Friday, 22 January 2021

School of Cuckolding (erotic ebook)

Welcome to the School of Cuckolding, where husbands learn pain and wives learn pleasure!

Married couples will be separated, so that the headmaster, headmistress, prefects and bullies can educate secretly submissive middle-class professionals in the delights of domestic discipline, dressing up in uniform... and much much more!

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At the School of Cuckolding, the wives will be taught to explore their submissive tendencies with big strong men, and also to derive satisfaction from dominating and humiliating their husbands...

They will learn the thrill of taking lovers, dishing out corporal punishment, and watching their husbands pleasure other men in hot gay sex shows for everyone's amusement...

But for all this to happen of course, their husbands must first be taught to submit... to both their wives and their lovers!

Suffice to say, if you find my other ebooks too romantic or too focused on female submissives, then this one might be more up your street...

This story was actually inspired by a comment by Father Jim on my Mother and Daughter Cuckolding series, where he described a school uniform spanking party that descends into bullying and cuckolding (just like real school!) Having attended such a party myself in the past, I found the idea extremely inspiring.

In this story, an experienced landlady and her husband host school uniform spanking parties in the back room of their pub, catering for nice middle-class professional couples who secretly love to dress up as naughty schoolboys and schoolgirls.

However, one week the husbands and wives arrive to discover that the older couple have handed over to the roles of Headmaster and Headmistress to a younger, far more sadistic couple, and they have made A LOT of changes...

First of all, there are now a lot more boys than girls, as a troop of rough working-class men have been invited to enjoy the fun, many of them with dark skin and all of them with big dicks!

The boys are divided up into Swots and Bullies (with all the middle-class husbands in the former group) and the girls are told they must pick a new boyfriend from the ranks of the bullies!

So while the wives and the Bullies are engaging in some VERY heavy petting at the back of the class...

....the Swots are given a lesson in submission, with severe punishments for any laggards!

Their wives will be punished alongside them...

...before being fucked by the Bullies and the Headmaster as their helpless husbands look on!

The wives come in all shapes and sizes. One is a sweet little blonde nymphette who is far too innocent for all this and who brings out the most sadistic urges of the dominant men...

Another is a sneering bitch who everyone delights in seeing being taken down a peg or two, whether by being thrashed in front of the class alongside her meek husband, or by all the Bullies making sure to ejaculate before she orgasms...

For my male readers, which role do you think your own wife or girlfriend would play in such a situation?

For my female readers, which do you think you would enjoy more: being used and abused by the big strong Bullies, or watching your husband being made to suffer?

And this is just the start. At 'breaktime', the Swots find out that they won't be getting any respite as the Bullies ambush them in the filthy pub toilet and introduce them to swirlies, golden showers and gay cocksucking...

And then comes Sex Education, where the Swots are taught how to suck a cock, practising first on each other and then on the Bullies...

...culminating in the Bullies fucking them in their tight middle-class asses until they all enjoy (or endure?) humiliating anal orgasms in front of their giggling wives...

And then of course the girls are going to want to have some fun as well!

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  1. Hi, Q. I must confess I have been feeling guilty about not commenting here, but in my defense I have always admitted that while I sincerely appreciate your talent, I just don't share your kink. However, I don't need to have an interest in cuckolding to congratulate you on your new book and wish you the best success with it. And while this post doesn't really resonate with me, it was a very extensive piece of curating. All the best!

    1. No problem KD :)
      When I started this blog I suppose I thought the spanking, cuckolding and bi posts would be rather separate, but over the years they've pretty much merged together!

    2. I have noticed that. And the funny thing with me is that when I was a bit younger (like in my 40's) I began to have very specific "bi" fantasies.....usually after a LONG period of denial. Occasionally I have them even now, but very rarely. And like I said they are very specific and limited to one scenario only: while very horny from prolonged denial, I find myself in a situation where a female Top directs a male to penetrate me from behind. That's it. I am not really bi at all. And I don't think I'd like cuckolding at all. But this one thing does work its way in every now and then. Funny how we all can be?

