Saturday, 29 February 2020

I Think They Like It: what happened next Part 1 (Jonathan art manips)

Here is my second attempt to create a series following on from one of Jonathan's classic artworks. I have left off any captions to try and make it resemble Jonathan's original artworks as closely as possible. What do you think about this? Do you prefer this 'clean' look, or is it better to have the captions to the pictures telling the stories?
From the look of things in Jonathan's original, thanks to prison overcrowding the guards are forced to squeeze another inmate into a supposedly two-man cell with two old lags... I'm sure they won't mind!

I normally like my prison 'bottoms' to be young, slim and innocent. However, this guy looks a bit more muscular... perhaps he is an actual criminal rather than a poor boy locked up for jaywalking or some heinous crime he didn't commit. But he still looks very very vulnerable due to the two guys he is incarcerated with. That big grizzled black man, and that HUGE musclebound skinhead are surely the stuff that bi-beta-boys' prison-based wet dreams are made of! And to top it all, they also clearly have a fetish for spanking. It's quite cute really to see all the Red Hand-style magazines and posters spread around their cell... though not as cute as their new cellmate's hot, pink, well-slippered bottom!

The unfortunate stud may have been nervously eyeing the black man's cock as the convict pleasures himself to the live version of all those hot spanking scenes he loves so much... But given that he's already across the skinhead's lap, it will obviously be the biggest guy who gets his dick sucked first!

Perhaps the blonde cellie thought that if he started sucking dick, it would earn him some respite from the agonizing spankings. But unfortunately for him the black man and his belt want their own turn with those firm pink buns!
Not that the black man will have to wait too long to make all those whiteboy worries a reality...

I'm very happy with how this last pic turned out. I think you'll agree this is the correct expression for us whiteboys on our first night in prison, with hot fresh spunk dribbling out of our mouths as a thick convict cock slides firmly and forcefully in and out of our tight virgin sphincters! And that smirking guard suggests that the prison wardens will be doing more than just spectating in future installments...
It must be satisfying for the big old con to look down and see the young man's mouth filled with his spunk. Has he been made to show it ('Say Ahhhhhh!) or can he just not bring himself to swallow that thick salty manseed? Needless to say, after a few more rounds of spanking and other creative Prison Daddy punishments, he will be swallowing every drop!

Unlike 'Fresh Meat' this piece doesn't seem to have a recognised title (except perhaps 'Cellmates'), which is why I've called it 'I Think They Like It'. This is a phrase that could be applied to the characters in various ways. It's mainly intended to be something that's said by mocking guards and cons as a way of shattering young prisoners’ masculinity as they are spanked and fucked.
It could be something the laughing guards say to the shocked young convict as they throw him into the cell, referring to his new cellmates' obvious spanking fetish, which he is now going to bear the brunt of! Or maybe one of the guards says it to the other as they watch the action, not entirely seriously given that the two old lags have gay spanking porn all over their cell and they’ve started spanking their new cellmate as soon as possible!
Or perhaps the guards or cons could rephrase it slightly as 'I Think He Likes It'. Perhaps the young blonde stud is sucking cock a little too enthusiastically, or moaning a little too orgasmically during his spanking or fucking, or showing signs of an erection as he is buttfucked. He may still insist he's straight, but the participants and spectators will insist he's enjoying it, which will be like daggers to the heart of a previously proud supposedly straight boy, and truly cement his status as the prison's bottom bitch!

And if you don't think an innocent teen could be sentenced to spend the best years of his life in jail getting beaten and buggered by bigger inmates just for JAYWALKING, you should check out this comic by the Hun (though do bear in mind that it is a second offence...)


  1. Personally, I think the clear pics are great, but we come to your site to see your caps, your take on the pic. Your view fleshes out the pic and adds greatly to the tale! So, keep doing what you do best!

    I think this is my favorite Jonathan pic. The image evokes strong emotions. Everything screams humiliation, pain, helplessness, and a sense of defeat and acceptance of one's fate.

    As you know, in my view of this pic, the Warden has set up this white hunk to take him down a few pegs and break him. As he is thrown to the wolves, as it seems, his wife is coming for her first conjugal visit, Little does she know, the Warden has provided her entertainment in the form of these two thugs', presently enjoying her husband's charms, scarier and meaner roomie!

