Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Jonathan art manips: Gay Family Fun Days

When you sign up for a gay family fun day, are you and your family in for an old-fashioned good time? Or will you and your male family members participate in sexual activities with other men? In this case... it's both! Ah the wonders of language...

I suppose in a world like I portray in my fantasies, where the spanking of young men and women is not only encouraged but as good as legally required, the one crumb of comfort for twentysomethings who get their butts blistered on a regular basis would be that once they enter their thirties they're likely to get to give out spankings themselves to junior interns and such. In fact the promise of this is probably what keeps the whole system going. And once they're in their forties and their kids turn 18...well that's when the fun really begins!
But there'll always be families where the dominant parent doesn't feel like giving up their role as family patriarch, and, like 'Grandpop' in the first picture, keep on spanking their sons long after their grandkids are also over 18 - so they can spank them as well! So poor old Dad never gets to play family patriarch and he and his sons and his sons' sons can look forward to a lifetime of blazing hot patriarchal butt reddenings. You can just imagine the boys' thoughts on returning home to find their Dad naked over Grandpop's lap - you think once you're older you'll get to blister your own boys' butts while yours gets a break, but then you see your dad stripping down for a trip across your grandfather's lap and you realize 'Oh shit we're one of those families' - where the dads stay dominant and the sons stay spanked!
Of course in the real world we associate family fun days with compulsory, painful-but-not-in-a-good-way 'activity days' at places of work. But in my fantasy world, the activities are painful for some, but quite pleasurable for others. Like a school, or prison, every office has a hierarchy of sexual dominance, and if your Dad is the office bitch then you can bet you will be too!
Perhaps the family in this series shows what happens in such as sadistic world to 'enlightened' families who don't buy in to the whole 'spanking is good' philosophy. Dominants can smell submissiveness, and there's nobody more dominant than Turkish prison guards!
But in my world, what happens in the last pic is a rite of passage for every white, middle-class guy. Because if you get taken to jail, even for a minor traffic offence, you'll spend the evening as a sex slave to a sadistic criminal cocksmith. In this world everyone is scared of the police, and most guys have sucked a cock to stay out of the cells, because they all know someone who spent a weekend getting filled with convict cock! So suck that thick cock cop for all you're worth and pray to god that he lets you go on your way - and if it's any consolation know that your dad, uncles, brothers, cousins and buddies will all have to do exactly the same thing!