    3. cuckold as a fantasy turned me on for a long time. my wife was intrigued by the idea. her friends that know our relationship encouraged us both. it took a lot of talking. years of talking for me to agree to it. she dates once a month on average (when there is no lock down) its the hardest thing for me in our femdom relationship. at the same time however quite exciting

    4. SS: Thanks for sharing that. It made me think. Intellectually I certainly understand the appeal, so I can appreciate hearing about it from those who do it, but as I said, I just can't wrap my head around doing it. And Rosa has no interest at all, so I am lucky that I don't have to have those discussions or try to accommodate her wishes.

    5. KD, I like your occasional bi fantasy very much :D But I guess even that is more femdom than cuckolding, so it still fits - a bit like his cock ;)
      Like you Sissy Snow, I've long been turned on by cuckolding (pretty much since I saw my first John Persons pic). I don't know if I'd cope with it in real life though. I can definitely see how it would be the hardest thing about your relationship!

  2. For some of us, cuckolding is more of a reality than a preference. Unable to satisfy a woman, it becomes our natural roles. I love your idea that it not be hidden, for the real men to be invited to group get together's. This may be in the back of a pub but besides for the other couples pub regulars would probably pop in and out, enjoying watching what is going on. And of course they will tell their friends most of which would be male. Being a swot, it would be our duty to satisfy the males that are getting turned on by watching. Canes and paddles of course supplied to ensure we do a good job.

    1. Love this... the idea that I might have do be a cuckold even if it doesn't appeal, because it's the only way to satisfy my wife.
      The idea that the drunken regulars would be allowed back to have their way with the Swots' mouths and asses is a great thought, definitely one for future classes when the Bullies want to spice things up!

    2. My experience is that if you keep doing it, people will find out. And then you just don't know how it will end up. Sometimes people that have kept their interests hidden will come out when they find out about yours. It can be a small world sometimes. Same with some of the pictures we take and post, I have been recognized, but at least the person that recognized me had complimentary interests.

    3. Who knows what would happen if a well-to-do professional couple were revealed to have been attending the School of Cuckolding!
      I do hope the person who recognised you didn't use it to their advantage...

    4. I decided just to ignore the message he sent. An hour later, after reading this and some other blogs i couldn't help myself but to reply. We exchanged some messages, and i agreed to stop over, discuss it in person. After a brief, but hard paddling, i agreed with him that i wouldn't have posted the pics if i didn't want the outcome.

    5. Sounds like you got off relatively lightly with a hard paddling. Imagine what he could have made you do (and made you keep doing) to keep his silence!

  3. Of the two realities, I think forced cuckolding is by far more humiliating, but I can easily see how a husband, out of duty and love, may accept it for his wife's benefit. However, getting "Schooled" by bullies in front of my wife that put me in this situation would doubly add to my shame.
    Then, having been soundly "schooled" across my wife's new boyfriend's knee to be left to the mercy of the local barflies while my wife is "in class" with her new beau would be just so much salt poured on that humiliation wound!

    My only consolation, once home, would be that my wife got caned by the headmaster for talking in class with her beau and I won't be the only one sleeping face down tonight!

    It is a strange thing to fear that which we would hate and yet get excited at that very situation.I loathe humiliation, and forced submission, especially witnessed by loved ones and acquaintence, and yet thinking about that reality thrills me to the core?

    As a child, I would dream of getting spankings that were witnessed by my girlfriends, neighbor kids, classmates. I didn't fear the painful and humiliating spankings, it was being witnessed, and your classroom fantasy that you presented allows such things to happen in adult life. So many humiliations and fantasies exist in and around the classroom. Thanks to you for sharing your work. Brilliant fantasy fodder!

    1. I very much like your timetable of the evening Father, particularly if my wife's beau(s) take lots of pictures of the fun they have with her while I'm trapped with the barflies, which will be sent me later for me to study as homework...
      Being used and abused in public is probably the ultimate fantasy for me too. I have jerked myself off many a time imagining being spanked in front of witnesses (usually giggling girls, or burly men who will be allowed to have some fun with my well-spanked ass afterwards!)