Thursday, 27 April 2017

Jonathan art manips: Straight Guys Should Suck Cock

What if 'straight boys should suck cock' wasn't just wishful thinking, but actual government policy? All my fantasies are set in a society where the older generation keep the youngsters and their liberal/progressive ways firmly under control - both socially and sexually - with endless and humiliating discipline. But what if getting birched and buggered at finishing school, stripped and whipped during national service and used and abused during an undeserved brush with the law still wasn't making the young men of the nation submissive enough for the older gents? Why, just pass a law forcing them to suck countless older cocks for months on end of course! That'll teach them to obey their elders!

Under my system, once they leave school middle-class boys wouldn't be allowed to go to college until they've attended two years of finishing school and one year of National Service, and somewhere among that spent a summer at a camp where all they do is get spanked and suck cock. That should make them submissive enough!
Obviously I've made extensive use of Jonathan's classic 'Camp Dad' series here and also finally been able to use his awesome pic showing a cute blonde guy bound to a horse while cowboy studs thrash his helpless ass cheeks with their belts. Horses always seem so dominant and powerful, and the thought of being tied naked over the back of one and feeling its heat and bucking beneath me as my backside is well and truly roasted is just so hot hot hot!
There is also some class warfare going on here as only boys who want to attend university (i.e. the middle classes) have to attend these Cocksucking Summer Camps. That suits the men in power just fine as it is those educated boys who in future will be subordinate to them in their ivory towers. And there's nothing stopping older lower-class males applying to work in the camps - in fact the most popular summer vacation for working-class over-25s would be spending 2 weeks enjoying the oral attentions of stuck-up middle-class brats. And it would add yet another layer of humiliation for the boys to have to suck all those sweaty working-class cocks!
Of course Rule #1 of Cocksucking Summer School was inspired by the house rules from the classic Betty's Diary stories, but the main inspiration for this series, and to be honest my entire fantasy world, comes from classic British Spanking Magazines stories such as 'Video Lessons' where patriarchs and matriarchs are keen to abuse their considerable power, particularly the story 'In the Land of Utopia' where 18 year olds are compelled to perform a year's service before they are allowed to enter the world of work. However, that story's setup is unfairly weighted against the working-class girls, so my story seeks to redress the balance and make things worse for the middle class boys. After all, it really turns me on to see the middle-classes suffer!