Friday, 20 September 2019

Hijacked! The Training Crew of Flight 692 (erotic ebook)

In this sequel to my first all-male erotic ebook, the hijackers strike again in another twisted gay sex romp. And this time there are six handsome young men in uniform for them to tie-up, spank and fuck, and the twists and humiliations are even crueller than the first part!

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The descriptions of the three hijackers in the story are based on three of the shadier-looking characters from Jonathan's work. I can definitely imagine them using and abusing unfortunate young males. The black guy in particularly is one of my biggest gay crushes...

I wanted to illustrate this post with lots of kinky images of pretty young men in uniform submitting to bigger, older guys. But for once the images in my collection didn't seem quite hardcore enough, and are rather short on bondage and spanking. So first here's a reimagining of my previous manip, with much more of a focus on the unfortunate pilots' uniforms...

Which do you prefer, the shirts and ties of this version, or the more vulnerable nudity of the previous one?

Can you, my readers, understand why I might find this scenario so arousing? Or is it a fantasy that appeals only to me, due to my brain being twisted by witnessing that distressing scene on television all those years ago? (This, along with my fetish for getting scrubbed roughly in the bath by an older man resulting from a kids’ cartoon I witnessed, suggests that even non-sexual scenes can have an effect on the developing sexual psyche).
You can’t get much more helpless than the crew in this manip, so I guess that could appeal to someone with a dominant/submissive kink. Pilots’ uniforms are also rather hot. They can easily be worn in a dominant role...

But there is something so arousing about seeing a proud man in uniform reduced to this level of vulnerability...

I find that male suit-and-tie-style uniforms always have a certain ‘schoolboyish’ quality to them that makes them so suited to submissive roles. And given that the pilots would be well-bred, well-spoken and middle-class, and this is just the kind of person I like to see suffer in my gay fantasies, the appeal is starting to become clear.

Plus there's the whole intergenerational hierarchical thing that means young men in uniform are EXPECTED to service their superiors' cocks...

And of course, very often in porn it's the men in uniform who are doing the dominating of helpless males who may or may not also be part of a service. And as a limp-wristed civilian entitled to wear absolutely no uniform whatsover (except perhaps a sissy cuckold one...) I can definitely understand the reasons why!


I also have a massive thing for bullies. Bullying often means causing pain and suffering just because you can, and I like to think bullies also derive sadistic sexual pleasure from their actions. There’s quite a lot of potential overlap between bullies and criminals – the hijackers are clearly enjoying what they’re doing, and it’s also entirely unnecessary!
I often wonder if male victims in hostage or kidnap scenarios get fucked by the perpetrators. I kinda think they do...


First there is the power rush that it would inevitably give the criminals.

Second would be the thrill a rough criminal would get from having his way with some well-bred, middle-class boy or man.

And thirdly of course, is the fact that spanking and fucking is enjoyable in itself!

And while you’d need to be evil to enjoy actually doing those things in these circumstances, the very fact that these men are robbing or hijacking or kidnapping in the first place suggest they are already irredeemably evil!

Plus there is nothing to stop the crooks’ cruellest whims running riot, and no prospect of any consequences. You imagine they will suffer no remorse at all, laughing happily at the aircrew’s terrible fate when they recount the story to their impressed colleagues in the criminal underworld at a later date.

Now I think about it, the suffering of innocents at the hands of the guilty is a pretty serious turn-on for me. It is after all a pretty obvious taboo – that not only should it be the innocent that suffer rather than the guilty, but that the guilty are the direct cause of and derive pleasure from the innocents’ suffering. Going back to the original Fresh Meat image, it is clear why this image of a helpless, probably innocent young male being ‘thrown to the wolves’ made such a long-lasting impression on me…

So the cruelty of this scenario and its hijacking variation arouses me in a way that I feel extremely uncomfortable about (which probably only adds to its intensity) – and in-universe no doubt arouses and excites the dominant prisoners, guards and hijackers in a way that they feel no guilt about at all! One imagines the hijacker by the door continuing to mock the pilot and co-pilot even as he boots them off the plane (‘Don't look down cocksuckers!) – their abject fear only adding to his erection.

Spare a thought too for the poor rookie pilot. Having been so excited for his maiden flight, he must now witness his colleagues’ fate,  knowing it will be his turn soon (as in his helpless position I’m sure the cruel hijackers will take sadistic delight in informing him of their plans...)
Never mind the thrusting cocks in his mouth and ass!

