Friday, 18 July 2014

Jonathan art manips: Heading for a Wedding

My next wedding manips series is just a gratuitous fantasy on my part, showing a bunch of well-dressed guys getting spanked and fucked by a gang of well-hung thugs. You may have already noticed that I have a thing for dominant men using their belts as leashes, as well as in the more obvious way…

Here we have more guys who claim to be straight, but like all middle-class whiteboys they're really bi, and had lots of fun with big strong men in college. I'm sure they swore they'd put that all behind them after graduation, but faced with a long line of thick black dicks they just couldn't resist, even if it is the morning of the wedding!
I don't know if it's down to all the prison scenarios or cuckolding porn or what but muscular black men really do it for me. A veiny black dick plunging in and out of my well-spanked ass while my mouth is used to pleasure another black cock or worship a toned black ass is the absolute height of my gay/bi fantasies. Especially when the muscular black studs are as exquisite as Jonathan has drawn here! Needless to say this is one of the manip series I am most happy with.
I suppose there's a question of what the groom will do after he's had his fill of big black dicks and finally gone through with the wedding? No doubt he'll try yet again to swear off cock for the sake of his wife, but his whiteboy nature will be too much to resist, and in any case like most ladies his bride would probably be quite turned on by the thought of her husband with a dick in his ass. Will he even be able to wait until after the wedding/honeymoon? Will the new bride walk in on her new husband being whipped and toyed with?
Or maybe he'll successfully keep his bi tendencies a secret, but she'll get bored of him and take a lover, and he'll end up on fluffing and cleanup duty anyway!

Monday, 14 July 2014

Jonathan art manip: Glowing Groomsmen

It's a common fantasy for brides to be spanked, fucked and otherwise misbehaving. But what about the grooms? This too is a role with its own outfit, one that is smart, traditional and provides easy access for a good hard spanking. You might think of a groom being a fairly dominant role, but certainly not if the family patriarchs want to demonstrate who wears the trousers! Not only that, but the groom also gains another set of parents eager to show him that they know best, and what better way to do that than through blistering bare bottom spankings?

This manip started out as an attempt to show the role reversal of a traditional wedding spanking, where the bride’s father gives her a good thrashing before he hands her over to her man. I wanted to show a dad giving his son one last whipping before his wedding, but as you can see I added a few other spankers and spankees, so I gave it quite an open-ended caption and you can interpret the scene any way you want.
One of the things I love about erotic art is working out stories behind all the characters and situation. The two gentlemen getting their spankings front and centre could be groom and the best man. Is that the groom on the left? Is it his dad spanking him? Or is it the bride's dad, demonstrating the studded belt that his family has used to discipline unruly sons and sons-in-law for generations? Is the other gentleman the bride's father spanking the best man (no doubt encouraged by the bride and/or her mother over some unsuitable event that happened at the bachelor party)? Or is it a grandfather? Is the blonde groomsman - whose trip across the paternal knee has got him a bit too excited - the bride's younger brother (judging by his hair colour)? Is the groomsman who's being made to show all he has to the congregation the groom's brother, or just a friend who was hoping to get some tail at the reception, but now won't be getting anything but mocked?

Friday, 11 July 2014

Jonathan art manips: You May Use the Groom

Summer is here and that can mean only one thing: wedding season - so I thought I'd post up my old manips series that have a nuptial theme. The first shows what happens when a pair of male strippers are hired to do a bachelor party...

I wonder what happened to the groom and his friends afterwards? Did they all wake up hungover and shamefaced, declaring that the night should never be mentioned again. Or was it all treated as a big joke, with the groom being endlessly mocked every time they meet up? As the next time the guys all meet up will logically be the wedding, perhaps a few of them will have a re-enactment.
Gay sex among groups of male friends who've come together to explore their feelings is a hot scenario, especially if they're nominally straight. Macho competition and teasing can lead to great things when its about sucking a cock rather than chugging a beer! Alcohol could be involved, and I have to admit I get a big thrill imagining the awkwardness the next morning as everyone remembers whose dick went where!
Frat houses and college buddies are great for sowing seeds for these kinds of shenanigans, and can cover all the combinations. Whether it's studly jocks jerking each other off or skewering geeky types, or cute geeks comforting each other in a cocksucking 69. I often fantasize about being in a gay 69, both with a fellow smoothskinned beta boy or beneath a rough jock type who fills my nostrils with his man scent as he rests his big balls and muscular ass on my face, and treats my poor little dick roughly or teases it and doesn't put it in his mouth at all. After he's reddened my ass of course!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Jonathan art manips: Tennis Academy

The Wimbledon Tennis Tournament is in full swing, reminding us all how spankable and fuckable tennis players are. I love the thought of a young male tennis player stripped naked apart from his white tennis shoes and socks (and cute little headband and sweatbands on his wrists), over his dad's or coach's knee.
Parents of tennis players have quite the reputation as disciplinarians, and the players themselves have quite a reputation as brats, so no doubt this last week the changing rooms in London echoed with the cracks of leather belts on bare buttocks as the losing players felt their dads' wrath.
This devotion to discipline inspired me to create a series featuring a strict tennis academy where male players are sent to be literally whipped into shape:

Of course it's all just a racket (pun very much intended!) to satisfy the owner's taste for beating and buggering taught athletic bottoms. Since tennis is the most middle class of sports the trainees would be eager to find out what another man's cock feels like inside them, whether it's an older trainer's experienced schlong or the big swarthy dicks of the hunky locals, who love to serve up these well-bred city boys with a regular dose of Spanish sausage!
Oh, and can I just say what an absolutely gorgeous ass on the guy in the first pic. Surely one of Jonathan's masterpieces. I'm sure big burly daddy-types would just spank it and spank it and spank it!