Thursday, 31 May 2018

Jonathan art manips: Office Etiquette

I have to admit that my sissy bi-curious self is incredibly turned on by the thought of men in suits going at it in hot, heavy gay sex romps - especially when one of them is a cute twentysomething office boy sucking on his older bosses' big cocks and getting fucked in his pert, well-spanked arse! Apart from a few dabbles I've never done a proper series on gay office sex with Jonathan's art (it's perhaps easier to do with Endart's) but then I was inspired by an email conversation with a fellow wristwatch fetishist. While discussing our gay fantasies he mentioned that ' I so want a master to remove [a watch] from my wrist and strap it round his cock and command me to suck'. I also have long had this fantasy of sucking a cock with a big metal Daddy watch around it, so I decided I just had to base a manip series around it...

Do you have fantasies about sex acts involving wristwatches? Or wank yourself silly thinking of men in suits going at it hard (with shirts, ties, shiny shoes and oooooh - sock garters!). If so, please share them in the comments :)
There has perhaps never been a better time to fantasize about hot young office boys performing humiliating homosexual act to keep their jobs, because it has such a ring of truth to it! It almost seems like my fantasy world, where middle-class beta males go from getting beaten and buggered at boarding school to serving their superior bosses sexually at work (and of course getting cuckolded at home), is cumming true!
I feel sorry for youngsters these days. The only job that ever seems available in decent firms is the newfangled post of 'Personal Assistant' - basically the male version of the good old-fashioned secretary. Because while it's no longer socially acceptable for older bosses to use their female employees sexually, nobody seems to give a damn if it's a male personal assistant - more like Personal ASSistant! Starting every day with the Morning Dick-tation of course!
Though they should count themselves lucky not to be down among the ranks of the desperate interns - working months on end for no pay at all, required to submit to the most degrading discipline and punishment, literally sucking up to every boss in the office, clambering over each other to try and be awarded the single paid position. After a year the hundreds of unpaid graduate interns will have been whittled down to a final selection of exceptional candidates (and cocksuckers)... only for the job to go to the boss's son instead! (Not that he will receive any preferential treatment - 'Yes sir, your son is fitting in excellently. CRACK That? Oh that's just a car that backfired CRACK It's done it again sir!')
The bosses are just school bullies all grown up, and having all these desperate boys at their beck and call brings back happy memories of roasting their fags at Repton etc. There's nothing they won't subject their subordinates too, with spanking being the just tip of the iceberg, gay sex being a daily occurrence, and cuckolding and urinal duty expected to be suffered without complaint if the junior staff want to keep their jobs!
Speaking of urinal duty, having dominant men (and ladies) piss in my mouth is certainly a fantasy that has increased in appeal for me over time - and the fantasy of a pretty young man in a crisp white shirt is only accentuated by the thought of that shirt being soaked in uncaught urine (and sweat, and cum...) One imagines how 'urinal duty' developed in this office. The senior staff didn't like getting drips on their crisp white briefs after taking a piss, so an intern was stationed in the executive bathroom and ordered to lick dry every dick that passed through. Before long the bosses were so accustomed to pissing directly into boys' mouths that they consider it an insult to have to use porcelain... that's privilege for you! (And it doesn't bode well for their stepsons when they get home...)


  1. What a great scenario - I can't see Timmy ever wanting to get a promotion in that office :)

    1. Well that's good because not everyone can be promoted and I think Timmy is destined to be the office bitch boy for at least 10 years and then a white-collar wage slave cuckold after that ;)

  2. I love your blog. The themes are varied and truly inspiring.
    Your comment gives a reality to the drawings, and spices things up.
    This contractor of my friends, who is about my age, is always happy to be able to take care of a new employee. If he's young it's even better. At that age, he says, the paternal figure is still a little mysterious, attractive and therefore respected.
    He asks the young employee to show up every morning in his office to examine his balls. He want to check that he has not masturbated the day before.
    He then strips off the boy's young tits by pulling his shirt up and he sucks and nibbles them at his leisure.
    Although he makes him lower his pants for this review, he is not interested in his asshole or buttocks.
    He does not like boys in this place often not very clean.
    On the other hand, he asks him if he has thoroughly washed his asshole before coming to work and asks for a detailed answer. .
    After which he sends him to work.
    He thought, he told me, to make his secretary to suck the boy. She is always present in the office during the examination, but he finally prefers not to introduce a woman at this time of the action. She herself, according to him, has not find much to say about that.
    Once a month, he gets his ass full of crap, fucked by the boy, if this last agrees.

    1. Glad you like them and hope it 'inspires' you to have some fun with hot young studs ;)
      It sounds like your friend's office boys have it too easy. They should at least suck his cock!
      Also he seems to have an interesting relationship with his secretary. Is she his sex slave? Or does she just need her job and have to do what she's told?

    2. I would like to tell you that his secretary is a twenty-something anorexic, kinda whipping girl, with such a small ass that he can redden it with one hand if he feels like spanking her.
      But, in fact, she is in her 40s with some padding in the bottom department.
      When he hired her five years ago, he just asked her if she would agree not to wear underwear at the office. She said that it was not a problem because she didn't like wearing underwear. On the other hand, she added that it was not even worth thinking about something like any fucking sexual harassment!
      As for the boys, she says that's not her problem as long as he doesn't ask her to participate.
      He feels, however, that she appreciates their humiliation.
      That's the whole thing.
      Otherwise, she is divorced and lives with her 15-year-old daughter and 20-year-old son. But as Shéhérazade would say, it's another story ...

    3. While skinny 20-somethings have their attractions I think a 40yo divorcee sounds much more fun! She is no doubt lonely and would love to get her curvaceous butt whipped with a belt and then fucked hard over her desk.
      Maybe her son could be your friend's next recruit...

  3. "Because while it's no longer socially acceptable for older bosses to use their female employees sexually, nobody seems to give a damn if it's a male personal assistant"
    - Double standards yes. Men in the current environment are supposed to keep quiet and take it. Too unmanly to complain

    1. Plus it's hard to complain with your boss's cock in your mouth ;)

    2. New option for mansplainers

    3. Mmm I'm sure there a many women in offices across the world who would find your solution acceptable :D

    4. Actually I can imagine quite a number of smiling women...
      Funny how exploitation is suddenly OK to them when it's men on the receiving end or made to look foolish.
      Quite a tormenting idea.
      More so too for those like ourselves who are probably NOT guilty of it. the injustice of being punished for others misdeeds, but women, like Jonathan's or maybe women we know... happy about this anyhow.
      Perfectly happy to watch.

    5. Of course! Women love watching men suffer.
      I remember when I got bullied at school the girls loved watching me get beaten and humiliated by the bigger boys

  4. It strikes me that although we males sterotypically may be capable of more direct acts of violence, it is often the female of the species who enjoys the idea most or relishes it, when safe in the knowledge she is looked after and has power over the bigger stronger males.. or if she is the cause of it. The power kick that the protective male is acting on her behalf or doing her bidding. In this case against the unfortunate underdog.

    It's revealing that when allowed the opportunity how it is often the woman who enjoys spectating the most.

    1. I admit that it is delicious to watch a beta male to be given a spanking by the one you have selected to fuck (women have a sense of detail)

  5. With my Boss Cock in my Mouth I feel great.