Friday, 30 March 2018

Jonathan art manips: Society of Spanking Stepdads

The way to a boy's heart is through his bottom! Stepdads know this and they regularly meet up with other dominant stepdads and their stepsons to swap tips (and boys)...

This is the second time we've visited Paddles R Us, Jonathan's fantasy sex shop which echoes Eric Stanton's Family Business in that you can 'try before you buy'. Wouldn't it be great if there really was a shop like that, and wouldn't it also be great if there really was an entire organisation devoted to helping well-endowed older men awaken the pent-up homosexual desires of submissive little whiteboys like me...
As well as getting spanked and fingered, the idea of the 'Plank' is so erotic to me, and would have been a crucial tool in my (or any stepson's) fantasy sex-slave training. I love the idea of being gagged and bound to a hard wooden plank, my well-beaten ass getting reamed with my stepdad's thick manly cock, and my own cock straining in the air desperate for stimulation, but not getting any as my only release is the endless assgasms as my daddy pounds my prostate. Like all the other boys, I would be one devoted blue-balled and well-buggered stepslave! (and wouldn't the pitter-patter of boy spunk hitting the base of those metal garbage cans just be the most exquisite sound!)
I'd like to talk now about when middle-class boys like me orgasm from having our asses fucked. In a previous relationship, I had a female partner who liked to penetrate my tight asshole with her finger, a buttplug, and - eventually - a 7-inch realistic black rubber cock that she gleefully dubbed 'Bruce'. At first she had me in the classic ass-in-the-air pose, but eventually she realised her reamings were much more effective if I was on my back with my legs in the air, taking her finger or thick rubber cock and moaning like a whore until I came. And I don't mean in the traditional male sense, with her being kind enough to rub my cock until I shot my load with a thick rubber dick in my ass (although there were plenty of times when that happened). I mean when I came entirely from being penetrated, with nothing touching my cock, and no spunking. It was very similar to what (I imagine) a female orgasm is like, with the pleasure coming in waves as my prostate was pounded, and building to a peak. My partner found this very cute and referred to it as my little 'bum cums' or 'assgasms'.
And once the peak was reached, there was no fun-ending ejaculation. My partner just kept fucking my ass and giving me assgasm after assgasm for her own amusement. She would tease me how she knew I had cum because my poor little ass would get all wet and squirt like a pussy (does this mean that contrary to common belief, the ass does lubricate itself for a fucking? That must make things easier for all those skinny whiteboys in prison...)
This all culminated in my partner buying herself a big realistic strapon (bigger than my own cock, though not as big as Bruce) and fucking me hard in the ass with it. This was in the classic pillow-biting ass-in-the-air pose, and preceded by a vigorous spanking and finger-fucking to warm me up. She fucked me like a champ and I was bound and ballgagged throughout - it remains one of my hottest sexual experiences.
It occurs to me that these 'assgasms' are probably the reason that us middle-class whiteboys are so naturally submissive and desperate to receive regular ass fuckings. Cumming like men just doesn't feel right for us, we feel much more natural wriggling on the end of a thick finger, cock or realistic strapon dildo, tickling our prostates until we cum like girls.
Our stepdads would have spotted this early on, seeing how well we responded to our red-hot ass blisterings and having our 'temperatures taken' with their thick daddy fingers. These experienced older men would waste no time in showing us that the key to our sexual satisfaction isn't in our cocks or ballsacks, but in our asses. They soon have us trained up as submissive sex slaves, desperate to please our big manly daddies in return for regular helpings of their hard cocks in our tight asses, giving us the assgasms we craved