    The poor white man knows his wife is suffering everything he is, and the fact that he is powerless to protect her is almost worse than the ever expanding thing presently pulsing deep in his backside.

    To add insult to injury, the white man's fate is presently being recorded and displayed on a monitor for the wife to enjoy in the conjugal trailer. As she lay, draped across this monster's knee, like a naughty child, a leather sandal blistering her bare backside, she watches her husband become the best of prison bitches, being taken at both ends!

    As every last vestige of manhood drains away from the hapless white con, he tries to remember his wife's words as she last saw him. "Don't worry baby! We will get through this! Nothing will change!" Only, he knows, everything has now changed!

    Much later, as he lay spooned against the man who helped take his manhood, the man's member still lodged deep up his bowels, a single tear runs down his cheek. He is now black owned. He is a prison bitch!

    His wife, delivered home, unable to walk, totally unable to sit, and forced to wear a diaper because of her still gaping privates, faces another fear. Today's activity and all demanded future activity all but promises her eventual pregnancy to a black convict, and sure enough, three days later when she manages to crawl out of bed, a pregnancy test kept for dreamed of future children, proves she is indeed with child, a black child!

    Is it fair? Do they deserve what they get because of so-called 'white privilege'?
    Is he, in reality, just a beta who secretly craved this downfall all along? Or, as it seems on the base facts, is he a broken man, spanked into a submission, his belly full of soul crushing humiliation as certain as his wife is with child?

    Time will tell!

    Your manips are great. Did he, she, they want it, enjoy it? Perhaps the next part will help answer this query!

    Thanks for sharing your work!

    1. Thanks Father, it's really nice to hear that. I had started worrying that the captions were 'getting in the way'.
      I think because I saw Jonathan's other more explicit prison scenes first that I never really appreciated this pic for a while, but you're right that there is an incredible air of humiliation, pain (maybe not too much at the moment but certainly to come), helplessness, sense of defeat (not to mention dread!) and acceptance of one's fate, which must be somewhat par for the course for whiteboys in prison as I've said before.

      You certainly paint an enticing scenario. I have been trying for years to come up with a 'Conjugal Cuckold' series but I just haven't been able to make anything work. The biggest problem is that Jonathan's work (quite understandably) doesn't usually lend itself to same-sex scenes. Perhaps one day...

      I think we whiteboys are definitely betas who secretly crave everything we get, but that doesn't mean we don't have a bellyful of humiliation (and black spunk!)

  2. "Personally, I think the clear pics are great, but we come to your site to see your caps, your take on the pic. Your view fleshes out the pic and adds greatly to the tale!": I could quote it totally! Keep going with the caps! :-)

    1. Thank you very much, nice to know my captions are appreciated as well as the artwork :)
      Part 2 of this series will be 'clear' but apart from that it'll be caps all the way from now on!

  3. Hey QBuzz, how about a story called Covid-Cuckold? The virus for the Beta male.

    Imagine the young exec is finally home, he's in his office getting ready for two weeks of work at home. The doorbell rings, and he goes to answer it only to see his scantily clad wife is already there, tiptoed, kissing the biggest black man he had ever seen. One of his wife's legs lifts up as she sucks in the huge man's tongue.

    Oh, Honey, this is Darnell. He's going to quarantine with us. Please make sure he is made to feel totally welcome in our home. Maybe you could fix him a drink and then take his stuff to the Master bedroom. You'll be sleeping in the guest room downstairs!

    As the young exec trembles with seething rage, Darnell shouts after him, "And take off those foolish clothes, sucka, I expect you to serve me buck naked,on your knees, and make it a double!

    A tear makes its way down his face, as he is now faced with a dilemna, fight back and probably get humiliated in front of his wife, or take what he knows is coming to him with as much grace as possible, knowing he will be serving Darnell on his knees and worse! His hands reach back and smooth over his butt cheeks. He saw the wooden paddle sticking out of Darnell's sports bag.

    Two weeks of getting his ass reamed and sound spankings? Well, it is only two weeks, right?

    Just a little laugh for the occasion! Hunker down! Stay healthy!