their bare behinds (especially his 18-year-old stepdaughter Charlotte), but why can't Amelia at least try and keep them in line when he's at work?
So Mike makes a new rule – when the brats get spanked, Amelia gets spanked as well!

Amelia isn't aware of this, and that evening she watches smugly as her leggy teenage daughter gets a good spanking across her hunky Stepdaddy's knee as soon as he gets home...


But Mom isn't quite so smug when she learns she's going over his knee as well – bare-bottomed and in full view of Charlotte and the other brats!

And afterwards both Mom and daughter are bent over the sofa for a dual belt-whipping that nobody in the family will ever forget!

Placing traditional domestic spanking scenes in a modern setting certainly throws up a lot of kinky questions. Anyone with a sadistic streak is always going to enjoy delivering or witnessing ass-whippings, whether they're related to the victim or not (or maybe even more so – sisters and daughters can be so annoying after all!)

And that raises questions as to how many parents and guardians actually enjoyed doling out thrashings back in the 'good old days'... One wondered what all those strict mothers and fathers got up to after the kids had been spanked and sent to bed...

Plus most kids these days (and plenty of grown-ups too) would think of spanking as a sex act rather than a punishment. So not only would an eighteen-year-old in a spanking household have to deal with the pain and humiliation of a bare-bottom spanking, she would also have to endure herself inevitably getting turned on during it!

Of course, that doesn't just apply to eighteen-year-olds... and Amelia finds that being the recipient of a spanking and a belt-whipping makes her even hornier than witnessing one!

So while her parents are fucking, Charlotte sneaks out for some fun with her own boyfriend...

...only to be caught by Mike when she sneaks back home!

Things then get rather steamy between hunky stepdad and slutty stepdaughter, as Charlotte is punished with another bare-bottomed spanking that makes her and Mike rather horny...

And you can probably guess just how horny if I tell you that one of Charlotte's last lines in the book is...

‘Mmmmm Daddy… You’re so much bigger than my boyfriend!’