Friday, 29 June 2018

Nate manips: Grownup Boys Still Get Spanked

Normally my manip series use the work of artists who are no longer producing (Endart, Jonathan, Vane) or are no longer able to (Eric Stanton). Nate is technically still active. However, for obvious reasons some of his best work can no longer be posted online. However that doesn't mean that his forbidden drawings of statuesque stunners who love to make boys suffer should be lost forever. I thought it was fair game to create some manips featuring the best of his spankers whose original appearances can no longer be uploaded, plus some gorgeous ladies who (so far) have only been spectators...

Do you have any experiences or fantasies involving being spanked by a matriarch (or patriarch)? Or perhaps you are a statuesque matriach with a penchant for putting frightened boys across your knee and spanking their bare bottoms? Or maybe listening at their bedroom door with your hands down your knickers as your lover/lodger/brother skewers their tight little rumps with his big manly cock? If so, please share in the comments!
As I posted about at the time, a few years ago Nate seemed to have returned, as a glut of new drawings in his inimitable style appeared online. And then just as quickly, everything stopped, and now apart from the few new pictures still scattered around the internet, Nate seems to have vanished again. If anyone knows what happened or where his work can be accessed please let me know in the comments. And if the artist himself happens to be reading this, I hope you don't mind me doing manips of your amazing work while you are technically still active...
If Nate is displeased, perhaps I should be made to spend an afternoon with one of his gorgeous, voluptuous older ladies, getting a stern lecture on copyright infringement via the hard side of her hairbrush :D I am hugely attracted to larger dominant ladies (especially in mother/auntie/in-law/nanny scenarios, though I certainly wouldn't mind having a hard-spanking BBW wife) and I think Nate's drawings were a big influence on that.
I have another Nate manip series to come, which uses up the rest of my favourite of Nate's dominant ladies. After that I probably won't do any more Nate manips (unless there's a lot of interest). I tend to like to add a sexual and/or cuckolding theme to my manips to differentiate them from the originals (otherwise why not just go back and look at the original artists' work?) and this would be very hard with Nate's work as he pretty much only ever drew one erect cock and one bare pussy, so I don't have much to work with.
This is a shame as I am very happy with the final manip, which is more like what I usually do. The dominant landlady is utterly gorgeous and her actions remind me of the wicked mothers in traditional British spanking magazines who sent their daughters off to be spanked and seen-to by supposedly respectable older men, just so they could have some private time with their lovers while their husbands were away! And of course being trapped in a house with a man who spanks me every day in my dorky sweater-vest and makes me suck his cock before buggering me senseless is just the sort of thing I fantasize about as a closeted bisexual middle-class boy!


  1. Some of my fantasies are based on things that actually happened. The first occurred when I had been left when I was 15 and left at home by myself. I was looking through the attic when I found boxes of my mother's old clothes. Taking off my clothes, I put on my mother's clothes. I did not have a wig, but I did have a skull cap. Looking at myself in the mirror, I was surprised how much I looked like my mother.

    I decided to really risk getting caught. I went downstairs, still in mother's clothes, and got paddle she used on us kids when she thought we needed it. I went to my bedroom and piled up the blankets and pillows into a big ball. I pulled down the panties, pulled up skirt and bent over the ball. I then spanked myself, playing that I was spanking my mother.

    I never got caught doing this. But I am very certain that the consequences would have been very severe I had been. Later one of my fantasies has been that I did get caught. My mother forces me to wear that outfit and even puts make-up on me. She invites the neighbors over to watch me get my bottom blistered while dressed in her clothes. She then takes me over to my aunt's house, and lets my cousins and their friends watch me get other bare bottom spanking while wearing my mother's clothes.

    In recent times (and possibly due at least in part to this web site) I have had fantasies of what would have happened if my father had caught me. I imagine that I am 18, and a friend of mine is trying the clothes on with me. We don't do anything more serious than pulling up each other's skirt and giving each other a few pats on the seat of the panties.

    But then our fathers come up to the attic and catch us. First each of the sons is spanked by his father until our butts are bright red. Then we have to stand in a corner, holding our dresses up, while our fathers comment on what sexy sissies we are. The fathers think it wouldn't be right to have sex with his son, but it would be fine to swap sons. The fathers use us orally and anally.

    From then on when the fathers go on a fishing trip, they take us along. They force us to wear harem costume's, with the seats cut out to leave our bottoms bare. We have to wear padded bras, make-up and wigs. We have to do all the cooking, cleaning and all other chores. And lots of sex is on the menu.

    1. Wow, your fantasy of humiliation at the hands of your mother is hot enough, but I absolutely LOVE the idea of your Dad and his friend switching their sons so they can fuck em! And a sissy gay fishing trip is an amazing idea! Am so glad my blog helped you cum up with this :D