Friday, 14 February 2020

Headmaster for Housewives 8: In Front of Their Husbands (erotic ebook)

If my last tale of a 1960s headmaster and headmistress warming each other's bottoms provided you (or your loved one) with a steamy Christmas gift, perhaps my latest book might do the same for Valentine's Day...
When a married woman craves sizzling red-hot discipline, but her husband is unable to satisfy her needs, there's only one thing to do... visit the Headmaster!
From an elegant middle-class housewife, to an educated feminist academic, to a naughty young biology teacher with plenty of naughty fantasies, these ladies find that when their modern, enlightened, sensitive husbands are unwilling to punish them, a real man is what they need!
And will those unfortunate husbands just sit there and watch as their wives submit to a more dominant male, or will they get involved as well...

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The latest installment in the Headmaster for Housewives series presents a solution to the most common dilemma for the kinky modern couple. While the men have been brought up to be sensitive and respect their women, the ladies haven't lost their centuries-old desire for discipline and to be taken roughly by big strong alpha males.
It's the dreadful thrill of the modern, sensitive husband - while you hate the idea of hurting your wife, you long to satisfy her. And while you hate the idea of your wife betraying you, the thought and sight of her with another man stirs your loins like nothing else.
And so you find yourself agreeing that she can be punished by another man...

The book's first lusty wife was inspired by a classic spanking series illustrated by Anton, which began with The Devil's Tunes in Janus 153, showing the travails of young women in rural Ireland as they try (and fail) to avoid strict, conservative, Catholic discipline...

In my book, Mrs Catherine Lewis received her own strict upbringing in Ireland, and even that now she is an elegant middle-class housewife married to a quiet Englishman, she still craves the searing fire of her father's belt across her gorgeous backside...

Needless to say, her husband isn't capable of giving her what she needs...

But her daughter's Headmaster certainly can!

And her husband will have to watch it all (ostensibly for her protection of course, though that rock hard erection in his trousers suggests it isn't too much of an ordeal)...

And he will keep watching, as after the leather, Cathy gets a nice long taste of the Headmaster's rod!

Then in the second story, the wife is inspired by a rather delectable, bespectacled lady from the classic spanking story Further Education...

Nicola also has a taste for discipline, but unlike Catherine her virile young husband is quite willing to spank her bare bottom or take his belt to her...

Unfortunately, Nicola is a feminist academic at a prominent university, and feels extremely guilty about her 'perverted' desires. This means that she feels the need to be 'made' to submit, to be tied up and have her pleas and protests ignored.

Her husband isn't comfortable with this... but the Headmaster certainly is!

And her husband finds that, when he's being ordered around by a more dominant male, he finds it a lot easier to tie up his smart, educated wife and subject her to all sorts of humiliating ordeals...

The final story takes a rather more bisexual swerve which the Headmaster for Housewives series hasn't ventured into before but my other ebooks certainly have!
The school's geography master and biology mistress make a cute couple, and they're even cuter when they're both dressed in school uniform to roleplay being spanked (and more) by their strict superior.

Normally the Headmaster would only play with the wife while the husband watched. But the naughty Mrs Perkins has rather a thing for watching one male dominate another, and she convinces her boss to put her husband across his knee and spank his bottom in his tight school shorts, before they come down for a sound schoolboy caning!

And once the Headmaster has truly established his position as the dominant alpha male, who knows what he will do to the sweet young couple...


  1. Lisa Rains here. Turnabout being fair play, how about a feature called "Headmasters Handle Hubbies in Front of Their Hot Wives." I know you've done lots of things like it before (thanks. You seem to be one of the few to touch the subject.) But my husband and I can't get enough of that theme.

    1. Good to hear from you again Lisa. Well the third story in this book could certainly be called 'The Headmaster Handles Hubby In Front of His Hot Wife'. But as you say the rest of the Headmaster for Housewives stories are very much of the M/F genre, so look out for my future manips to get your Bulls-Spank-Cuckolds fix :D

  2. Sounds like your last chapter here does exactly what Lisa asks as the headmaster established just who is the alpha male. I can't imagine the horror one would feel getting soundly spanked and caned like a schoolboy while his wife watches it happen to him! If he is then used like a schoolboy by the alpha headmaster the humiliation would be forever cemented in the psyche of both husband and his wife! Both would know he will never be quite seen as man of the house ever again! Your latest book sounds great!

    1. Indeed it does Father (see above). I doubt very much whether things will ever be the same for the young couple... given what has happened by the end of the story I doubt his wife will be able to take him seriously as man of the house ever again, and there is plenty of cuckolding and 'encouraged' bi action in their future together!