Friday, 6 September 2019

Hijacked! The Fate of Flight 691 (Jonathan art manip and erotic ebook)

Jonathan's Fresh Meat is one of my all-time favourite erotic images. Along with his 'Birching Prisoner' and 'Rookie in the Trash' series, it effectively turned me bi, and the image of a helpless victim being booted towards a terrible fate (hard enough to leave a big manly bootprint on his well-spanked butt) has certainly stayed with me. I have used it in several of my previous manips, but I don't think it's ever had quite as much impact as it does here...

In case you're wondering how the unfortunate pilot and co-pilot are supposed to activate their parachutes, I envisaged that their pullcords would have been tied around each other's ballsacks, giving them a (painful) tug once the first man has fallen sufficiently far...
No doubt it would be a rather chilly descent!

I suppose you could interpret this image as a rather cruel hazing/initiation ritual for new members of the Air Force or other part of the military. But as the title shows, I have chosen to think of it as a hijacking...
This situation certainly has strong erotic resonance for me. As a child I remember watching a film where a plane was hijacked and the crew were thrown out of the plane into the ocean. While shocking, it also excited me in a way I didn't quite understand. When I remembered it as an adult, I found the idea arousing, especially when combined with my other fetishes such as spanking and forced homosexuality.
So much so in fact that I have written it up into an erotic ebook. Unlike my other work, this is very much an all-male romp, a dark gay fantasy featuring handsome young men in uniform being turned into helpless sex slaves at the hands of ruthless criminals!

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It's worth mentioning that my original intention was for the aircrew to be thrown out of the plane completely naked. After some consideration I decided that outcome would be too dark for this blog, so I chickened out and added the parachute. But in my original fantasy (and certainly in the ebook) I was a young airman, stripped of my smart uniform and tied up by the cruel hijackers, spanked and made to service them before being booted screaming out of the open hatch to my doom!
Which version do you prefer...?

At the beginning of the story, the three aircrew of Cargo Flight 691 from London to New York are expecting a routine trip across the Atlantic. The pilot and co-pilot sit relaxed in their smart uniforms, chatting about the co-pilot’s plan to propose to his girlfriend on their return home. Behind them the fresh-faced pilot trainee hangs on their every word and movement, nervous but also extremely excited at the prospect of finally participating in his first proper flight after months of training.
Unbeknownst to the air crew, there are some extra pieces of cargo aboard – in the form of three masked stowaways! The hijackers strip the crew of their uniforms (or maybe just their shirts, jackets and trousers; leaving them naked apart from their hats, shoes, socks and ties…) and tie them up.
I originally thought that maybe the hijackers spanked the airmen to get them to reveal some code or something to help them control the plane. But it’s probably a lot hotter that they spanked them just because they can!

And no doubt these rough criminal types will get a real kick out of getting their dicks sucked by their helpless, well-spoken British captives, and sticking their swarthy cocks in their tight, middle-class asses!

Once the hijackers have had their fun, the pilot and co-pilot are swiftly removed from the situation with a firm kick to their blazing-red fannies! The young trainee is kept aboard for the moment, as the hijackers want to have some more fun with him – before he is similarly disposed of. At least his first-ever flight will get to go on for a little bit longer!

An even crueller twist is that the aircraft was only hijacked as part of an elaborate insurance scam, and so the innocent aircrew have been sacrificed by their employers for the sake of a few extra percentage points on the annual balance sheet! At the head office of Benton Airways, the CEO enjoys a blowjob from an intern in his fifth month of unpaid work experience when he gets the call saying that Flight 691 had disappeared en route to New York. Puffing on his cigar, the boss muses on the efficiency of the shady character who had phoned him up the week before, suggesting that they skimp on security for one of their cargo flights. The criminal syndicate will get a fully functioning plane and its cargo, while the insurance payout will make a nice contribution to the annual profit sheet and ensure the CEO and his colleagues on the board got their bonuses. It has been a difficult year after all! It was perhaps unfortunate that a young trainee was on board the flight along with two other expendable employees... but sometimes these things can't be helped!

Thousands of miles away (and thousands of feet up) the hijackers finally finish with the young trainee pilot. With his bottom glowing from the hours of belt spankings and the taste of cock and cum still overpowering in his mouth, he is dragged begging and pleading to the hatch where his colleagues had departed the flight hours before. His desperate pleas only added to the excitement of the merciless hijackers, and they even mock him about their hot spunk dribbling out of his sore, well-fucked asshole as they boot him screaming into the sky for his maiden flight!